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Katinka Aug 2020
My voice breaks
and tears begin to fall
and for your own sake
I will build this wall

And when the night sets in
these walls break down
I can feel it under my skin
when no ones around

I want to be high
so I don't need to think
dissolve into the sky
please hand me the drink
Luna Apr 2019
Happiness is blue and round
Happiness lives in a bottle
Happiness fits in the palm of my hand
Happiness is taken with water
Happiness lasts from seven to six
Happiness tastes like chalk
I take my happiness every day
So why can’t I notice a difference?
winter Sep 2016
i could tell you what you want to hear
but instead i want to lie
i haven’t had a spine for a very long time
but no nerves have been severed at the base of my skull
i should think just about now
but the creaking of locked doors are all that will sound

i could lie to you now
i could stand up to you now
i could have a will against you
except i am no longer sure of my capabilities
except i am so far away from consistency
except i my life is no longer available to me
im losing my mind
s Jun 2016
I wanted to numb myself.
Read the panic in my eyes
You should be pleased.
"Please speak to me"
The walls tumbling down.
I nodded goodbye.
I didn't matter.
I wasn't going to hang around.
I headed for the door.
This was my first attempt at black out poetry and I really liked it so I typed it up.
Aroody Sep 2015
Too tired I am to do anything,  
I've lost everyone , I've lost everything,  
Exhausted I am yet playing my role,  
I can stand up but what about my soul ?

I walk everyday smiling wide,  
A smile to fool , a smile to hide,  
For me to hide the joy that died,  
For me to hide the eyes that cried,  

Alone I sit ,  alone all the time,  
The sweet life I had turned as sour as lime,
Coffee in hand thinking of words to rhyme,  
I'm trying to get up, I'm trying to climb,

I can feel my heart's broken pieces,  
I do I wait but my sadness increases,  
It's as if my happiness, the sadness ceases,
Sitting and hoping sorrow releases,  

And I hope and hope and hope,  
And perhaps with hope I'm alive!!!
Nirvana Jul 2015
Sleeping in open
Looking at stars
Everything is fine
But can't hide my scars

Neither I feel the breeze
Nor the mosquitoes bite
The only feeling is i feel so dead
And so without you is this site

The silence prevails
And the darkness rule
The poison spreads
And my breath gets cool

Don't know what it is
Whether the night is passing by
Or a worthless guy
Is about to die

The eeyelids getting heavy
And so are my breath
Mind is flooding with your memories
And I'm choking to death

Even death seems disappointing
Because it is confusing
Whether to see me dead
You'll be coming!!!
Some people love the cloudy days
Rain and storms
Rain makes me sad
Storms set me on edge
The gloom outside puts gloom in my mood

Give me the sun
Warmth and comfort are these things
Rain just makes me think
I have such a tendency to over think everything

Rain brings life
Helps things to grow
So please explain
Why it depresses my soul
rain almost ruined all my plans today
Sarah M Gillihan Dec 2014
I never feared the monsters under the bed.

What I really had to fear

Were the monsters in my head.

Every year

They told me to just

“Let them free.”

When the cold hard truth

Was that the monster

Was me.

I never feared the monsters under the bed.

What I really had to fear

Were the monsters in my head.

Slowly killing

Slicing my heart

Breaking my soul

Tearing me apart

And maybe someday

When I go crazy

I’ll slit my throat

You’ll miss me


I never feared the monsters under the bed.

What I really had to fear

Were the monsters in my head.
A Sep 2014
Everything turned so dark,
So black

I began to turn my wrists red,
To see some color
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