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H McDonald May 8
My bones know things my mind does not.
What secrets can they tell?
They know of birth, of growth, of death
Of cartilage and cell.

They know no end, no waste, no rot
My bones forever be
Fused and mingled with earth,
In immortality.  

Years from now, when others ask
And dig and ponder on the past,
I’ll be there, still, my bones revive
My bones sustain, my bones, alive.
JDL Mar 27
We all have two “selves”: the false self is the one that believes we belong to this world, the real self is the one that knows we do not.
Joseph Miller Mar 19
Against all odds
the power of creation
breaks through the void
radiating energy and spirit
that matters
at the center of your being
this spark of perfection
has never been touched
by fear or failure
Aligned with your soul
love becomes your guide
believe in the magic
of living enlightened
it will blossom for you
in miracles unfolding
the beauty of this world
I hope this serves as more than a distraction to current events
i used to think our love was a sonnet
timeless, and completely without measure
twirling, intertwining words within it
containing phrases sparkling with treasure
i loved you like i could be a poet
i said all the words i knew how to say
to create a love you wouldn't forget
when our song came on, we'd get up and sway
like our love could be put to the music
i sang along and you stayed quiet
but your silence was almost intrinsic
my love for you, you needn't requite
yes, i thought our love was a sonnet
a poem that you would never forget

guess it's a haiku
lovely, ambiguous, but
already over
just a sonnet and a haiku about how i **** up love :)))
Jack Radbourne Dec 2019
Read the instructions carefully:
Begin at one, go on to two,
Although, if logic’s not your thing,
Just tear the rule book into shreds
And visualise perfection now
Using the ideas of ideas

Beyond mortality and death,
Build foundations of cotton wool
Clouds as white as nothing known here,
Blend with new brightness,
Wipe clear shades of uncertainty
Away into whatever time

Becomes in this new place and then
Find things to occupy your time:
Balance pale porcelain cherubs
High and thread cold stars in millions
Above them. Harp with purest notes
If you are musical, if not,

Give oxygen to souls in need,
And shelter on this white mountain
Those bewildered victims starting
Without choice to spend infinity
Themselves believing nothing more
Than self and suffering.
Joseph Miller Jun 2017
I feel
the infinite connection
lives and breathes
filling the forest with wind
and my heart with joy
in this timeless moment
beyond the mystery
the power of the universe
together in me
without a trace of doubt
the spark of truth burns bright
the warmth of the fire
will never die …
in the dust of stars
I am light that sees
a vision of love
glowing for eternity
Joseph Miller Dec 2017
One glorious moment
God said to me
"I am here"

Tears of joy
washed away my fear
as he lifted the veil
revealed his face
radiating the essence
of all things
a cosmic oneness
filled with love
beyond imagining
the mystic sees
the infinite connection
of the ultimate power

But I a mortal being
consumed by form
it seems
God withdrew
left me standing there
in a world separate
where matter divides
and boundaries form
to close the mind
and hide the truth

Yet I am blessed
to seek the light
and find myself
witness to God
Justin Aptaker Aug 2019
the angel called out to me
But I said,
"what will I recite with these unclean lips? "

So the angel ripped my larynx
out of my throat
and set it on fire
until it burned to ashes

then I began to recite
Written ca. 2014
Justin Aptaker Aug 2019
i and i wept
by the waters of Knoxville
remembering Zion
repatriation, what a notion
slowly, we came to our senses

the brave new world
closing in around us
we sought our refuge
at the doors of perception

timothy leary and
Marcus Garvey
were on a bad trip
together one day
when it began to snow outside
like grace
from heaven, falling
i was there with them
the angel of death

my thanatalivity
is all i know now
i will make it
to the end
Written ca. 2012
Justin Aptaker Aug 2019
it's ready to happen
hours count down to launch, but the burners hum already
the structure is taken up
siphons slowly into the bloodstream

the catalyst, the moment
the agonist, the imitator

the perceptual set is set, and it's famished
not even lit, and it's waiting for more-
the stimulant, the ignition
the doctor, the system

like inlets of blood, the freeways carry us to the city
like carcinogens, like poison medication
like aluminum, like exhaust

i too am carried
and when i reach that center
i am deposited, and begin to take effect
while i wait for my own poison to take hold of me
blood within Blood
poison in Poison
medication in Medication in MEDICATION
we make sure all of our cancers are medicated

it has happened already
but i am waiting for it to happen again
the freeway now quiets itself in anticipation
a new day to repeat
the city is ready for more
Written ca. 2006
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