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E Aug 2020
TIZZOP Mar 2020
mom is waving from a train
bro has been playing x-box
sis will soon be back from her moon-date
dad is carrying the ashes of his lover

everybody does something  
**** me until i hate you no' more
Today is a good day. I don't buy the hype anymore.
faye Dec 2019
Lost love.
I ripped pages and pages of perfectly composed stories of where we could've been
To what we could've had
And to how we ended.
And you know what's the most craziest part about this?
The conclusion.
I loved you, while you're too busy 'loving' her.
Ol Nov 2019
I have a taste for cowardice men.

Men who tell me how beautiful I am,
How pretty,
How nice my hair is,
Or how great my body looks,
Under the covers,
Especially with them on top.

Men who cup my hands
And look me deep in the eye
peering into my soul,
to “cherish me”
“Remember me”
“Learn the curves of my face”.

But I know these cowardice men-
they will forget me.
As soon as their lust is lost.
As soon as their **** has learnt me..
All too well.
As soon as she rears her head.

I know these cowardice men
Will hold me, in the night
Almost pushing me back together
After the last,
Who left me.

But these cowardice men forget,
I can’t love me,
Not anymore.
Because loving me makes me think,
Of happiness and who I could be.

And I forget,
For a little while,
I only fall for cowardice men,
Who never say bye when they leave.
Never blink in my direction,
They just leave the door wide open.

Wide open for the next.
Each boy I have loved, I looked into their eyes and begged them to never cheat. Each said they wouldn’t. They all lied. Then they all lied about cheating.
Porpor May 2019
So hot
Just spill it
Spill da tea
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2019
there are emojis for everything.
Emojis for that,
               emojis for this.
Emojis for bro,
              emojis for sis.
Emojis of dogs,
             emojis of cats.
Emojis wearing scarfs,
                       emojis wearing hats.
But please don't forget about words.
Only use kind one,
not ones that hurt.
underestimated Feb 2019
I've always looked up to you
You were always so cool and awesome to me
You were always so strong
You were so protective of me
You always knew how to make me feel better when I was sad
You always knew how to calm me down when I was freaking out
You would harm yourself and I never knew why until now
You've never stopped harming yourself but I don't blame you
And I promise I won't shame you
I am sorry
I know you think I gave up on you
But I am the only one who hasn't
I love you and I always will...
Aroody Oct 2018
Home was once upon a time ,
a place so safe so calm ,
the remedy for the sick ,
a place to stop and rest ,

but now its only four walls ,
holding up an old roof ,
who knows what these walls have heard ?
what the roof has seen ?

A place so far from what you imagine ,
its not my serenity nor is it divine ,
but did the walls get thicker ?
or the people changed ?

Did the roof decide to be unkind?
or the sarcasm got into me ?
Do the walls block me out ?
or the stubbornness of the dwellers ?

This home was built with bricks ,
and it stands today with the same bricks so tall ,
its not the wall or roof or door ,
the people bring the feeling .
Dedicated to all those who run away from all the nonsupporting behavior of their family at home whether a brother , sister , mother or father , the world and it's negative forces are already trying to bring us down , support your family at home don't join the forces against them . MORE SUPPORT please !
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