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The woods ring out

For the songs
Echoing around

Of #unabashed song birds
That throat their love
Brooding of vast uncertainty
There's nothing in my pocket
but for a smile and the hope
that it'll last a while.

Hiding from my depression
in the space between dark thoughts,
I watch the trees lose their leaves,

and thinking of the struggle for joy
that has plagued my life since I was a boy,
I dry the tears on my sleeves.

Yet all of this is soon forgotten
as the seasons change along with my mood.
Brooding is worth nothing in this floating world.
Cc Oct 12
Trying to remember the
World doesn't owe me

Done searching through songs for words
Sick of do re mi's

So why's it hard tuning out
All the misery

Hate admitting pride is the
Reason I'm lonely

Scared of hurting and ending
Up down on my knees

Begging for a seventh chance
Life isn't easy

At least I have this poem
To keep company

While I puzzle pieces out
Of my history...
In one of those moods
Rebecca Scull Aug 20
I've seen myself in the mirror
And it looks the same as always
But the feeling deep down under
Shows that the real me is far away

I've lived in the same skin forever
And it feels the same as always
But the look of it asunder
Shows that the real me is far away

I've breathed in the same way as always
And it's always been suffocating
But to outsiders it seems normal
Nothing but brooding too long on twilight

But in my soul I feel untamed
And in my skin I feel maimed
In my breath I feel strangled
My everything yearning for freedom

Freedom from this, far away from this
Simra Sadaf Jun 5
the blackest abyss brooding,
dark and foreboding,
scarred memories sewn
into every fibre of your being.
Tiana Marie Mar 8
The boy was too brooding.
I think he did it to impress me
and to make me think he was mysterious
but all it did was leave me empty.

The boy was too handsome.
He was the type of guy who could roll
right out of bed and look perfectly perfect
and it infuriated me.

The boy was too athletic.
His muscles never failed to show
themselves from underneath his tops
and it made me self-conscious.

The boy was too quiet.
He wanted to prove that he'd listen to
what I had to say so he'd stare right at me silently
with eyes that pierced my soul like a knife.

At first glance, he was flawless.
He had the qualities I always thought I wanted:
Mysterious, Perfect, Muscles, Listening Skills.
Really, I just wanted someone like the actors on TV.
But that's just what they are: actors.
Nylee Dec 2017
Dark morning,                    
      where was the sun looking?
Shady start,                        
I spent the day brooding.
K Balachandran Feb 2017
Alone it sits there,

intensely brooding
on how this evening
would turn out;
an elegant, gleaming
thirsting, ****** wine glass
sans a drop of wine.
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