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vonny Apr 13
the clouds are grey and stormy tonight

i sigh as i let the rain soak into my skin

cold and shivering, i look for a light

there is none and i know i cannot win

i feel the rain pour and it slowly stops

at least in a circle that i am inside

i see an umbrella blocking the drops

and i know he is there with all of his stride
this was inspired from that one scene in miraculous so shush

its about someone being your hope
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Come out of the rain
and ‘neath the shelter
of my protective care.
Let me put my hands upon you
and embrace what is ours.
How often have we connected like this?

We smile, for we know
each other’s thoughts so well,
they influence and bind,
they encircle and entwine,
to weave a tapestry thread by thread
the color of our lifeblood.

The world outside might
fail to see such legacy,
but we clearly understand, indeed cherish,
such mutual devotion
when nestled happily together like this
under the umbrella.

And it's a gift worth keeping.
c a r o l i n e Nov 2019
My world was raining before you came
You put an umbrella over my head sayin'
"Hey, it's okay"
It's been awhile since I felt the pain
I used to wake up to stormy days
Now it's sunlight, everyday

No clouded thoughts,
No shedding tears
The cold winds now have disappeared
They've disappeared

'Cause you, remind me of the colour yellow
Like the softness of banana shaped pillow
And I'll hold you tight and never let you go
Oh you, yellow suits you like the shining sun
Like you're wearing the warmth of its rays of fun
And when I'm with you, I'll embrace that love of yours

Why do I hold the pain inside
When you're the umbrella holder of my life
Oh why can't I
Heal and still feel this way
Well maybe
Because love is like the rain
So shall I embrace
Both the gentle and torrential?
'Cause having you there is so essential

I know each day, as seasons change
You'll be standing there,
with your umbrella up in the air
Oh you'll be standing there
With your umbrella in the rain
Yeah when my world is rain, again
Valentin Oct 2019
Sharing this umbrella with you
Is the reason why
I hope it will rain
Every single day for now on
Because for some reasons
I always forget mine
When I know that I am going to see you
Michael A Duff Sep 2019
she may feel alone left in the rain, wet with loneliness. However I am always there to hold the umbrella to keep her dry until her storms clear. I love her for who she is
Love a person for who they are not what they could be or were, be in the "now" the future is not reachable and past is behind us.
Samtoy Sep 2019
A cold evening
And a rainy night
Shivering breeze
Of wind to fight

Hold my hand
So hard and tight
I cant let you
Away in my sight

Under an umbrella
Holding together
Whatever rain comes
We'll be forever
We were walking down on the street
Under the dark and rainy sky
Suddenly my heart changed its beat
For that moment I didn't lie

My affection towards her
That suddenly I felt
This cold rainy night
Made my heart go melt
nanimono Aug 2019
Rainy day such as a sign,

Last time I saw your hollow point smile

Smile that used to be your special abillity

Gosh... you aren't a cheerful girl, but really I miss your awkward smile at your pale face

Blue flower that you gave me still bloom at my mind

And still I regret my failur to convincing you

Anyway not everyone is a fan of a happy sunny day right?
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