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Thud thud........
Ghastly hush broke.
Spooky noise of the wind.
Blood-curdling darkness, who is there?
My professional life
Started right here
At the Dairy Keen

My first job
Felt more like
Just friends

Hanging out,
The MaWhinneys

It was a second home
One that just
Happened to pay me

And when
I'm real lucky
These days

Big David comes back
In town and the
Train opens up again

On the Sabbath for
Free for family
And for close friends

And the train won't turn on
And neither will the registers
But all the magic will still be here


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August 19, 2019
Jon Thenes Sep 2019
We lay
as gloves
each a leisured hand
ingested by the other

Pleasure teeming
and weak for the feed

Keening to pray continue
we lay down
to play some more
William A Poppen Apr 2019
To follow her is to
Twist and turn through life

Attempt to squirm free
And once more
her exotic scent
captivates you

At least your suffering
Is keen and intense

Every physical contortion
Only constricts her hold

Most predict despite
Numerous gyrations
The end will be catastrophic
*Merriam-Webster word for the day, April 24, 2019
AMISHA Jan 2019
Is this why you want to know
So you can talk about it
When you have nothing better to do
Why do I even doubt it.

With gleaming eyes to explore
Is this why you're so keen
Hearing each word out of my mouth
But have no clue of what I mean.
Feel free to share your thoughts.
Isaac Jul 2018
This world will go on
with its energy and strength.

But you will go off.
Your life has a length.

While your body is still working,
put it to good use.

Don't sell your dreams
with a single excuse.

Realise you are gold
waiting to be seen.

Know it before you're old.
Live bold,
while still keen.
Written 26 July 2018
K Balachandran Mar 2018
keen eyes scan around,
for the mystery concealed;
unseen but right here!
Svode Jan 2018
Ayy it's 2017
A year so changing; a year so keen.
Though some might not see what it means,
2017 set a scene.

Ayy it'll be 2018
Will it be grand? Will it be keen?
What, to some people, does this mean?
Can it ever set a scene?
Happy New Year!
she's not averse
to plunging
the dagger
it's become
her most favored
piece of

deeply penetrating
the flesh of the back
always employing this form
of unguarded attack

her relish
for keen steel
out of control
ever she's
wanting to pierce
a hole

jab after jab
**** after ****
lunging with the
well sharpened rod
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