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eva-mae Apr 10
measure the midway, that cavernous kiss
torment of the raging waves
commentates angelical bliss
softly in those criminous caves.

endure and wail with the whispering wind
the tyrannous acid lash
twice the insidious harmony
of foamy thunder ****.

crawl and curl into turbulant annex
antagonistic reverie
thrice the slaving metroplex
of every elder tree.
H E L E N A Jan 4
The crescendo of a forgotten love,
Incessant humming, drumming ー
Stirring from the cauldron of the soul,
Shot forth into the cold
Skies and seas above.
Sometimes it's best not to bottle it up for too long.
Shofi Ahmed Apr 2017
Wide open are your arms  
the sun is a small paintbrush  
every daybreak it draws  
exposes you as new as ever!  
The surges in the billows  
blow out swimming clouds  
across the globe.  
No they don’t splash out to  
the starry thrillers on the sky  
they all are a dwarf bunch  
draws down to you kind Moon:  
Down to earth on the ground  
spares the heap for all
for the day for the noon.  
Then you are there too
far afar, where is nothing
but you the lotus in bloom
on uncharted water.  
Who can describe it better  
everyone is lost for words!
aniket nikhade Oct 2015
In a moment or so
Within a short span of time
Everything will change
It’s anxiety
With a little bit of surge in tension an anxiety takes hold of the mind
What will happen now?
What will happen next?

In a moment or so
Within a short span of time
Everything will fall in it’s proper place as per thought prior
As per planned
These are expectations
Expectations are built upon expectations when expectations from prior are met.
When expectations from prior are fulfilled.

In a moment or so
Within a short span of time
All the efforts made so far will yield the desired results
It’s hope
It’s hope that keeps everyone working towards the future

With each passing moment
With yet another advancing day,
Very soon that will become part of the present, time passes by
Time flies, however, life continues

With all the twists and turns that happen in everyone's life
With all the odds that come along the way
With all the ups and downs of life
All the highs and lows in life
Life continues
Life does not stop waiting for someone
Life continues as it is
At it's usual pace.
It's important that reconciliation takes place in life. When looking out for a resolution, it ends up with something you never wanted in the first place to happen.
Alan S Bailey Apr 2015
Her envisioned music rolls
Notes splashing like the sea,
Her endless ocean song
And my piano-one and free.
The passion in each salty song
Never wash away with rain,
And strong and never settling
The roar and surge sustains.
I can feel her breathing
And her warm arms holding me,
Their bouyant as floating boats
Giving me all of her I need.
The music is now ebbing,
And flows into channels of changing tides.
She kindly strokes my soft black hair
As I gaze into her deep dark eyes.
I'll awaken once she sets me free...
M Eastman Mar 2015
Crowd rushes forward
and back
blaring horns to battle
and gasping doom
swarthed blades
screaming metal
thunderous applause
raucous madmen
best concert ever
preservationman Jun 2014
Full of acceleration
Peculiar being the indication
A force of an electrical charge
The formation of changeable skies
Electricity as it soars through the air
But word of caution in beware
Electricity that excites
The skies in not wanting to be polite
The thunderstorm that had arrived
The skies parting ways in strive
The Heaven’s electrical message
It’s the Heaven’s that watch
If your soul’s not right, it is the electrical charge of catch
The skies of electrical approach
In God’s terms this is no joke
The hands of Heaven’s electrical skies
It’s the wonder’s that continues to make us wise.
Sarah May 2014
the clock reminds me of some time distant
some time when i looked at it and saw silent shadows falling
and earth spinning slower than this
now it spins too fast and all the shadows left and i remain alone
no roof can shelter me from my fears
no arms can caress the surge of panic under my skin
drowsy nights and messy hair
thoughts in disarray and eyes fixed in a horrid stare
turn me into a malady and plant me into a flesh maybe ill do some good there
halt all the thunder and stop all the rain
wrap me in a blanket made of flowers maybe that'll remove the pain
falling into dismay instead of love
and drowning into emotions of a past i once thought was enough
time will pass and the effect of words will wash
and i will be left numb once more and another wave will crash
i could kiss your eyes as you fall asleep
and sing to you and wake feelings that make you weep
instead i will shut you out and away
because in this fort of misfortune alone i must stay

— The End —