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Isaac Apr 1
so many choices, I am riddled with doubt
eight of cups, which one is the one

so many chances, I am riddled with dread
eight of pentacles, build myself up again

so many crooks, I am riddled with trepidation
eight of swords, I feel powerless just waiting

so many critics, I am riddled with consternation
eight of wands, I knew you were coming all along
Raven Feels Feb 10
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, version two?

I feel content
for I thought it to be satisfaction in a poem sent
yet the polars are polars
despite a fine line in between growing bolder
for I define my own definition
satisfaction is the acceptance fulfilled
of having a cup half filled
yet content is the embrace of the enough
it's so humble to be touched
appreciating the made
for the reflection might be a blade
for the youth
for the drain for the truth
the empty half & the half full state
hoping for a better taste
from the cup before
lips to stumble none or nor

                                                            ­                     -------ravenfeels
V of Cups
Memories in the way

You grieve yesterday as if your life has ended
You sorrow like the world ended yesterday
Self pity consumes you like a pest
But for disappointment you don't sway

You mourn on your own grave
You don't trust anyone else to bring you flowers
You fear the future like the past
You and your lover's gravestone stand like towers
A poem every day
IV of Cups
Do not ignore chances

Your insecurity is your biggest flaw
It's frustrating you to the core
Take the chances before your eyes
See, life's not boring, it's so much more

Connections are scary
Because you cannot leave sometimes
You think to much, that's quick to say
Your expectations aren't worth dimes
A poem every day
III of Cups
A celebration of friendship

Celebrate everything you wish
Family is your closest friend
Go on a holiday or party
Because one day it will end

Share but don't gossip
Don't enjoy yourself too much
You'll fall into false friend's arms
They give you words, no touch
A poem every day
II of Cups
A lovely balance

The sea in harmony with the sand
Your heart in harmony with mind
Balance is the key to all
With balance, luck you'll find

Be careful and listen well
For you might mistake yourself
Like a divorce for a marriage
Make money, not pelf
A poem every day
Ace of Cups
Material business

Your best prestations result in welfare
The money rolls into your world
You finally got what you wanted
Money flowing, not being hurled

Stay aware of your spendings
The world isn't all yours
Gold dissapears from the mines
You're jealous, suddenly it's ours
A poem every day
Ace of Pentacles
Your head is overflowing

The world is filled with love
With hapiness and new chances
With wine and food
So many beautiful dances

You refuse to listen
You think you're so pretty
Too unstable to hear
It's a shame, it's a pity
A poem every day
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