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trCain 1d
Step up
Into the flight
Her lips tastes of tangerine
-Thrill while it lasts

End comes
and way down
I call Him, who else
-I missed you

Ground was
so far away
And home was
-What's this

Threw Hope
in the bin
next to
His broken Heart
-It's not what you think

yeah but,
It Is.

the Truth;
that we never
had a Chance
ktle Sep 28
Bring it back.
Return to me the time I spent with you on my mind.
Gather up the seconds I spent with you,
Go back to find the laughter,
The stolen glances, and
The feelings we shared.
No need to wrap or tie them neatly,
Just bring them back.

Let me hold them in my hands one last time
Before I toss them to the flames.
Before I loosen my grasp
And let the poetry I wrote for you
Be carried away by the winds.

Let me look at you one more time.
Let me smile at you one more time.
Let you see the love for you in my eyes
Once more. No more.
I will turn my back to you leaving ashes and scattered poetry.
You will watch me leave before turning your way as well.

And with our futures in our hands,
And our paths clear of each other,
Let us run so fast that we have no time to look back.
here's to our new future
EmVidar Sep 25
It wasn't from
lack of love
or trying
just us pretending
for too long
to be
what the other

-em vidar
EmVidar Sep 23
I'm trying
to understand
why I still care
when I know that
I had to leave
we'd have drowned

-em vidar
Olivia Sep 9
I can’t breathe
You kiss me good bye and I whisper
I love you
You hug me tight & I close my eyes
Tears stroll down my face
As I wake
It aches me to know you aren’t there.
I knew this day would come
I didn’t want it to end
Please don’t leave
Farewell my lover & friend.
Michael Hole Aug 27
Like a guilty dog looking
at a chewed discarded shoe.
You amused me,
I used you.

Did I have to tear you?
Did I really have a choice?
I knew I didn't care for you
or the bla bla of your voice.

Now I drink start to think,
I must be more than this.
Breaking hopeful hearts
with just "I'll call you" and a kiss.
EmVidar Aug 17
It was always cruel
and twisted
It was the part of love
you should live without

-em vidar
Juhlhaus Aug 9
Some impossible goodbyes,
Like a farewell embrace
For a wisp of tobacco smoke
Or a parting kiss
From the vapors dancing at the rim
Of that favorite chipped teacup,
You carry with you wherever you go.
EmVidar Aug 14
since we've talked
since you picked him
since my bones have healed
since I learned to love myself
since I left you
since you called me a liar
since I lost the person
I thought I'd love forever

-em vidar
I wonder if you've ever missed me
Mitch Prax Jul 31
It is far too early
to tel if I'll survive you.
You have already made
a dent on my heart
and I’m already weak-kneed
at the thought of saying goodbye.
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