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leeaaun Nov 2023
I was on a journey to find my core,
Through heartaches deep, in search of something true.
A soul adrift, emotions all askew,
In quest of worth, I longed for something more.

Through winding paths where shadows seemed to creep,
I sought for treasures in life's vast array,
Yet each pursuit left me in disarray,
As yearning eyes welled up with tears to weep.

In the final dusk, clarity emerged,
A whisper soft, a truth that set me free.
The love of Allah, a balm, a key,
Now, in His grace, my troubled heart has surged.

Remembrance of what's vital, pure release,
In His love, my soul finds lasting peace.
The lesson I learned in pursuit of importance, our hearts misled,
Messing the threads of truth, chasing illusions we bred.

If you inquire of true remembrance,
I'd share the extract—life's secret recipe.
Remembrance, a tapestry woven in the mind,
Threads of cherished moments, in our hearts entwined.
(धर्म के ठेकेदारों से परमात्मा कहते है)

दिखावटी सा लगता है ये प्रेम तुम्हारा,
जो तुम मुझे बार बार दिखलाते हो।
बनावटी सी लगती है तुम्हारी सारी बातें,
जो तुम मेरे बारे मे औरों को बतलाते हो।

पहले खुद ही लड़ते हो, फिर खुद ही डर जाते हो,
बार बार मेरे ही नाम पर, ये हथियार क्यों उठाते हो?
मै ही तुम्हारा निर्माता, मै ही जगत रचयिता,
फिर मुझको किससे भय, जो तुम हर बार मेरी रक्षा करने चले आते हो?

दिखावटी सा लगता है ये प्रेम तुम्हारा,
जो तुम मुझे बार बार दिखलाते हो।

मुझको बाँट दिया तुमने धर्मों मे, दे दिये कई भिन्न नाम,
फिर क्यों दिन ओ रात खुद के दिए उसी नाम को गलियाते हो?
तुम भी मेरे ही बच्चे, वो भी है संतानें मेरी,
फिर क्यों एक दूसरे को भाई बोलने से तुम कतराते हो?

हर मुश्किल में, हर एक मुसीबत मे साथ तुम्हारे खड़ा मैं,
बावज़ूद इसके, क्यो तुम मेरा नाम लेने से हिचकिचाते हो?
जब सत्य जानते हो कि मै ही अल्लाह, मैं ही येशु, मैं ही हुं श्रीराम,
तो इतनी सी बात को स्वीकार करने मे तुम इतना क्यों सकुचाते हो?

दिखावटी सा लगता है ये प्रेम तुम्हारा,
जो तुम मुझे बार बार दिखलाते हो।
A poem about rising religious intolerance in the name of Almighty.
calypso May 2022

i love living.

God has finally became a part of my routine, and him & i are in a better place. i just have to do one more thing. i hope i can do it.

i feel like i've matured a lot since last year, since that July. my flowers have ripened, and it's spring. today was our last day, and it made me realize, that life is about gratitude. it's about appreciating the little things, the ladybird that landed on your hand while gardening, or the beesting that really hurts. whether good or bad, it's better than nothing, which someone has. and even when receiving unspeakable news, Allah (SWT) has done it for a reason. i won't cry over what happens, because it's done for. nothing i could ever do.

life is about realizing everything has an end. once it's gone, nothing will be the same. i want to live with no regrets, living like tomorrow is not a guarantee. life can go by in a second. i was leaning on the kitchen counter, reminiscing about my childhood. i was pouring brown sugar into a cup of tea, which reminded me of a time when i used to dig our garden searching for worms. i smelled the aroma of freshly wet grass from rainfall and started watching the snails i put in line race to the end. if i don't catch my moments, ill never live. i need to step out of my comfort zone and become the person i know i can be. ill try everything i want. ill read all the classical books and be me.
the key is gratitude!!!

a letter to myself. i hope you can read it, if you read anything of mine.
Yousra Amatullah Apr 2022
You are so beautiful Ma Sha Allah Allahouma Barik.
Yes! I'm talking about you!

Imagine someone putting you together, piece by piece.
Every detail, every inch, every atom that makes you YOU was put together with utmost wisdom. His wisdom.
He swt wants you to look the way you actually look; amazing.

He wants you to have that skin color and texture. He wants you to have those beautiful eyes, even if you can't see through them. He wants you to have that beautiful nose, lashes, eyebrows, arms, legs, hands, feet and so on. Even if certain parts do not work properly, even if you do not fit into the beauty standards of today's world. And even if people start calling you names.

Remember, He named you first.
He swt named you with utmost wisdom, care and love.
Don't lose that name. Please, don't lose the way He created you just to fit into a beautified lie..

Love, I want you to understand that there is wisdom in every inch of your body; His wisdom. Meaning you're constantly carrying His wisdom around. That way you're constantly reminded of your name, of who you truly are;
A servant of Allah swt, crowned with the beauty of His wisdom

Yousra Amatullah Mar 2022
I fell in love
With His words, His promises, His ways

And I fell, hard
Into sujood

The day I had fallen in love
With Death
Yousra Amatullah Nov 2021
Like an autumn tree
Let us absorb reality
Starting at the roots
Until our branches rain mastery

Reflect upon us like the sun does
Enlighten my trunk, my fiber
Sweeten the fruits of my leaves
Only to match the touch of saffron soil

To grow green, silk & brocade, I pray
Ending fall season, turned into gold, I supplicate
Naggingly I ask You, ٱلْمُعِزُّ
Gather this four-season-Ummah with just one breeze
Hamna Jun 2021
Do you know what is backbiting?
It is when submerged in the ocean,
the entire ocean will be cloaked by a vile smell.
And when reigned over the humans' hearts,
all of them will be fragmented.
Never see others deficiency,
Nor talk about their frailty.
And Say NO to
Allah Almighty has stated in the Glorious Quran:
"And do not backbite one another. Would any one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would not tolerate it! "
[Kanz-ul-Īmān (Translation of Quran)] (Part 26, Sūraĥ Al-Ḥujurāt, verse 12)

Please don't reveal the faults of other people. Always protect their honor. Your honor shall be protected too!
Hamna Jun 2021
The elegance of an exquisite diamond,
Is priceless for the one who fathoms the price of the afterlife.
The ignorant will abandon everything except a thousand diamonds.
The wise will forsake everything except the dignified path of Allah.
Yousra Amatullah May 2021
Pores are suffocating,
Unable to utter,
The flowing words,
In which truthful eyes,
Won't ever suffocate:
انا دمي فلسطيني
Hamna Apr 2021
With a hundred thousand blessings
I will praise you
a thousand times more.
With every pulse
and each heartbeat,
with each breath,  I inhale and exhale
and every tear I shed.
I will carry a cycle of
endless thousand thanks.
Always remember your blessings and show gratitude!
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