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Hamna Jun 14
Do you know what is backbiting?
It is when submerged in the ocean,
the entire ocean will be cloaked by a vile smell.
And when reigned over the humans' hearts,
all of them will be fragmented.
Never see others deficiency,
Nor talk about their frailty.
And Say NO to
Allah Almighty has stated in the Glorious Quran:
"And do not backbite one another. Would any one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would not tolerate it! "
[Kanz-ul-Īmān (Translation of Quran)] (Part 26, Sūraĥ Al-Ḥujurāt, verse 12)

Please don't reveal the faults of other people. Always protect their honor. Your honor shall be protected too!
Hamna Jun 4
The elegance of an exquisite diamond,
Is priceless for the one who fathoms the price of the afterlife.
The ignorant will abandon everything except a thousand diamonds.
The wise will forsake everything except the dignified path of Allah.
Pores are suffocating,
Unable to utter,
The flowing words,
In which truthful eyes,
Won't ever suffocate:
انا دمي فلسطيني
Hamna Apr 8
With a hundred thousand blessings
I will praise you
a thousand times more.
With every pulse
and each heartbeat,
with each breath,  I inhale and exhale
and every tear I shed.
I will carry a cycle of
endless thousand thanks.
Always remember your blessings and show gratitude!
jiwon Mar 8
you would light the candle on your desk
just as your mother told you
and you would pray
just as she told you.

i wish i could have been with you.
Shallowness got them waiting on a valueless ♡letter.
Whilst You've sent them a ♡book, containing 114 ♡chapters.. Oh Loving One, if they only knew better.

Darkness got their hearts blindfolded, they can't see.
He, not my brother, has the soul of a detainee.
Whilst Your Light gave us sight, the opportunity to just be and for our souls to remain free.

Though, there are times where we don't know how to pursue.
Naggingly we beg You to help us through,
Cause all we want is being so heavenly close to You.

Guide, please help the lost too,
And please ٱلْغَفَّارُ forgive this veiled crew.
Every interaction makes me blue.
Oh only if the meaning to Your divine words they knew..

Almost everyday my soul sang,
Trying to cope with the fact that I couldn't get along,
With those who are constantly whispering another song.

I felt left out for generations,
Not impressed by their so called sensations,
Not dealing the same way with worldly temptations.

To the extent that I almost doubted what we inhaled,
It couldn't be the same, with their hearts veiled..
Made me think about us being scaled, and therefore not wanting to act derailed.

I've left myself out of this tremendous way of living,
Only to hear them whisper what I should be giving,
Parts of my soul and body - why bother, isn't He Most Forgiving?

Now I can't say I do,
I give away parts of my breath whenever I try to exhale - for if they only knew..
My soul is still intact, my body attached to the feeling of obeying You.
My Love,
With my heart on my sleeve I ask You,
Why You want me to be touched,
By Your loving words,
Which are the water to my mind, my heart and soul,
So that in the end You ask me, about what You by Yourself have given me ownership of.

My Friend, my Protector,
As long as I may feel Your numbing words,
As long as I may listen to Your deep words,
As long as I may see Your words turning into a blazing reality,
I am most grateful, to the extent that You have given me ownership of.

My Guide,
Wandering in the dark,
Looking for what could quench my thirst,
Searching in seas of drought; where worldy lessons burst,
I didn't see - You saw me,
Guessing in dry sand - but now You've set me free,
Now I understand, You are the light I no longer have to miss,
You are what kept me from sinking further into the abyss.

You have given me proprietorship in various forms and in innumerable degrees,
I swear Allah swt, I will hold on to these,
As long as Your love flows through me, like water flows around the world creating endless seas.
Mijn Liefde,
Met het hart op de tong vraag ik U,
Waarom U mij wilt raken,
Met Uw in liefde doordrenkte woorden,
Welke het water zijn van mijn gedachte, mijn hart en ziel,
Opdat U op het eind vraagt naar hetgeen, waarover U mij Zèlf houderschap heeft geschonken.

Mijn Vriend, mijn Beschermer, 
Zolang ik Uw woorden mag voelen,
Zolang ik naar Uw woorden mag luisteren,
Zolang ik Uw woorden mag aanschouwen,
Ben ik U meest dankbaar,
In de mate waarvan U mij hierover houderschap heeft geschonken.

Mijn Leiding,
Dwalend in het donker,
Zoekend naar hetgeen mijn dorst kon lessen,
Zoekend in zeeën van droogte; wereldse lessen,
Ik zag niet, U zag mij,
Gissen in het droge zand, is sindsdien voorbij,
Ik snap nu, U bent het licht waarnaar ik snakte,
U bent waardoor ik niet verder in de afgrond zakte.

U heeft mij houderschap geschonken in verschillende vormen en in ontelbare mate,
Hetgeen U mij houder van heeft gemaakt, Allah swt, houd ik in de gaten,
Zolang liefde van U, als water stroomt door mijn vaten.
My life is a string of periods drawn out in a line __
A garland of punctuated pearls only worthy divers can find. . . .
Haters treated it like a dump of dashes --
Hurled their "quotations"
Shoved me into (parentheses)
And struck at me with oblique slashes /
Then “lovingly” draped it all on my frail torso
Like Miss Universe sashes
But as a bold series of commas,
I learned to hum between rhythm and rhyme
With a necklace of exclamation points around the throat of my heart and mind! ♥
A dangling pair of ellipsis earrings... Playful as a wind chime
A wristband of semicolons;
Clutching my watch’s face
As my face watches time
Haters tried so hard to dictate my life’s story
But those words are Allah’s composition throughout eternity
I embrace His decree
And I name the punctuations mine!
Peacock Secrets Dec 2020
Dont hate me cuz I am beautiful
Looking Hijabi-licious for Allah, devoutly dutiful

Shaking your head at me cuz I cover
Wouldn’t take you nor your wingman as a lover

Glaring at me crazily cuz I’m veiled
An ocean of chastity you’ve never sailed

And you’re all alarmed cuz I’m devout
I’m hijab-tastic! Not even a single toe is out!

You can quit cat-calling me too; Cuz I’m chaste
Aint’ no welcome sign wrapped ‘round this waist

Tryna peer pressure me cuz I’m concealed
And ain’t out here tryna cop a feel

Pontificating that I’m oppressed cuz I’m different
“miss Muhammed is much too modest, we like ‘em ignorant”

And you’re kinda curious cuz u cant cuddle this Jelly
Joker, Lord knows ur stupid tail ain’t ready

So don’t hate cuz you, your boy, and your girl cant touch this
I’m a female manifestation of feminine justice


And girl, now you’re just jealous cuz you think he likes it
Said “wonder what her hair’s like when she unties it?”

Yeah She’s hoping to high heaven that I’m hot in my Hijab
So she can get me to join her in flashing flabby flabs of abs

Don’t be mean to me cuz real men find me appealing
Kindly consider concealing all the cleavage you’ve been revealing

You’re surprised because our boss recognized my mind?
Could it be because he isn’t busy admiring my behind?
I heard there was insane party where the office nicknamed you Lil “Miss loose & cray cray”
Oh, Dang. Anyway, they nicknamed me Lil Miss gotta go pray pray

You out here hating cuz my beauty is discreet
But if I was half naked, girl you know you couldn’t compete

So later for you, your lewd dude, and your half **** crew!

It’s not your pleasure that I seek
Allah, the Beautiful Fashioner, formed this physique

Verily Allah made everything valuable a challenge to achieve
Pearls, diamonds, gold, heaven, and— yes!— even ME

He, Almighty, offered me a trade treaty,
His commands for my Destiny
So I traded in ****** for decency
I traded in popularity for modesty
And I’m trading in your knuckle-headed opinion
For His highest heavenly dominion

Hijab-ulous 4 life!
I'm a Muslim woman and I love my Hijab. Allah yibaarik. I'm tired of random members of the public rushin up to me talking bout: "you must be hot" "are you forced to wear that all the time?" etc.
noor Nov 2020
being beautiful
in sight of my creator
is more fulfilling
than being beautiful
in the eyes of its creation
today was my very first day wearing the hijab and i absolutely loved it
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