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Poem dedicated to you

Those looks
Always make me forgot Books...
Nothing so shine
When I call you mine...
Whenever I feel lazy
Your coming made me crazy...
Touching your soft hand
I feel like a magic wand...
Staring into your eyes
RAYEES Catching the stars along the skies...
I am your's
You are mine
Together we always shine
Never forgot you r mine..
You are mine
They watch us
Now while we wield stars thought possible to be held only by the skies.

Yet what Allah has given us is nothing in comparison
To the Creation

He Created.
I was literally holding a flashlight and was inspired.
Don't neglect the importance
Of family
Of friends
Of human relationships

Why else did Allah
Breathe into life Adam
And create Eve?

People say Allah is enough
He is
But that doesn't mean we don't need those around us
I repeat,
Why did Allah Himself

A friend
A family
A companion

One to share love
And life
Life and Love. Allah.
Don't think you can make your own way
Without any guidance
That's why Allah appointed
Two teachers
For everyone of us.
On teachers’ day, a mention to the biggest teachers of our lives.
Once I was gifted 10,000¥
I gave all of it to the Syrians
I don't really keep pocket money
So yeah, 10,000¥ was a lot

"It is more rewarding if you have little and give, than if you give when you have a lot”
Popped into my head

I guess I was being selfish
I was investing in Allah

One, for the happiness of Care
And two, because I wanted to save for later.

(My bank is with Allah)
I was being really selfish cuz I knew I’d get the money back. Plus of course I really wanted to help them. Anyone really. I want to help. So yeah, I got two birds with one stone. Nice, eh?!
It pains me so many people have to suffer. Plus, once I grow older and get an actual salary, I’d have much more than I do now and if I have 10,000¥ then, it wouldn’t be that worth it. I mean now I’d be giving 100% of what I have, but then later, I’d have responsibilities. This was a grand opportunity.
Islam, the religion that overcame
The period of Jahiliyyah, of Ignorance
That overcame the saying
"We do so because we saw our forefathers doing so"

Islam expelled that ignorance of blindly believing
Islam ENCOURAGES thinking

So why?
Why have we become a community, that is Muslim,
’Only because our parents were?'

This is Jahiliyyah.
This is ignorance.

And that is completely against the rules of Islam.

We have become an Ummah, a Muslim community
That is endangering mankind
Because of the fact
That we are not being very Muslim

We are Muslim,
Because Islam is perfect
Because it only guides us to what is right
It shows us the healthy way
It keeps society together

All of us should realize that
For ourselves
Like first nature

And relieve Munkar and Nakir
That we are true believers.

And if you think Muslims persecute others
You can put that out of your mind
Cuz in Islam's book of rights
You have religious freedom
You are only Muslim if you WANT TO BE

And you're not allowed to force anybody.
We are in this together, sister, brother. I think we should start encouraging more seeking of knowledge.
Tara Oct 2
My body has carried roses on its skin,
let the thorns dig into my flesh,
I never felt a thing,
I smelled the heavens though,
they smell like red roses glimmering in the sun.

I touched Allah and he said I haven’t bled enough,
he put 10 roses on my back and told me to fly,
but the thorns had cut my wings,
“Allah I can no longer fly.”
“Haven’t I drowned enough stones and carried enough flowers?”

He didn’t see the pain in my eyes,
because the pain was not enough for him,
every rose he made me deliver showed me deeper suffering,
my pains never been enough,
my pain will never be enough.

He just wanted me to see how deep, bad truly seeps,
into the blood of innocent people,
washing over their every inch,
no sin could ever break them,
when there’s nothing left to break.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 27
Glowing bright in the dark
its the Moon the half of the sun!

The sun from the heavenly blue
basks on the midday rose bearing the light
pops into the other half of the night.

Goodness knows when but *** will
the ancient bird of time once will fly
numbering the numberless stars
filling the one halve the half of the sky!

Maybe each star is a shining piece
of one half cut halve but they will reunite.
As the cream always rises to the top
and *** promised the believers paradise.

Perhaps then without cutting in a fraction, once
paradise is packed with the folks of the perfect bunch
there be no more partial decimals of the pi!

I wonder how will it be a full moon picture
if then the forever intact paradise lends a mirror
of the ‘immanent feminine’ In Shaa Allah
*** willing that will still be my better half!
I have to admit that I was only able to write the conclusion having a clue from my better half. Only the woman knows the depth of the enduring feminine mystery that they possess. That has a lot do with nature and a primitive reason for the man's attraction towards the woman.
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