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These flowered hours slither over my bare breast
and granite bottom lying me flat against
the washing machine waves
chopping my rhyme and riddle in half
with butterfly laughter alongside
the sage scented shoreline
This is my happy hippy hollow heart
where I can hear the wind without sin
and am not underfoot of your ethical authorization
This is the place where fear goes into hiding
and souls are turned into spheres of jade

Written by Sara Fielder © July 2015
Trinity Jones Mar 2016
Hollow on the inside
Unreal on the out
can you hear the echoes that come from my heart
or are you not listening
where are you my dear
I’ve been waitin on you
but I can’t wait much longer
I can only be so hollow until
I become so thin that I break
please don’t break me.
save me
love me
hold me
and never leave me
pookie Mar 2016
Life isn't optional,
We are all born,
We all take our fist steps and say our first words,
We all take those steps and we laugh at the joy of the freedom of movement,
We all say our fist words and smile and laugh at the freedom of being understood.

But then we grow older and see these actions in a different light,
our steps controlled and manipulated,
our words changed and banned,
our freedoms gone,
its chained to reason and the higher ups.

so we make bricks of reason, bricks of passion and we fight back how ever we know how as it is said:

“A concept is a brick. It can be used to build a courthouse of reason. Or it can be thrown through the window.”

so what will your choice be to build a house of law like those of past and achieve what so many others have failed,
or do you fight with your bricks and succeed we all others have failed.

Or do we change the course of history!

Take a chance, start the movement, take the first step and speak of freedom.

Not the childish whims of no law and no consequences but the freedom to live.

throw off the chains of technology and social media,
throw off the chains of theology and religion that bind us to war,
throw off the megalomanic controllers of our world and take a stand.

life isn't optional but Freedom is!

break those chains and life for freedom.
live for life its self.

we are all intertwined by the decisions that we make.
so lets choose together.
Lets make Freedom possible.
sick of the chians that drown us and tie us down.
Stara Nov 2015
Hiding behind masks
Of make up and designer bags
Laughing on cue
Subtle touch of the arm
Roll of the eyes when you know their watching
Fitting into who you think you want to be
Hiding behind gossip and others troubles
And your shocked when they don't care
Your loud voice and soft hair
stealing  just a little form everyone
As you hide behind your little screen
Making faces
Hiding behind your virtual reality
100 likes doesn't make you more loved
I notice you
That depth you fill with evaporating sand
Consumed by your appearance
And here I sit
judging you
Part of my reflection
Ananya zootz Oct 2015
I don't know why now, however I was gazing at this picture in which I was dressed in a black dress and your arms are snaked around my waist, my head inched towards your shoulder and your gaze falling on me,  and suddenly it seemed so agonisingly pleasant how happy I was in that moment. And somehow all that happened between us didn't mattered looking at the picture, yes we aren't together now. In that frozen moment you holded me and I would have preferred no one else. In that snapped picture it was you and me for each other , loving ,caring , filled with affection . that moment captured in the photograph , I realised will remain like that always, that in that picture you and me will remain forever, lasting till it needs to fade, persisting in memory , in frozen times, in pictures ,in stares.
So maybe we are over now, but in some plane where there is no reason you and I still exist together, where there is no need for explanations, of lost love and evaporate feelings. Where you and I will last forever.
M Eastman Aug 2015
Eyelids are worse with
gravity when you're
breaking a door
******* it's been shut too long so
I want to river this until the
whole town glows
and goes under and you can see
its reflection from the surface
Of glass
stay awake just a little longer with me
I hate my brain,
For not knowing what to say.
There are so many words,
Just waiting to be shared.
Yet my thoughts remain blurred.
I know that he cares.
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