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Oliver O'Connor Apr 2019
I wish you could feel
     A slight pain in your heart
Every time I thought of you
     While falling asleep
So that you feel the pain
     Just as much as I have to
Because you're my only dream
     And I would have killed you
If you felt the heartache
     I have grown to live with
angele Dec 2018
when did i lose you?
when did you decide you weren’t mine?
it was like falling asleep, slowly, and then all at once when you decided you couldn’t be broken by me again.

in this scenario, i was your hammer. i was the one who crushed your heart, over and over.
until you couldn’t take anymore. so you decided that living without me and my love was better then living with it but always having the sadness on your mind, like a boulder crushing you slowly, then all at once as the item holding its weight breaks down upon you.

you told me once i always put you to the side
and that you let me walk all over you.
is that true ?
how did i do to you what cruel actions were inflicted upon myself?
how did i become this person?

i learned this human tendency from a book we read in my english class, that those who have been oppressed, subconsciously or consciously oppress others.

this is what i did to you
and i am undeniably culpable.
so i am sorry.

truly my love.
Lady Grey Sep 2017
The music swirls around inside my head
The vague colors and apparitions
Flickering behind my eyelids

A truly haunting melody I hear,
Whether it be sung or strummed
I am unsure

It is beautiful and eerie

A lovely sound my mind is forming,
A sort of song for my visions to dance to,
That drowns out the static of the room
In which i currently am

I’d rather listen to this other-worldly chorale
And watch my pretty dreams play out

Than listen to this droning teacher anyways.
Delta Swingline Mar 2017
My first thought when I wake up:

Is that I hate you.
You make me so mad
And you cause me so much pain.
You -- are my reflection.

And I'll say a prayer by my bed just for you.
Dear God, teach me how to love myself.

Is my last thought when I go to bed.
We were told to create 20 word poems for our first thought waking up and our last thought before going to bed. As you can see, I am very masochistic. I'll be going now.

— The End —