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Sam 3d
I don't know why we never shared a goodbye. We just kind of ended like the stars do when the sun creeps up in the horizon. For a faint moment, I watched you drift away. Realizing the extent of my inner despair. Wishing for your hand resting softly in my hair. Dreaming of the days you were locked tight in my arms. Holding on to hope that someday you might return.
          Some time has passed since we shared a moonlit kiss. My heart would always race as your illuminated lips grew closer. The empty sidewalks came alive just to giggle at our romantic ploys. You'd always be there when I awoke. Ensnaring me with the limitless look in your eyes.
          When I think of you, I fall back in time. Clear as day, I'm taking your hand as we depart from your porch into the wide-open world. The world hasn't changed so much I suppose. It just seems a tad more lonesome now, and my boots feel a lot heavier.
You're a page torn
From my diary
Keeping all my secrets
Accepting my demons
Calming my  3 am thoughts

Inks are smudged
Tear marks are dried
You kept them all
But you were the very
Reminder of all that's ****** up
in my life

You're a page torn
From my diary
Used, crushed, messy
Still, it's my biggest regret
To cut you off
His goodbyes were like the sunset
A warm embrace leaving the day
How calming was his presence
As the sound of his steps fade away
He reminds me of the sunset
How I wish he would have stayed
A sight of a beautiful ending
Transitions to memories to my dismay
I hold these memories close to me
So I can put them on display
As I wait for him to come again
A beautiful ending on replay
Mary Shanti Feb 1
Everything I say
You whisper condolences
On my soul
On my spirit
On the very essence of who I am
Where I have been
You wait
Like pigeons
For that moment
I feed you the scraps
Tiny morsels
Of my being
Sit on the window sill of your life
For patience
Promises unkept
That swept
Up and up
From cranberry filled faucets of life
Where we sat in
Now you
Pull the drain
And Swish swish
Where one you were my voiceless
Power *****
Now you are editing the very frequency of my being
I must now turn up the volume
Shout it loud
Leave this room of our lives
Leave the stereo at 10
Listen to my voice
On the headset
And walk the **** out
Arianna Jan 23
We meet again! One last time,
My dear Parallel Line,
Exchanging shy smiles.

You hand me the tea,
As I hold out the money:
"Nah, it's on us today."

But I put all of it
(And then some)
In the tip jar anyway.

Your kindly, sincere grin,
Still brings a warmth to my skin,

And I wonder if you realize how brightly
The quiet gentleness of your demeanor

Ay, ay! Guillaume, if only
We'd been friends
Earlier, back then...
Visited a favorite haunt earlier and was fortunate to briefly catch up with and say goodbye to someone I still wish I'd gotten to know better when time really allowed. I have written about this person before in two other poems: "Guillaume (Café du Matin)", and "Crescendo con Moto".

Hélas, mais c'est la vie... :-)
There’s I place I go to
When you cross my mind
It’s almost as if your still there
By my side
Whispering in my ear
Caressing my palm

We called it the bridge to nowhere

I remember meeting you there
Sitting near the end
Staring out towards the water
You approaching me

I remember looking up
At your perfect tanned face
Your messy dark hair
Your mesmerizing gold eyes
Casually wearing your football jersey.

I remember your simple hello
Your nervous chuckle
Your silly smile.

I remember smiling back
And inviting you to sit.

Our first meeting on the bridge to nowhere

I remember sneaking out after dark
To meet you there
Just to lay on the bare wooden boards
Staring at the moon

I remember the smell of flowers that spring
branches blooming nearby
The smell of smoke and spices
Forever embedded in your clothes.

I remember your singing
Sweet nothings
in Spanish
Softly in my ear

Entwined together on the bridge to nowhere

I remember your high school graduation
Your mother so proud
Your sister excited
Your father crying

I remember your first game in college
Your running onto the field
Pride and joy in your eyes
Though you didn’t play
Because of that sprained wrist

I remember your sweaty embrace
And your ramblings
of the game
Reviewing every play
Your eyes shimmering with excitement

Racing to the bridge to nowhere

I remember that call
Which changed my life
My heart stopped
I couldn’t think

I remember rushing
to the hospital
Crying with your little sister
Collapsed on the floor

I remember your bloodied face
Wrapped in linen
Tubes bursting from your chest

I wanted to race to the bridge to nowhere

I remember spending my nights
Curled by your side
Willing you to stay

I remember that endless tone
That said you were gone

I cried at the bridge to nowhere

I remember curling up in your hoodie
Smelling you
Pretending it was you
Your arms surrounding me

I remember lying by the stone
That recalled your name
Talking to you
Burning letters by the small candle

I remember cleaning out your room
With your mother and sister
Finding that little box by your bed
Your final gift to me

I opened it at the bridge to nowhere

I still go there sometimes
With a letter filled
With promises to you
And a flame by which to send it.
Jo Barber Jan 10
Write of lost people,
Of times gone by,
So that you might know,
So that you may remember
The hellos in my goodbyes.
And the goodbyes
In every hello.
Fleetingly and forever,
We stand apart together.
myrrh Jan 9
Eyes ajar, still can't gaze far
No one dies, still feel subpar
Time flies & the days say their goodbyes
& you won't know my struggles, there's no memoir
Don't like to parade my weakness
I **** for people to see the value of my uniqueness
So bye trust, I can't reclaim you
Heart's inflamed & my mind hurts too,
I blamed & despised myself, so curse you
Find it hard to love, because it brings pain too
Yet I still seek validation regardless
I'm aware of my low valuation,
But please take me irregardless
This desire to be held needs to be quelled
Numerous attempts have been withheld
Inner contretemps between fear & paranoia
Has been ruinous. Don't feel contempt; I'm in ruins
JK Cabresos Dec 2018
You were once mine.
You were a dream
then a reality,
now just a memory.
I accept it,
even it's hard to do,
but I have to let you go,
to let you see the world
without me,
to let me find
the missing piece of this heart,
that I thought I found in you
Copyright © 2018
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