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nanimono Aug 8
Rainy day such as a sign,

Last time I saw your hollow point smile

Smile that used to be your special abillity

Gosh... you aren't a cheerful girl, but really I miss your awkward smile at your pale face

Blue flower that you gave me still bloom at my mind

And still I regret my failur to convincing you

Anyway not everyone is a fan of a happy sunny day right?
I'll make umbrella from your smile.
I'll make umbrella from your mind.
I'll make umbrella from your stories.
I'll make umbrella from good memories.
I'll make umbrella to stand under rain.
And in the rain.
I'll find the cover.
I'll make my colorful umbrella.
I brave enough.
To standing under water.
I brave enough.
Luvanna Jun 16
I'm so bad at life
But maybe with you
I'm not afraid of making mistakes
and maybe
just maybe
if you are willing to share your umbrella with me
the rain won't feel so harsh
and the wind won't feel as cold
as when I get through the storm alone
tree May 20
where were you? my
umbrella, my saving

when i was standing in
rain, the drops littering my face like

when the tears leaked
out and streamed down my face like

where were you? my
umbrella, my saving

you never showed up when i
needed you.
you left me crying in the rain
Erian May 9
He'd sing along to the midnight songs.
She'd turn the other way.
He'd run and run to get away.
She'd stay.
Time would fly in their eyes, both dreaming up at the night sky.
All it takes is one day to change a world of what they see.
When they both come to meet under the blue umbrella.
Özcan Sh Apr 7
Never forget
Who has always held
A umbrella for you.
Erian Mar 19
When we hold close
You turn away
When our hands touch
You drift  further from day
When things look calm
The tornado rages on
Not even an umbrella
Can conquer the pouring rain
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