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Andrew Layman Apr 2020
The light from under your bedroom door
It bleeds golden streams
Spilling out onto the floor
Making a bridge of light

We're both connected.
You and me.

Your room is so close by.
Can I come in?
It's locked.
And I've tried knocking.

I can hear you crying through the door.
Is it me?
Why don't you let me in?
I can help you.

You have your secrets
I'll keep mine.

I'll come back later.

I'm back.
Compose yourself.

There's nothing to fear
It's only the house settling.

I'm only down the hallway

Getting closer now

The boards creak

I hear your heart beat faster

Don't be afraid

It's only me.

And I've always been here

Since the day you moved in

Waiting for someone like you

To share the house with me.
UNSETTLING, Copyright © 2020 Andrew Layman,
All Rights Reserved.
Star BG May 2019
My stalk like pen
moves in wind
like corn on a summers eve.
Words call tickling air in breath
as pen takes a stance.
Corn husks feed the hunger
that grows to plant this moment.
A moment where poetry is within

And ink will mount stallion white page
as if pen needs to catch the words.
Words to be corralled inside a trotting verse.

Perhaps later I will sit by fire
inside my tire
and hear foal poem neigh--
I say with hooray.
Inspired by Christie Moses one word of stalk
Thank you. I can ride my pen horse across hilltops of verse but don't put me on a horse. LOL

I could have stopped after first paragraph but my mind kept going with dancing fingers so I kept writing.
Raven Apr 2019
With a shadow creeping behind me, making every promise empty.
Intoxicating my nerves, I am being chased.
Stalking my forecast, I run at ten speed.
No stopping, I turn around to see a shadow so empty, its mere whispers have demolished into misty ash.
It haunts my every being and stalks my rotten prey.
It displeases my humanity and consumes my lost soul.
I run, run so fast, the lights hit bloom.
Scared, fearful of what it can do, I look down, I see the shadow
The shadow was you.

The ghost I'm trying to escape, just keeps coming back.
The feeling is poison, but beautiful at the same time.
The feeling is toxic, but fills my void of loss and emptiness.
You're a bad guy, playing with my emotions and unleashing my toxic tears.
Confusing my feelings and handling me like a puppet.
Why do I love you?
Since you're the master of puppets, you've dominated and learnt to control me.
Let me go.
Or I will turn around, and leave.
Leave you empty, till you lose control.
Metallica - Master of puppets
Salmabanu Hatim Mar 2019
Horses clop,
Rabbits hop.
Frogs jump,
Caterpillar ****.
Worms wiggle,
Bugs jiggle.
Snakes slide,
Seagulls glide.
Lion stalk,
I walk.
Come on all lets dance,
Let's take a chance.
Clippity clop, hop  hop,
Jump and ****,
Now bump your ****.
One,two jiggle and wiggle,
Please don't giggle.
Slide and glide,
Don't hide,
The room is wide,
You can even ride.
Dear Mr Lion don't stalk,
Sit on a rock,
So I can do moon walk.
I loved writing this poem
Salmabanu Hatim Oct 2018
He  was the knight on the slender stalk of rose,
No one dared touch her beauty,
As petal by petal she opened her self gracefully,
His to admire and cherish.
Neither admirers nor bees and butterflies dare touch her,
For his ***** was worse than his wrath.
At last when every petal opened,
There she stood in sheer beauty,
A white rose,with a tinge of pink,
Lovingly kissed by the sunshine,
Her fragrance intoxicating.
Oh Rose! dear love,marry me,
For long have I waited for thee.
Rahama Jun 2018
He first saw her from across the street
She was arguing with a vendor and from the smile that adorned
Her beautiful face he could tell she'd won
Her igneous personality attracted him to her
There was no way he could not get attached
He was keenly watching all her movements
Committing to memory all that made her dissimilar to others

Her steps were fainéant
Like she had all the time in the world
He was beguiled by the way her hips swayed when she walked
He could not not follow her
He could not not know her
He followed her at the same pace
The thrill of hearing her voice for the first time made his heart race
But that could wait
For now he was content with watching her tread

She switched paths and walked into a building
A dance studio
He felt giddy just thinking of watching her dance
He knew she'd be great at it
The lightness in her steps hinted at it

He entered the building slowly
He was bubbling with anticipation as he searched for her everywhere
He walked into a room and found her
She was facing the door
She looked like she'd been waiting for him to come

"I've been stalking you for awhile
You might need to get a restraining order"
He smiled sheepishly

"I know"
She replied
Her smile promised no restraining orders in future.
Thank you for reading
Salmabanu Hatim May 2018
Musa had a big farm,
On it he grew corn,peas and palm.
One day,Musa was sick,
So he sent his son Jalil to the market to buy seeds,
Jalil  returned with a handful of magic seeds,
In return for a sack full of peas.
Musa was furious,
But also curious,
He sowed the seeds in the corner of his farm,
Where to his crops it would do noharm.
The peas started to grow underground,
Down and down the stalk wound.
Musa and Jalil went down the stalk,
Soon they reached a cave block,
Gold glittered on the cave rock,
And strewn on its floor was unimaginable treasure.
Musa's eyes gleaned with pleasure,
He felt Jalil tug at his sleeves,
He saw a giant snake guarding the treasure with some huge mice.
The snake spoke,"Musa and Jalil,since you sowed the seeds,
You can take a sack ful of gold and precious beads."
The magic seeds made them rich.
The next day...........
what hollow kisses
lips arrested
what has
my palm
hand to hand
palm on palm
eyes look in eyes
lips press together
stiff puckering lips
give me
those looks
from my

found write
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