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M Eastman Jun 2023
Should Andromeda collapse / Hammering hydrogen entraps
Cresting waves of burnished light / Whitecaps in the endless night
Fly apart with gentle violence / Into eternity of silence
M Eastman Jun 2023
Drift and blur
Fork in a socket
Reach out to catch but
Not falling at all
Why is it dark outside?
M Eastman Jun 2023
Light fails and shadows race,
Murmurs echo in night's embrace.
The precipice beckons, l'appel du vide sway,
Untethered, falling in disarray.
Enveloping tendrils, dreams entwined,
Despair's ballet, absence find.
Silvermail submerged descent,
Silent witnesses, heart's lament.
M Eastman Jan 2020
I want to throw myself down a well
rag doll child's wish
Swallowed up by the
Expired medicine bottles
Slowly swimming koi fish
M Eastman Aug 2018
des œufs
du vin
têtes coupées
The treachery of poetry
M Eastman Aug 2018
I want to edge my foot closer
Over that
Of cliff
And feel no
Purchase there
Only air
And have my stomach
In my throat
With a
Sudden pull
And a rushing
Flapping garments
And suddenly
My body
To pieces
On your body
Ive been rolling this around in my mind for weeks now and it feels strange to see it in writing
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