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rig 6d
i look up: the spider dome shows her knees of rust;
the faded dress atop and tight – dark army green,
ugly but whole – effective in keeping my head
and shoulders away from that oh so devilish
sky-shaped weeping pail’s dance.
                                                          at the journey’s midpoint,
i watch the sparkly surviving beads speed down and
around my old man’s cane – an opportunity:
at the finish line of our race (an acronym,
bit cheeky) they all hug and puddle together,
and with my road pen i write, in glyphs invented
right then, how it feels. the gap. the noisy silence.
the dry pain of not starting a conversation.
Brumous Feb 3
When the time comes, I'd feel so numb and empty.
I really want to ask this to you.

Would you comfort me? Like how I comforted you?

Try all my best, like I did for you?

Despite that brewing storm inside me, would you come and rescue me?

Will you be there to wipe the melancholy tears as it falls like the heavy rain?

Can you make me happy, like how I try to do the same; just for you?

Would you care for me, Like I did for you?

All by Myself, In a room with no doors, just four corners. Alone in the dark.

What would you do?
Seriously, I don't know if this is good enough. Some words feels so dry and bare.
Cardboard-Jones Oct 2020
There’s some lightning in your heartbeat,
Can’t you see
There’s a lot of storms around you?
But I brought us an umbrella,
Stand with me.
I know it’s not home,
But you won’t be cold alone.
min Sep 2020
the rumbling of the grey skies
and the world's biggest and dirtiest lies
had come again to my own senses
that i am indeed an irreparable mess

as the rain poured heavily,
my heart started to feel the pain
i was awakened from my reverie
and my tears blended with the rain

i thought of reconciling with the ache
but the rain was something i could not take
for when the skies rumble and cry
i remember your most painful goodbye

that day in summer, the rain appeared
stripes were drawn on my window pane
i could not protect you the way i feared
just like how i was not able to stop the rain

i despised the rain ever since you left
but ink the deepest corner of my heart, you were kept
and the rainfall could not silence my cries
for you remained in my battles even in disguise

as i stood here on this side of the road
without an umbrella but a life to hold
i looked on the other side and you were there
but all i could do is cry, stand still and stare

you took careful steps -- slow but sure
i suddenly felt relief as if discovering a disease's cure
the skies cried even more than before
but my eyes witnessed how you were so kind and pure

your umbrella may not have stopped the rain
but it lessened the hurt in my memory lane
now i know that when the skies cry
i will always find hope in your goodbye

in this dark and gloomy world of fools
life still exists -- like how the rain falls
just knowing that in our heads it pours from above
life is beautiful when i can live in your love.
for kim hanbin.
Moza Aug 2020
The skies cry
patting my wounded skin with every drop—
washing my writhed eyes
hiding my ache
Hands move steadily
taking out my umbrella like it's my only shelter
As light As the raindrops were,
the little puddles reflected my heavy soul.

The umbrella she once held;
couldn't cover her own tears.

- Moza
I woke up to a rainy day, and I got the inspiration to pour my heart out.
William Marr Jul 2020
competing with the sunny world for glory
you prop up a flowery umbrella
a little sky of your own

then you turn your head around
and with a sweet smile
scorch a pair of eyes
hidden behind
a sunglasses
Gunnika Mehra Jun 2020
Sometimes I feel like an upturned umbrella,
Serving no purpose in the heavy rains .
Filling up with water,
Like emotions I can't let go of.

I feel bad for myself,
As I see the other umbrellas being embraced.
Why do I lie on the ground,
My insides drenched with pain?
Do I have holes
That I am thrown away?

And then someone picked me up
And I felt an immense joy.
My insides were dried and my holes fixed
And someone held me up again.

That moment realization,
Like lightning struck.
I just needed someone to see the good in me
I needed someone, to be me.

And spreading colours another
Umbrella popped into place.
Saving my saviour,
with my grace.

Finally being what I was meant to be,
As I looked up at the sky.
And the thanked the bright lightning,
For giving meaning to an umbrella's life.
Kristina Kuneva Jun 2020
I want to drink all the juices of it’s light
we can be bigger than this, older than this
the ocean is only here for a while for us
underneath your fingers I can already see
the shaping of the amethyst

we won’t tell the wind
that this one day you will cross the street waiting for me
on the opposite side our umbrellas will touch
a glimpse of a smile and your hand waving apologetically
flying like a bird away from my sight
there you will be, my invisible wife
we won’t tell the winds, we won’t tell the seas
they are only here for a while

that night when I fall asleep
I will see the rivers on your palms leading me through
that night we will leave life, my invisible wife
and we will finally be
FullmoonFlower Apr 2020
Smiling through the rain
when I'm under your
you're my rainbow
after a rainy day
no need to search for gold
because you took me to
vonny Apr 2020
the clouds are grey and stormy tonight

i sigh as i let the rain soak into my skin

cold and shivering, i look for a light

there is none and i know i cannot win

i feel the rain pour and it slowly stops

at least in a circle that i am inside

i see an umbrella blocking the drops

and i know he is there with all of his stride
this was inspired from that one scene in miraculous so shush

its about someone being your hope
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