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Megan Edwards Apr 2020
Have you ever heard the sound of nothing?
A desolating sunbeam hitting the ground
Each individual on the hunt for something
Yet, nothing can be found.

The trees feel lonely,
They meet the sky for a chat.
They beg for money,
But the sky gets nothing back.

Together, the world turns grey.
The smell of death starts to cover the streets
While they all stand and wait
We just stay inside and try to fall asleep.
Just something abit different, hope you enjoy
M Eastman Mar 2015
When a passing cloud
might meet another
and together unleash
On thirsting ground
our significant spark
Bone-brittle tinder
buoyed by the quiet
breeze, an ember
                                             smolders until
Evening wind blows,
carries, smoking wisps
upon its wings into
                                            the forest
Sighs into crackling
summer leaves until
the canopy
So take note of every
passing cloud, because
you never know

— The End —