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abs Feb 10
god, why am i so dumb?
i ruined a perfectly
good relationship
with my dumb words and
petty anxiety

i know that sorry doesn't
mean a **** thing to you
i don't blame you
god, i wish i wasn't
such a toxic person.

i know that i've
****** up, but i
want you to know that
the tear stains on this
page are real

i'm sorry that i
******* up twice
i know that a 3rd
chance is not on the
table just wanna let
you know that i still like you

i know that you
want nothing to do
with me
i just want to know
how to make it up to
you and can make
this pain go away
these are sidenotes from the actual page: the pain you felt, i felt tenfold
god gave me karma
i can't believe i'm so dumb
i hate myself so much
i've cried myself to sleep every night since then
why can't i ever like someone normally?
irises Feb 6
we were so far no ruler could measure
exactly how far our hearts and minds were from one another.
interpret this as you will.
Austin Draper Jan 23
What monstrous love that an empire of words building up,
Can be torn down by a single transgression, as if to start again in solitude!

What monstrous love that conditions line our very affections.
And that under circumstances they dwindle and give.

What monstrous love that pouring your heart out no longer is good enough,
Because you’ve had to do it to keep yourselves together.

But I shift backwards in my squandering,
And reside in what I’ve built.
Our tapestry laid across the face and ***** a quilt.
All this love I’ve been hoarding, gathering it for later. Laundering.
But, is it monstrous if it is all for naught? To wilt?
To these ends, experience for broken hearts, I am left pondering.
A poem I wrote at the very end of my relationship, 2 days before we broke up. We just got into a huge fight, and things were already starting to look grim. But we held on to familiarity, albeit for too long. (- -}- -}- -}A B A B A B)
Meg Jan 20
You let me fall deep.
Deep into your ocean.
Where the sun rays shimmered,
like distant stars.
And the stillness
felt safe
wrapped around my body.

You let me fall deep.
So that I could not feel
the changing tides
or the crashing waves
as they breached upon
your shores.

Now I've been cast out
by the currents
I did not know you had
Left exposed and uncertain
to the waters that lie ahead.

And as I find my way
out of your ocean.
I wonder,
if I was not meant to stay
why did you let me
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Don't loose gold for glitters,
So just know me,
before you owe me..
I will know you,
Before i owe you..
Why we understand someone's true value only when we loose them.? So just know me before you owe me.
unloved Dec 2018
He dissapeared
             like sun when the moon comes

Hes nowhere to be found
                   but he will eventually come
Adriana Gonzalez Dec 2018
They asked me
"what would you do if you saw him kissing someone else?"
I didn't answer
because I knew I would break down when I told them
that I remembered when you would kiss me
I remembered the softness,
the hunger of your lips
the way your hands would hold my waist
and pulled me against your body
the way your hair felt under my fingertips
the way you picked me up as if I weighed nothing
the way my legs wrapped around your waist
only when we had ran out of oxygen
our lips parted
and your lips formed the most beautiful,
the most perfect smile
My heart was racing
I was breathless
I was happy
I was in love
the day I see you kiss someone else
and I realize that it's not me you're kissing
I will remember exactly that,
once again
and it will break my heart
I will cry,
if you smile at her
then I will want to die
I will want to make her bleed you out of her system
but I won't,
because I will also remember that
you are not mine anymore
Baby, I still love you
I’ll always will
but I will simply
walk away.
To my dear lab partner and friend.
im hiding the skeletons in my closet
hoping they dont come for me
hoping they dont stand up and walk
hoping they dont speak back about the memories ive buried
im on depression pills now so that helps but ive been smoking more **** than snoop dogg
Sandoval Aug 2018
I wanted to give you
you wanted to give me
but baby, how could all this
just fit in this

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