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xavier thomas Feb 2022
You didn’t give a __ about that women you slept with.
You “man” only cared about yourself.
When you lowkey forced having your way
When you lied about slipping a ****** on
When she told you- “don’t place a seed in me because I’m not on birth-control anymore.”
She cried her heart out towards you cause she felt like it was a safe place.
Yet, you didn’t care bruh.

What is responsibility to you?
What is accountability to you?
Emma Jun 2021
I could burst with my feelings
for you. Like a balloon.
Filled with hot air, babe. Tssssssssshhhhh.
Kind of a haiku
Jason Apr 2021
Just wanna give a shout out to my mom and dad,

Who got married a full 3 months before I was born,

But despite whose valiant efforts,

I still turned out to be a *******.

With much love and luls ❤
Double King Dec 2020
Does calling me hateful curses lighten your feeling?
How pathetic I am to feel sympathetic towards you?
In the end, you are one of those who see me as a filth.
Worry less now, I'll rid of what was left in me.
Pockets Aug 2020
You *******
You are everything
I still think about that summer
We use to get high on Adderall and play Life is Strange
Go to flea malls and never buy a thing
Watch ****** movies, walk around the lake
You were my best friend
No one could take your place
I remember cuddling in the mornings
Not getting out of bed till the afternoon
The light dripping through the windows
Bouncing around the room
You are so beautiful
We were so young
I’ll never forget those moments
Though, those days are long gone
Nina Dec 2019
We were listening to damien rice
And you asked me
"Am i the greatest ******* that you met?"
I laughed
And said "you are"
Just like the lyrics
You were exactly the same

"You made me laugh, You made me cry
You made me open up my eyes
You helped me open out my wings
My legs, and many other things
You helped me love, you helped me live
You helped me learn how to forgive

You were the greatest ******* that i know
The only one who let me go
the only one I can't forget"

So every time i listen to that song
I can't help it
But to think of you
And everything that you did
The memories we shared
And how i wish i could have you still

You were the greatest *******
The one i wish who would have stayed
Arcassin B May 2019
By Arcassin Burnham

Spoken like a true iron monger, stilling thunder,
the pain and the gain of it,
you get any ounce of it,
just don't let the clowns get it,
they laugh and they're mad with it,
but theres no harm in it,
cause these fakes are counterfeit,
pulling through illusions like they're tug-o-war with
guiding force and true teachings of a king to hold the
prepare to leave defeated some more,
don't want scalawags and your ******,
real lessons of a *******.
don't care for mother's day at all.
father's day was put there to remind us.
that the ones that birth us will not find us...


..Is that the only thing you want me to do?
is walk all over you?
eat you like rations of food,
do what what all those men just did to you?
then throw away the crumbs like I never
knew you,
use to getting hurt so much huh?
I wasn't trying to catch a quick night stand,
because I really wanna be with you,
is it hard to have me confess what you mean to me?
in this moment didn't really think I would ever be,
In love with a special someone just like me in the streets.

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