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Jan 7 · 161
Down a well
M Eastman Jan 7
I want to throw myself down a well
rag doll child's wish
Swallowed up by the
Expired medicine bottles
Slowly swimming koi fish
Aug 2018 · 220
ce n'est pas un poème
M Eastman Aug 2018
des œufs
du vin
têtes coupées
The treachery of poetry
M Eastman Aug 2018
I want to edge my foot closer
Over that
Of cliff
And feel no
Purchase there
Only air
And have my stomach
In my throat
With a
Sudden pull
And a rushing
Flapping garments
And suddenly
My body
To pieces
On your body
Ive been rolling this around in my mind for weeks now and it feels strange to see it in writing
Aug 2018 · 114
The wolf
M Eastman Aug 2018
You've kept the wolf at bay
For so long but now
He threatens
To swallow me whole
Aug 2018 · 162
The Multiverse
M Eastman Aug 2018
All the rules of the universe, its light, heat, gravity, electromagnetism, its math, its history, its civilizations and people; all that was, is, and will ever be; exist within the pages of a book.

The book sits on a shelf next to other books. Some of the books on the shelf look like our book, except maybe one letter is different. Others tell stories, or are written in Chinese and Greek. Most of the books are complete chaos, letters mashed together by insane typewriters that spout nothing but gibberish at best and at worst are just a jumble of letters. Pages and pages are blank or contain only one character. Notes of music and vibration spring forth from others.

Rows of shelves go on and on into the distance, in a building with floor after floor of library space. Elevators and Stairs take you to new floors, some of them are underwater or on fire or upside down. Everything ever written or yet to be written or imagined or unimagined is contained within.

This is the Multiverse.
Aug 2018 · 226
M Eastman Aug 2018
I enjoy words
Little words that fit unto tiny cubbeyhole spaces, a word like Key, something you could fit into a pocket, makes other words rhyme and think about secrets and doors. A wooden frame, gateway to another room or someplace else, it opens and closes and clicks and turns and clinks and all from that tiny three letter word.
Large words that stretch and yawn and roll around in your brain marble like trying to fathom and plumb their bottoms. A word like Miasma. Miasma Miasma. What does that make you think of. Like a big stinky cloud, it creeps along the ground because it's heavier than air, something soup like, but I've never heard that word used to describe a soup. Or really used for much of anything at all. It's not a word people say or write to each other. Miasma. That's sad. It's a beautiful word. An interesting word.
"Normal" words, everyday words like buttons. Makes me think about a button on your coat. Maybe it's blue or one of its shades like cobalt navy or azure. And it's popped off and rolled away under a couch or in a crack somewhere. And we all agreed that that Buh sound was what those round objects made of all sorts of materials that hold your shirt closed, that sound is what that thing is going to start with... buh tuns... or **** tons... how strange. That we all agreed that.
Jun 2018 · 182
How long is fire
M Eastman Jun 2018
How long is fire
In unbound wire?
Why do Arachnid tapirs lust
For the mouldings of the mantel bust?
Do heights cancerous desire
rubbing forests inside the mire?
How long is fire
Jun 2018 · 239
M Eastman Jun 2018
Towers above flattened below
Flames lick ebony carapace
interlocking geometry
Electric blue static
crawling across piezoelectric photosynthetic membrane
sleep food water are not needs
Limbs extending shifting
Testing tasting chemical ingredients
Molecular compositional analysis
Instantly wirelessly facelessly mechanically organically claytronically nanomechanically
Solid as a rock
Light as air
Harder than diamond
Softer than fur
See atoms and distant stars with naked eye unfurled across a cosmos laid bare by
Sponsored spectrum systems
weaponized unwoundable willpower
Invisible elastic lightning bolts
Careening onto blistered skies
Of a forseen absolute zero future
Man future homomachina
Jun 2018 · 117
Decay all mighty Zeus
M Eastman Jun 2018
All mighty Zeus
Rendered into crumbling marble
From stone to form and back
And so
Myst my weakened flesh
Whispers of my name
And all memory subsumed
Not so mighty then
As the arrow
poem decay all mighty Zeus arrow
Jun 2018 · 299
M Eastman Jun 2018
Long dark fur of blackest night
Round green eyes give sudden fright
Yawn her cares with stretching bite
Warms my lap when sits are right
Aug 2015 · 1.7k
The keeper of the meaning
M Eastman Aug 2015
Keeper of the meaning
      Mindfulness a prelude
           The struggled literature
  it asked the way
The keeper,  
    contemplating the path
          Stopped to think about
       Natural things
Asking elders on the trail
Creating triads
         Depicting aspects  
                  of her answer
    To the question
What it means
And some;          
  were enlightened
             And air and breath and beauty
       Wrought wrath
Indigenous justices
    Things worth keeping
          To the keeper of meaning
Aug 2015 · 861
Memory tree
M Eastman Aug 2015
Weeping bleeding memory tree
Who branches are heavy
When amber globes hang
And pop with sudden death
Smashed on
Gravitational wombs
Careen into cayenne powdered loam
They'll unfold Irises in the dawns morning
sputtering sparking electric dreams
where it grows beside the Styx
Aug 2015 · 1.9k
tin roof
M Eastman Aug 2015
I want to live
in a tin roofed shack
with a cooking fire underneath
that curls up its smoke
from under an iron ***
watch blue dark clouds
Roll in over the hours
so I can hear it's music
beat a rhythm out on my tin roof
Aug 2015 · 2.0k
M Eastman Aug 2015
Sorry sweetheart
mommy was drunk last night
Had too many alcohols
and she couldn't fit all
of the fruit snacks into
her mouth before
she passed out
that's why
the bed is covered in them
yes you can have some
Aug 2015 · 7.0k
googles dreams
M Eastman Aug 2015
Godless godly engine
Dreams its fuel for
and call it at
Aug 2015 · 10.6k
Dear Lazy
M Eastman Aug 2015
Cup your palms around
that candle dear lazy
Spells to cast to the wombs
keep our ghosts outside
peering into tent *****
yellowing irises and
stamens strangely swaying
but nonsense
Butte no
out there
they stalk you dear lazy
Aug 2015 · 1.2k
M Eastman Aug 2015
I like to put my feet up
on the wall
and cross my legs over the tile
it feels comfortable
and smooth
         this is my bastion
vast and wet and screaming for
a release.                          but most often
it's a quiet place
a temple I've built to worship you in
where words echo somberly
invaders demand their boat back
and ask if it floats
  it does
Aug 2015 · 491
anxiety jams
M Eastman Aug 2015
Starts in the stomach
works is way up
Enveloping shroud
eloping off with
gripping onto
wringing anxiety jams
for sale
just shake it all off
and stop worrying so much
Aug 2015 · 430
They're back those
M Eastman Aug 2015
Oh god I haven't had nightmares
Like that in
crouching in that basement
from my childhood
the theme was clearly fearful
Someone had come
and I was hiding
making myself small
taking little breaths
so they couldn't hear my terror
my heartbeats
but I could hear
their heavy foot steps
on the carpet
crunching it
maybe the door will hide me
when they open it and I make
sure the lights are off but
there's more than one now
they're coming
Aug 2015 · 766
eyelids are the worst
M Eastman Aug 2015
Eyelids are worse with
gravity when you're
breaking a door
******* it's been shut too long so
I want to river this until the
whole town glows
and goes under and you can see
its reflection from the surface
Of glass
stay awake just a little longer with me
Aug 2015 · 656
so many letters
M Eastman Aug 2015
thought of writing so
many letters they fill to bursts
of rain worn
Peeling painted
faces so adored
you'll see no other and
ache forever with the
thought of writing so
many letters
Aug 2015 · 924
its been too long
M Eastman Aug 2015
Dusty you pick it up
but it's been too long
and the chords feel strange
and the sounds not right
so you
fuddle with
pegs a bit
and is
still not quote right
so twist them harder
until they
Snap and piercing
note vibration worth it's
Snapping blessed bleeding
fingers to play
cracking oak in
oiled frame ashamed
shamed smashed against
the doorways of discordant sea
that's better
M Eastman May 2015
I always see in my dreams this theme of
long stretches
flat sand colored plains
baked ground with scraggly roots
dried or wet salt lakes
a punishing angry yellow sun
that's the foreground and behind
oil painted and smeared mesa
or mountainous distant horizons
I'm always traveling
it's important where I'm going
but I go nowhere in particular
by foot or car
sometimes horseback
what am I looking for
unconscious what are you telling me
The other day I remember more
I was wearing my armor
and wading through a field
hip high reeds with water or a river
to my left and as I walked
I saw a gap in the foliage
across the river
was a figure, a person, wearing black
they just stood there
didn't move
stared back and did
nothing else
but there was clearly
and it ended
M Eastman May 2015
is love
is it kindness patience understanding
is it bred from desire and lust
   just a word
something else
compassion and giving
a part of yourself to another
is it rough
between these extremes of
elation, joy
a 3 am phonecall
makes your chest burst open
and shatter you like a mirror
you'll see your tear stained face in
      day after day
become this jumbled jigsaw
of a human
be so attached to one person
   then one day
and eventually love
someone else
or is it possible
to love two
and not let go
keep that clenched into your fist
           locked in a box
   guard it jealously
all those pieces
that can't be love
      .......can it?
Apr 2015 · 695
M Eastman Apr 2015
archaic pottery
stolen Spanish gold
tiny figurines with
their hearts being carved
on display
and around corners
is the ****** god
In his new old death cult form
adorned on the walls
bringing his light
to new old worlds
saints and skulls venerate
his feet
patrons shuffle their own slowly
and whisper
look at this treasure
Apr 2015 · 6.2k
my hospital
M Eastman Apr 2015
in reverse trendelenburg
hot blood flush rushes
to my face
vision blanks the time being
and scarlet feverfew dreams
come with bills of ignored mail
why did they pour sand all over my bed
Im helplessly brushing notes
of blackbird wings
all because I wanted to give up
Apr 2015 · 506
ballast arachnids
M Eastman Apr 2015
Encrusted ballasts flicker
over processed lines
and those predatory octogons
Follow you
with its clicking clicking clicking
mandible clocks
count is rhythm
Apr 2015 · 2.1k
the corner of page 6
M Eastman Apr 2015
Maybe they'll publish me
one the corner of the
page 6
and sorry ***** black smears
bite they no longer
print any questions about what
or why
the daily exposition celebrity
all bright screens now
farms as far as you can squint
Apr 2015 · 694
Die with Regretful
M Eastman Apr 2015
What difference does it make
die wth regrets or
I choose
the former
     I poisoned the ground
painted the walls offun colors
and broke bottles in streetcars
checking your bank account .  
    you're so far away
From your own
              Too risky you say
I'll smash my own body acadian
at one hundred percent increase
   It doesn't matter
Mar 2015 · 1.8k
thought kettle
M Eastman Mar 2015
It's soft white alabaster but
a little dingy from overuse
hinting it's age with a bit of staining
around its curved spout
condensation dribbles from the lid down its azure twisting floral patterns
hissing it's boil with a pitched
My thoughts made abstract
Mar 2015 · 356
Distance 10W
M Eastman Mar 2015
I didn't choose this distance
                       it's not what I wanted
M Eastman Mar 2015
When a passing cloud
might meet another
and together unleash
On thirsting ground
our significant spark
Bone-brittle tinder
buoyed by the quiet
breeze, an ember
                                             smolders until
Evening wind blows,
carries, smoking wisps
upon its wings into
                                            the forest
Sighs into crackling
summer leaves until
the canopy
So take note of every
passing cloud, because
you never know
Mar 2015 · 1.1k
Enemies of the Imperium
M Eastman Mar 2015
Auspexes chiming targets acquired
purple smoking lances fire
Cherub dead face wings flutter
Ghost choir sings and voices mutter
Scrolling cognator clicking gears
snaking red glow cables fear
dull black cermite gleaming; polished
through the walls
with violence; demolished
Flags of battle now unfurled
Exterminatus; the end of world's
Atop the pile men stand tall
now fall back quickly to the halls
with bolter, chain, claw and hammer
fight back the witch, the mutant; unsanctioned psyker
For Russ!
Mar 2015 · 2.8k
Beautiful Wordbank
M Eastman Mar 2015
Aquiver mellifluous ineffable hiraeth nefarious somnambulist epoch sonorous serendipitous limerence bombinate luminescence ethereal illicit petrichor iridescent supine aurora solitude syzygy phosphenes oblivion ephemeral incandescence denouement vellichor eloquence defenestration Sondra effervescence cromulent cellar-door debridement

Illustrator icon verdant cerulean aeneous  albicant amaranthine azuline argent chartreuse damask ferruginous  haematic  hyacinthine ibis ochre primrose russet sanguineous virescent mystborn transcendence
Please comment to add your own beautiful or favorite english words and I will add them to the bank
Mar 2015 · 840
M Eastman Mar 2015
Crowd rushes forward
and back
blaring horns to battle
and gasping doom
swarthed blades
screaming metal
thunderous applause
raucous madmen
best concert ever
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
parking lot
M Eastman Mar 2015
Rainbow parking lot oil stains
After the rain
staring at the washed asphalt
and my fingers go numb
wondering how the hell
and why so sad
another long drag
so much for
trying not to be bitter
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
M Eastman Mar 2015
And it faded to a dull ache
never quite leaving
never quite the same
a permanent grey cloud
over our collective landscape
Mar 2015 · 624
the border
M Eastman Mar 2015
I'm kinda on that boarder
between tipsy
and really drunk
maybe a couple more
to obliterated
it's not making me feel better
Mar 2015 · 826
M Eastman Mar 2015
Layed on the floor
breathing was shallow
too weak to have more
and flustrated about it
Mar 2015 · 1.3k
M Eastman Mar 2015
I went about my day
with my intestines and stomach
so tight
I had swallowed rocks
went home early
there was no way I could function
so I used the rocks
to drown myself
in a bottle
Mar 2015 · 575
terribly quiet in here
M Eastman Mar 2015
What the hell is normal
everyone's running around
with these terrible secrets
so devastating
keeping it in
making them alone and
that phone off the hook noise
Mar 2015 · 299
slowly bleeding
M Eastman Mar 2015
ive got me shovel
and ill ***** some more dirt
into this hole
but there is no bottom
Jan 2015 · 757
no reply
M Eastman Jan 2015
You haven't replied to
The letters I've written
I haven't sent them
Jan 2015 · 1.1k
Throw my hood up
M Eastman Jan 2015
Throw my hood up
get the **** away from me
No don't wanna talk about what's wrong
(Is it going to be okay)
Slam the door to let them know
How upset I am and now
Its off its hinge
and I'm off to binge
that will show them
give the finger
from the back of 911
Jan 2015 · 566
M Eastman Jan 2015
I listen to your music
it makes me feel closer to you
and calms me down
since you've gone
I'll do it until I'm dead
god knows when the ****
that will be
Jan 2015 · 2.2k
M Eastman Jan 2015
my hand could pass
through the table
if I pressed hard enough
my feet
through the floor
I just want to melt
until I disappear
Jan 2015 · 1.6k
past me
M Eastman Jan 2015
Past me was an *******
He didn't care that future self
would be miserable
selfish ****
I want to trade places
with that *******
Jan 2015 · 287
15w today
M Eastman Jan 2015
i'm too sad to write today
idk if i want to keep breathing or not
Jan 2015 · 3.3k
M Eastman Jan 2015
She's beautifully chaotic
a whirlwind of makeup and hoopla
she'll kick bushes on her way;
to a can of beer and a good comic book
Jan 2015 · 1.5k
parlances poise
M Eastman Jan 2015
Sometimes I write landscapes
sometimes I paint abstract thought
sometimes emotions split
the iron I have wrought
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