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rossee Mar 5
don't tear me apart!
His heartbeats will never be synced with mine,
so don't replay our painful goodbye...
Don’t Challenge
Do not dare to challenge me I am a soldier
And if you commit a mistake you will taste
An attitude which will be perfect and mature
To understand reality and to openly paste

A real soldier is never ever afraid of death
He fights for his motherland to but prove
And this struggle remains till his last breath
At the peril of life he is bound to pursue

His mission remains glorious till the end
He has to achieve his mission in to succeed
He remains like a sword never ever to bend
His faith and his soldiering of unique creed
rossee Feb 27
slowly go through every chord I reveal,
strum them gently and allow me
to heal in your hands;

vibrate these strings with your slender fingers,
nudge me till fully awoken...

How long must I lay still in a dusted case
where the pained can't even survive its own ills?

Collide your echoing sweet talks against
my hollowed existence...

Fill every audacious void in me with your serenading melodies,
stitch your crooning notes on my hesitant body...

Spur me to fly away to distance lands where there is
no separation between you and I,
strum my entwined chords with yours,
teach me how to breath again...
rossee Feb 26
It has been quite a while, I tried to figure out what my eyes were seeking in front of me. Though I am the owner, I say when to stare and what to stare, but two orbs seem to have a world of their own.

Chasing sights competing
with an eager orange circle that
fades into its contrasting background...

Who taught me that I ought to color inside the lines?
Who was so foolish to tame stubborn hues?

I looked on,
Sol was mischievously ducking under a horizon,
such a seducer he is...

Left my heart hanging on a night rope
along with the gibbous moon and many glittering stars

Still, each one of us is fueled with his warmth,

enough to withstand eve's cold touches...
rossee Feb 26
I joined the pilgrimage of wilting petals
they enveloped me in their fading scent
and sometime soon will I too turn my
leftovers into dust along with the once called petals of roses...
Versatile Trend
A question was asked from why I like mountains
I answered because all beauty is on the heights
What you need is to cover but just turns after turns
But there is no one who can measure the delights

I further elaborated that no flower is without thorns
So I like thorns in pursuit of beauty in its entirety
Let me praise the truth which travels in thy horns
There is no joy in a flower less it remains very pretty

I am a poet and a poet carries love all along life
So it will reinvigorate my spirits to a wonderful end
Lets be precious part of beauty on edge of knife
Let us create together a unique and versatile trend

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2019 Love is Love
Martial Teacher Dec 2018
Often times
A man can refer to himself as a thief
For no reason other than
Drawing tears from his lover
As if space had shattered itself
Time comes to a deathly stop
Like the grandfather clock representing life
Strikes for the last time
My rosy complexion paled
The reaper cut my string of "future"
When was it
Our love started meaning nothing?
Self-consumed in my own loss for time
You should know
When you derailed
Yet all I am drawing upon is empty sheets of paper.

The tears of time trickled down her eyes
Cascading like falling rain
Grey clouds and thunder
Crackles like a lost symphony
The thief
Has none to blame but himself
All the keys hung from his chest
Yet none could predict
The suffering he was causing
With no answers
What is the point
To try and fix something
That's beyond repair due to blind eyes?
Sophia Nov 2018
love shame and
it will heart break,

eyes hurt and
confusion hurts

lovely falls
and kind cracks.

times broken
and healed clocks.

all lead me
back to you.
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