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 Jul 2020 Aroody
Stu Harley
expected of me
to pick up
sword of truth
pluck out
eyes of evil
 Sep 2019 Aroody
Erian Rose
the voices change
but my love
beats the same
You are Amazing , Inspiring, and Encouraging thank you.
You are Gifted, with an lots of Love and using it to Help others.
For Our Gifts were created to help others to see God through them.
I see your beautiful and inspiring words in helping out others here.
For even the sad poem of Pain can be use to reveal that you are strong.
For so many allow the evil depression or situation that they are in.
To end up driving them to end up destroying the most precious gift.
Their Lives, but through each of your words, hopefully it shall reveal...
That Life here is too Precious to throw away, because we are meant to lean on each other here.
To help each other and to love each other and become stronger, and wiser.
 Apr 2019 Aroody
Salmabanu Hatim
Knowledge should be shared and practised otherwise it is like money not spent.
 Apr 2019 Aroody
Grace E
Happy Place
 Apr 2019 Aroody
Grace E
She wiggles her toes into the warm sand
And breathes with the tide
The earth exhales water
And then inhales it again
In deep long intervals
The blinding white sun
Reflects off her oily skin
Drenched in sun screen
That smells like a careless summer
Her hair tussled from the breeze
Drying her salty wet hair
She smells like vanilla, coconuts and California
This is her happy place
 Apr 2019 Aroody
Salmabanu Hatim
life is magical
leads you to your life partner
villain or hero.......
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