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wes parham Jan 1
You wrote a letter, it had to be,
Your merest whim and dearest thought.
I found it clever, you have to see, going
Out on a limb where the true battle’s fought.

We sorely wished and ached to know,
You shared a life, I shared one, too.
The seeds we sow and hope to grow,
‘Till vines cross the boundaries of me,
(And you…)

Forging a future in distant foundries,
Life and love make a space for you.
Our lives, as such, the liminal boundaries,
Our love, of course, the glue.
A riff on some concepts about getting acquainted through writing and the attempts to make real human connections.  The third stanza came first, created spontaneously (and perhaps a little abstractly…!) as a comment on a fellow poet’s work here on HP.  They suggested I extrapolate.  Here’s a hastily constructed extrapolation for Kim.
Ryan Long Jul 2022
As I walked the hills I heard the horns
The stamp of steeds and cry of a hound
I ran towards that iconic call
The hunt was on, I knew the sound

As I watched the fox run and hide
A magnificent creature sleek and fine
The thought intruded upon me
And created an image in my mind

What greater event could I encounter
Of the pursuit of love that I here had

The pursuit of something beautiful
called forth with trumpets and fanfare
Chased by all and caught by few
Tracked and then lost, joy and despair

The chase of the fox
Woman, seductive and coy
Pursued by gross beasts
Determined man and boy

For love like that fox is wily and sly
Catch only a glimpse before it flies by

Sleek and slender a thing of great worth
Pursued by all to bring home to the hearth

For love outside your possession has no value
Home it must reside to bring satisfaction to you
One of my endeavors has been to write a letter, and possibly a poem to my wife every month. As I sat and thought about pursuing her love it occurred to me. The Fox Hunt is on!
Bipolar Poet May 2022
The wettest of love written out of my black
fountain pen. I’ve got hearts to spend,
customs to save, and not a lot of people to blame.

Oh what a shame, in this love’s long game,
starting off as friends, good remarks,
All into permanent scars; how haven’t we
come as far?

Oh I wonder how to slow down, to keep on
searching for something not yet around.


Oh where do I search, with the possible heartbreaks
that seem to lurk? Cut and burnt, soon after I had
my first.

Love letters into ashes, ashes into the dust,
scratched out names, nails turning into rust.

Pinned down by the wrists; to hold onto pain,
crosses are instead exes. Restless, into resting
soundly in my death.

In over my head, thoughts are covering
my shame. I’m waiting patiently after all,
to fall in love.

Once again.
Bipolar Poet Apr 2022
A for anybody; for any of you reading
into my heart. Try correct the spelling.

B for beginning; to any great story I’m
soon to tell. I hope to get your understanding.

C for seasons; oh for life’s many moments
comes with change. All reshaping.

D for decisions; mostly the critical ones
I make in a day. I do so after praying.

E for eating; especially when I’m in a such
a bad mood. Who doesn’t love eating?

F for effort; so fit to do even in the hardest
of all situations. Just keep pushing!

G for ginger; sweet and bitter at times
while trying to be polite. People are testing.

H for eish; a word I often say under a lot
of daily stress. The closest I am to swearing.

I for iron; cause life’s a pressing matter
of sorts. And close to *******.

J for Jane; I couldn’t think of a clever word
but I’d most likely crush on one. Just saying.

K for Kassan; I wouldn’t be one shying away
from loving himself. I’m quite impressing.

L for l-plate; cause I’m still learning this
race to truly love. There’s no point rushing.

M for meh; not much for me to really say
when it comes to it. Just keep it moving.

N for anything; that tickles your fancy
on happiness. Just keep on smiling.

O for oh; of all the many realizations in
this beautiful life. So mesmerising.

P for pea; not the liquid if your mind
leaks. It wasn’t a vegetable I was fond of eating.

Q for cue; maybe as the time for me to
leave, or stick in the line. Cameras always rolling.

R for are; being asked if you are ready or
you are not. Especially if it’s something daring.

S for especially; mostly in the times my points
are right. No need correcting.

T for tedious; I’m not a fan of repeating myself
too many times. Are you listening?

U for euphoria; I’ve never been the happiest
to use that word. But I’m still trying.

V for victorious; and of the vision to
see my successes far ahead. I keep on dreaming.

W for double you; seems a bit to easy
but I’d wish to have a double of you. Talking about loving.

X for excellent; as of when I write something
that fills me with joy. So exciting!

Y for why; for a curious mind hungry
for wisdom, and spirituality. I long for reasoning.

Z for zeal; the cause is done when it finally
meets it’s end. Finally granted the best finishing.
AE Apr 2022
Between us and this dying world
Are conversations and stuttered words
That we left in the hands of midnight breeze
I float in your laughter, too light
to be weighed down by my fears
We lay under this sea of stars
Pointing into the sky
Casting nets into this galaxy of dreams
Calloused hands caress this wind
As stories pour out of our limbs
And we wash away yesterday's storm
Waiting for the sun to rise
Basking in the terracotta sky
Asleep against the coolness of the ground
Smiles still remnant on our face
And in all this was a heavy heart
That you pulled out from my chest
Held it in your palm as you slept
And I existed in your ease
Carlo C Gomez Apr 2022
What comes after 'Z'
cannot be expressed
by letters or words.
I'm afraid, it's a bit of

For they have their say
in our struggles and fears,
in our laughter and tears,
in our sighs and moans,
to deep within our bones.

They're in our very own
heartbeats, great and small,
in that place within us
where some rain must inevitably fall.

Where they came from is no mystery,
but we each tend to use them
in the secret hours
of our private history,

like a trail of breadcrumbs,
like a bridge we jump from,
never mindful,
never loyal,
always on the tip of our tongue,
and there it toils...
My Dear Poet Mar 2022
It was only meant to be one letter
and now compiled into a book
a volume of times I’d say I love you
and the pages of poems it took
It was only meant to be one reader
now the world can’t get enough
a New York Times best seller
the unabridged letters of our love
Raven Feels Mar 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, on the verges of spring:)

not all about that
yet all about me
the sleights redeemed too flat
taking things slowly

my stance
out of that delusional hand
still the intro of that kingdom dance
shook the sight demolishing one land

that debatable glance
the spark of something so vivid
scratched the hint of a chance
not my story & still not a person of livid

yet the better
some women listening to her weather in impact
yet delivering their letters
& they get a hold of a glorious contrast

hazem al jaber Mar 2022
Letters ...

Letters lining up ...
flirting with you ...
against my will ...
along my all nights ...
until ...
i get you ...
into my dream's lake ...
with every morning ...
since i start my coffee ...
before ...
i start my first sip ...
to start all letters ...
running crazily ...
into my mind ...
so ,...
how can I resist you ...
and how to resist my drunk's longs ...
while your letters' body ...
dances between my eyes all the time ...
day to night ...

yes my sweetheart ...
how could i resist you ...
and how to resist ...
your sweet heart ...
which it always ...
awakened all spaces ...
of my heart ...
to keep writing ...
my all letters ...
because of you ...

hazem al ...
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