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Sept.12.19 //letters that won’t be sent to you

You took my breath away
Every time you got close to me
So close
I could hear your sweet words
Close to my ears

The last thing you took from me
Was trust
For now I shall search for trust
And keep it to myself
Sept.11.19 letters that won’t be sent to you

The looks you had
As you looked at me
With that smile
Use to **** me
Now you don’t look
At me like before
That kills me now
Sept.10.19 //letters that won’t be sent to you

Hold me once again
With those arms around me
That smell of you
Gets me love high
That will never get over

I’m in way too deep
Someone pull me out
Before it’s too late
Oh well looks like
it’s too late
Sept.9.19 //letters that won’t be sent to you

The memories of you and I
Came like a flood
Now I feel as if I’ve drowned
Into memory land
Of you and I
Erian 7d
I love you
8 letters
3 simple words
1 that could turn a wrong
Into right
karo Oct 8
and I am sorry
for all the times I've lied

i couldn't stand
to see you fall apart

i didn't want to break
my heart.
pauline Oct 8
I must admit
It's tiring
Everyday is more exhausting
I'm not sure if it's just in my head
Or this is our new reality
I try to look on the brighter side
But when I see you, I feel lost
I am no longer certain
How much more I am willing to endure
Until when I can take this

I am tired
And today is more tiring than yesterday.
letters and poems you won't be able to read
Eye contact,
Unspoken letters on the lips,
Soft smiles on the faces,
entwined hearts for eternity.

Hussein Dekmak

Sept.5.19 // letters that won’t be sent to you

I’m thousand miles away
Away from everything
But they will follow me
Yet it has seem to be lost
By me loosing them
Where there is many people
Where the city's lights are never off
People trading money
For money turned into a tall drink
To last the whole night
Games being played
Like how you played my heart

But I forgot this feeling
The feeling of my heart being played
It felt amazing , but I knew it wasn’t gonna last
As I left the city
Everything was picked up as how they were left
If you ever look for poetry,
In this weird place.
Just look under my alarm clock.
I keep all my unsent love letters and way too long poetry under my alarm clock. It's a big pile now. Who cares though?
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