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carmen Sep 27
sunbeams fall across my face
as I recall such regretted haste
of statically-charged, crystal ****, lightning shimmer
ice cold switchblade gleams in blue television glitter
raising hell in my white nightgown, I drive fast
drinking ***, I'm not afraid to crash
Elvis in the mirror, Marilyn in the bed
fire shall consume me? well, devour me it has
for my soul is set ablaze when I dream of what I had
your pulse sends me lightyears away as I think
of all the times you brought me to my knees
prison calls from mid-July still ring out in my ears
the longer that you stay away, the more you feed my fears
cigarettes burning, neon palm trees, bikini ******
Jesus pleads with me to no avail, "don't go further,"
but I am God now and I crave your touch, daddy
though you're gone forever, sadly
******'s gone and snatched you away
forevermore my skies will be grey

stop haunting my dreams
please let me be
your spirit still holds me hostage
and while you remain to be
the only one on Earth for me
what I can't have will **** me
i keep dreaming of u and each dream is more vivid than the last
please come back, daddy, ur tha only one for me
Life and Love
I am a student of life and love
My heartbeat tells what i have to do
My passion takes all from above
This is how this stream to just flow

At times all doors seed but closed
But then a whispering sound to come
Then all odds, troubles bulldozed
To make smooth this life troublesome

Hopes keeps me alive and enlightened
Lord is extra kind to shower mercy
Then I feel brave and just not frightened
Back on my path being frank and free

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Fight till Last
We are ready to fight till last breath
Do not test our passion lest we blast
Martyrdom is what is called death
We will stand against odds till last

Don't test our passion be on guards
We will fight like demon you know
We are nothing less but Lord's wards
We enter in and then to but blow

Enemies mus not take us fo granted
Every inch of our land is sacred for us
We are soldiers fearless and daunted
With sheer honesty we will abolish fuss

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Wonderful Clarity
Taking a few steps backward helps you move forward
Old wounds need to be cleansed before they can fully heal
Although you may be unaware about hypocrisy of world
The truth may still be invisible to really take and just to deal

A miracle may happen to reinvigorate your spirits to install
And an extra dose of bravery may land in your lap today
A new world awaits you to fears with courage to but recall
Your tenacity is an inspirational force of nature as light ray

Fortune favors the brave and heart needs but sincerity
No one dares to come in your way if care to but dare
Essence of sagacity streams through wonderful clarity
All dangers in life submit to a sophist to soothsayer

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2019 Love Remains
I Can't Resist
Pain is killing my life I can't resist
Help me my Lord to recover all this
With the love I am ready to persist
I do take it but as a wonderful bliss

My patience but my love continues
Under your merciful shelter I will take
Whatever comes to me love pursues
My sincerity is so sincere and not fake

Let me prove authenticity of passion
I am soldier in love that is my strength
Purity of heart and soul is my fashion
Don't take me light don't estimate depth

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Real Life Blade
A soldier has to go through situations
He has to encounter test after test
Life has to present many narrations
He has to establish that he is the best

With grace and honor he is to proceed
On the path of righteousness to say
At times has to have to critically bleed
He has to take all in mood to just play

All in all he remains but the only one
Who creates and recreates the shade
He in always known for job well done
He is aware about the real life blade

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Side By Side
This world does not deserve love
We have to extend hatred side by side
Every good thing comes from above
All tricks are in the world to but just ride

Time and tide go side by side in life
No one can be controlled as they say
We have to have a poisonous knife
To **** every wonderful light ray to play

In this drama where vice eats the virtue
Heart and soul remain in trouble
But struggle of life demands us to pursue
Every thorn to play with the bubble

Col Muhammad Khalid khan
Indigo Dream Jun 29
I wish I could tell you everything, I truly want to.
It’s like there’s too much sky in the water.
I often wonder if the water is really blue
or simply a reflection of what it longs to be.

It might be cerulean on the surface
but as you go deeper it gets much darker here.
This ocean is vast and deep
and filled with many things left unseen.

It’s just a matter of time.
The World.....
This world is like a ***** brothel
Where souls and bodies are sold
The fate of creature is just awful
***** play is for best possible mold

Every concern carries but a trick
Hatred is engulfed in so called love
Satan dances quick to make sick
With ***** knife is butchered dove

Irritation rules to play with salvation
Humans are in a fix to take all along
All are devoid with passionate passion
They don't know to whom they belong

But Master of the universe is to cover
Each and every soul in miserable plight
Hence clean hearts are ready to discover
How to be stable and how to be bright

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
To Seek
Future is not so dark and bleak
The best my friend is yet to come
In dire adversity we have to seek
Some comfort in life troublesome

Let be straight in all our dealings
Let our message be loud and clear
Lets openly communicate feelings
Lets accept truth to be more near

Ever dark cloud has a silver lining
One has to be optimistic on the path
Let us be more precise in defining
We are not just meant for every wrath

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2019 Love Remains
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