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Dream 7h
A stranger became a friend,

And then a stranger again.

All those laughs faded

So did his name.
Reality is so difficult to face. A friend from Argentina is moving back and im so heartbroken. I hate goodbyes simply because i dont want to forget good times. I dont want to forget all those lessons of history where the teacher would get so annoyed because we couldn't stop laughing. I dont want to forget all of that. But if i remember it hurts so much more.... im going to miss my history bestie so much. The morning better take out this dagger thats ruthlessly stabbed into my heart.
aj 2d
I just said goodbye to us as we've known it
I don't feel like I did it right, the goodbye
It wasn't soft or spiritual
We never locked eyes
You just hugged me tight as we both pretended to be fine

Then you kissed me
and turned around and left
no glance back

it was a simple goodbye  

Not five seconds out the door
it took me one moment to realize
that I had just said hello to the end of us without even looking you in the eyes once
i thought it would be easier this time 

but it wasn’t, 

it never is. 

those last goodbyes, 

that last kiss,

it never is,

it never is.

— saying goodbye never gets easier
Marley Gold Nov 7
The Wainscot Weasel lost an eye to a fight with a bird,
But it’s what he did next which makes him absurd.
It’s because he fell in love with a fish in a pond.
In another life he might have belonged,
But his fur had no scales and his single eye swam with tears,
So from a distance he watched her swim through the months and the years.

A year is millennia for a young weasel to wait.
A year is a long time for even an animal to contemplate.
The sun lingered on the water, its surface filled again from the trees.
A collection of orange smudges then reflected the leaves.

The frogs have all croaked and new birds’ calls now echo,
And still sat a lonely, but quite happy fellow.

He followed her tail’s drag through the painting of his existence,
And finally he could no longer put up resistance.
He lowered himself to the pool where she swam,
And the Wainscot Weasel was never heard from again.
Hi this is my wainscott weasel fanfiction poetry adaptation
Haiku Donna Oct 23
I opened a door
And saw a big bumble bee
Dodging falling leaves
Wow I saw a bee today in a customers garden  it was huge I think it doesn’t want summer to end x
Julian Delia Oct 23
Travelling royalty, a princess with no home;
Inspiring love and loyalty, everywhere she goes.
A radiant smile, captivating eyes,
Flagrant beauty, the kind that never dies.
A lover of life, an enchanting presence,
An overflowing fountain, wonderful decadence.

The princess met the peasant –
A man from a land where very little is pleasant.
Clawed a path out of the dirt,
Flawed, yet always hungry for answers,
An explanation as to why we’re all scarred and hurt.
Temptation incarnate, freedom given life –
Impartial, a storm about to deliver strife.

It was a spark worthy of Zeus’ thunderbolts;
Worlds apart, yet tolerant of each other’s faults.
Equals in their intellect, conjoined at their hearts;
Immediate and mutual respect,
Together, they could make the seas part.

The peasant got blessed by the divine,
The princess was impressed by the sublime.
Her, with her presence,
Him, with his essence –
Two people who, despite their charms, don’t fit anywhere else.
They found shelter in each other’s arms,
A respite from their personal hells.

Yet, the princess needed to journey once more,
An ending to a story that leaves the heart sore.
The peasant lay there, looking at his fields,
Reminiscing, bitterly sipping comfort in a glass.
He could do naught but shed tears, and think:
‘I’d give up every harvest, all my work and what it yields,
To have you by my side; you gave me peace and strength,
You made me feel like I can bend swords and ***** shields.’

The princess could only stare,
Right at where his hand once held hers;
She could only think of the dare,
The night where they both let down their hair,
And think:
‘I’d give up the road, all my walks and journeys,
To have you by my side; you gave me sweetness and kindness,
You made me feel loved, breathless and weak in the knees.’
I really hope I can see you again, one day...
astrodream Oct 19
I hate how time exists
Everything changes
Either, you leave
or you get to be left
Moments are fleeting
No pause or stops
Sometimes we see
Sometimes we don’t
But an end always comes
One thing’s for sure
Endings are inevitable
I hate being left but I couldn’t leave in the same place you did.
I always waited
Waited until it felt
All dead.
It's all cold,
Still I waited.
Thought there
might be signs of
Our love being alive
All over again
But it faded
on it's own
Without any sign
And honestly
I never want to
say goodbye!
I wonder without a word
We just shattered apart
Were we not meant to be?
Is this all destined?
When tsunami occurs
Earthquakes takes it charge
Cyclones evolves
And destroys all forms
Was all this shattering
part of life?

Losing everything bit of you
Every possessions
All the loved ones across
And what are we left
with after all?

Questions of destruction within lives due to natural disasters or within families or friends or loved ones. Every disaster is always heartbreaking. Questioning the purpose of life! What is it about?
How come it destroys everything and expects us to be all okay?
But goodbyes aren’t good
as they sound,
For people who are already heartbroken wouldn't survive.
And they are not the only ones who have been with me
on this day and they will
never be able to make it
till the end of time.
Joanna Charis Oct 11
I may be in the other side of the world,
Under the same sky as you are;
But know that I thought of you,
Despite being so **** far.

It has been 7 long years,
Will time allow for us to meet again?
It feels like we’re strangers now,
not close to call it even “just friends”.

How long shall I wait?
Time is ticking all the time;
Hope you are feeling the same——
Wanting to have you or be called, “mine”.

What would have happened
If you have just stayed?
Would our relationship grow more?
Would you still look in my way?

I’m sorry for back then,
when I tried to ignore you;
I was in a state of denial,
because I have grown fond of you.

I love you.
There’s this boy I used to like back then in the 6th grade. We were more of enemies but later have grown to be friends. He left the country when I was in the 8th grade and at that time, I already had feelings for him. I thought it was just a one-sided crush but a few years later, I heard from a friend that he also liked me back then; our feelings were mutual. And somehow hearing that got me thinking like, “what if he just stayed here? what would have happened between us?”. So I was inspired to write this poem. Hopefully someday our paths will cross in the future.
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