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Aroody Sep 2019
When the party is over,  
and everyone has left,  
a sudden emptiness in me appears,

As if these people were,
a part of my heart within the chest
Because with them happiness too, disappears,

It gets lonely and sad,
After a while they have left,
I want to be smiling but I can't hold the tears,

People who you meet once, twice,
But get along with very well,
As if you have known them for many years,

I wish our moments with them never end.
Andrii Panfilov Jan 2019
Roses are red, Violets are blue the monkey just escaped from the zoo, and so did you.
Rhymeme Poet Jan 2016
She'll always be mine, in my mind, she was just too kind, she didn't see I was blind, she didn't hear me in rewind, gripping the gears we grind. Slipping through the best time of my life.

My heart's shredded like weak lettuce, no function ******, relapsing ***-addict.  Choice is asymptomatic my anticlimactic, sexless ****** maggot.

She found out, I was ground out, last boxing bout.  Hot flame snuffed out, no more volcano spout, just get the **** our , you're off this route.

This is my dream now, gotta get back somehow.  I gotta get a rolls Royce, then she'll feel my voice.  No need to waste no more words, she only wants a new purse, she gonna jet or else.

Sorry story has yet to unfold, I'm bearing my soul so don't betray my song.  Ice any intuition, your heart will always win.  This body is prepossessed, we are slaves to libido's blessing.

— The End —