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PenNameBree-Z May 14
"Goodbye, my love" She whispered. But she knew from experience - from the countless goodbyes she had murmured before today - that forming words of farewell was never harder than the anguish of learning to let go.
The breakup with ZLB
EmVidar Apr 4
our time always
was better spent

-em vidar
Con Apr 2
Finally taking what we need at the expense of breaking our hearts.
Maybe you crave loneliness; we know it's your comfortable zone.
Maybe I miss myself; we know she's my first love.
but hey, feelings were true and they will be safe with me.
Thomas EG Mar 18
I finally accelerate and you sense it, pulling back before I can try to satisfy this thirst

The plotting smile in your dark eyes is mischievously magnetic and I lunge forward to steal one last kiss

But one more is never enough, with you

And goodbyes are so hard even when our hello is still so fresh.

How am I expected to pass your heart over to summer?

Your lips, your hands, your salt? Who am I to just let them go?

We are two bodies, becoming one, irrespective of the distance between us

If I am, then we are. If we are, then I'm okay.
Falling x
EmVidar Feb 13
Time to say goodbye
before I'm dragged under
on last time

-em vidar
EmVidar Feb 11
Always some truth
in the words we say,
even in the lies
you've accused me
of saying

-em vidar
I honestly don’t think you deserve Heaven,
Neither do I…
As you fornicate with the seven,
I am chastised alone to cry…
Sobriety is a made up playground high,
God is some fun.
The Devil sees your love losing by,
For soon in time I will be done…
One by one the seven of lust will die too,
Leaving you dry…
What left of our lives tales told taboo,
No… we are not meant for the hellholes of so…
So lonely the soul never to you to know…
Sorry I had to.
I couldn’t hurt ya’ll again…
It’s time I moved on.
EmVidar Feb 5
5 years
since I became someone
you don't recognize

-em vidar
EmVidar Feb 3
You've left me
to find words
to fill
your empty beats

-em vidar
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