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Somehow hope still lingers through my soul.
Time has broken me in ways that i sometimes wonder how I'm still standing?
But that little hope that keeps me sane ironically has a first and last name.
Aint it pathetic how my sanity depends on the person who unintentionally keeps breaking me? Aint it pathetic how he is having the happiest days while im here patiently waiting for his comeback although i deep down know that day is not anywhere near this present. Pathetic little me right?
The golden hues in autumn,
sheds down in the cold.
With an enduring hope,
it's spring again.
But with the unsaid goodbyes,
grief lingers.

-Gopika Krishna
Sachiko May 29
I’m sorry.
The two words that I want to hear.
But I want it to be sincere.
For the longest time,
Silence is how we communicate.
We both know feelings are hard to articulate.
When one starts to converse,
It is inevitable not to argue.
You aren’t found of sweet gestures.
I accepted the fact a long time ago.
I just want you to stay with me.
Your existence is all I need.
I appreciate silence that isn’t empty.
As I am patiently waiting,
The time comes but it’s already ticking.
It stings when I’m sorry isn’t an apology.
When it depicts goodbyes,
And probably the last farewell.
Paras Bajaj Apr 23
No, we are not fine on our own,
and that's why we leave
for reasons unknown.
Ananya Apr 11
There was a hollow feeling in my chest
Wearing my black boots and black dress,
Am I ready for this I ask myself
That I am not sure I must confess.

The aura around me is silent
The people I have known all my life,
Now no more than a stranger
No matter how much I try to recognize.

I watch my friends in a corner
Sitting all alone,
Their chest heaving with shallow breathing
And their faces made of stone.

There was a change of plan today
I was supposed to be on voyage,
Instead I am watching my loved
Gather their strength and courage.

I look towards my family
Missing their smiles and frowns,
Closing my eyes I welcome darkness
As they lower me six feet down.
All my poems were letters to you that I wish I could say,
Hoping that by chance you would stumble upon my page and read them all someday.
And then you would remember the girl who showed you how to love,
Remember the girl that went way above and beyond.

But that never happened and now you’re all gone,
The only memory you took with you is that I am strong.
A fresh stage is set and I'm stamping this day
as the day I finally cleansed the clouds
and crossed your name.

You've taken a fall from your pedestal
and I see you now,
with your domino on the ground,
my fair-weather friend (that's a kind way to put it),
my boiling point can't cook up a better fit.
I've played your ruthless game for the longest stretch,
I let a ******* decade slip through my fingers;
and I've still lingered,
for the sake of something I can't recall anymore.
Your betrayals are the mindless hand to an hourglass
and I'm counting the sand you spilled.
No sea of apologies can wash away this wreck.
I'm done with pointing fingers and holding daggers to your neck.
I'll lay my shield and armour down, and walk you out.

A fresh stage is set and I'm stamping this day
as the day I let your hand and my grudges go
and asked your ghost to stay.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Finally letting go of a friendship gone sour.
nmo Feb 23
i wonder
how we managed
to convince our hands
not to hold onto each other
when we said goodbye.

now, i'm writing
inside this flying can;
thinking this might be the closest
to a home.

these small seats,
with even smaller legs space.
these funny-shaped windows,
where all you can see are
white clouds,
and sporadically
some lights.
tiny houses,
with even tinier people.

and us,
tiny giants,
reading overpriced perfume catalogs,
listening to mispronounced english,
using disposable low-fidelity headphones,
inside low-light low-love low-cost
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