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The most damaging and deceitful lies

are the ones we tell ourselves

Written: April 20, 2019

All rights reserved.
rgz Mar 16
The first time I met you, you had a cold sore
how I envied it: a week with your lips
"Give me a kiss" you comically solicit
I'm sure I've heard it said
there is truth in jest

The first time I held you, you had a sore heart
how I longed for it: the weakness in your ribs
"I'm so sorry" you spluttered
through immaculate tears
never were more indecent words uttered

The first time you were here, I was so far away
how i regret it: my tongue was on vacation that day
"We can be something" your words overflowed
drowning the room
in a sanguine glow

That was the first time I lost you
it may not be the last
but I'll chase you forever
and I'm getting quite fast
I really honestly tried to stay away from rhyming this but I failed miserably as with most of my endeavours
I feel safe
telling you all o

BIGGEST worries,
d a r k e s t  memories.

Because I know that you
will love me
no matter what.
mes Jan 31
her beauty
  not to be captured,
   nor lived,
  but felt
in deepest devotion.
Celeste Briefs Dec 2018
darkness seeps into my deepest bones
shadows drown the light within my eyes
sorrow falls like rain over my hollow body
snowflakes whisper secrets of my sleeping soul

what have I become, where have I gone
wilting flowers floating in the river
where my dreams were wont to swim
but I can't feel them as they brush against
my cold fingers

time is frozen as I sink below the waves
empty hands release me, I am not afraid
something comes to claim me as I slip away
the deep is now my home, my body here to stay
Dewipramesti Nov 2018
Deras ya.
Pantas saja aku jadi rindu
Rindu kau hangatkan dengan pelukan
Dan pegangan tangan
Yang selalu membuat nyaman
Isaac Oct 2018
I have tasted sweetness in this life;
Moments touching the deepest
Desires in my heart.

So intense I'd go through any knife
To dwell in such deep of a world
And know it is just the start.
Written 20 October 2018
Pax Sep 2018
I fall into the deepest dream.
Hug by darkness, i give in.
Then by miracle i was torn
to be reborn.
it's been long...
You call yourself ****
But I would send you in ectasy so sky high
That'd you need life alert
Because you can't walk straight after our bonding
In the deepest hours of the night
Your muscles so tight
Don't let go
Let it flow
I want our closeness to grow
Don't be afraid to be vocal
It's paradise to me.
Celeste Briefs Nov 2017
In the deepest
Hole in our
Lives a hateful place
Called ****

Where hunters
Evils untold
Death and fire
In hateful harmony

In the deepest
Hole in our
Is an evil queen
Called Human

She tempts
And slashes
And deceives
And steals
From those
With hearts

In the deepest
Hole in our
Is a civilization
Called Nature

Both dark
And light
Inhuman objects
Fighting for
Killing each other
With hateful glee

From the deepest
Hole in our
Screams a hateful place
Called ****
Ok, listen...I'm not 100% sure what was going through my head when I wrote this, but I must have been cynical as **** at the time. I was probably also crazy, but then I'm crazy now, so it's hard to tell. Anyways, enjoy and try not to read too far into it.
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