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carmen 7d
would you be surprised to know i still dream
of *** treasure troves and storms at sea?
when it's black out and the earth is humid,
waves rush in and strike me down like cupid.
i remember jupiter and selling stars on the boulevard.
whoever you are; my lover, my ****,
call me your good girl and kiss my tears away.

pegasus dancin' as savages ravage my rose garden
and tell me i got everything i wanted.
raspberries litter the ground of my home;
asphyxiating on the smog of a roach.
tell me you love me 'fore my heart can roam;
tail-lights like rubies dash past my eyes.
the sun dies in neon, but what about me?

so bathe me in red, white, and blue.
why can't i forget to dream of you?
killing me softly with your bare hands;
never felt as loved by any other man.
you're so much larger than life,
murderous rage disguised as love while i smiled wide.
i laugh while i cry so i don't feel so low,
but tiger stripe bruises will never fade.

well, everyone loved me until i went rogue.
now they're spray-painting outside my home.
blood drips down slow, molasses and sweet;
the village i roamed now cowers under my feet.
please, mr. rager, won't you spin me a story;
tell me again about your days of glory.
sing me something pretty as i drink 'til i ache.
drunk again for the third day in a row
carmen 7d
i wear my diamonds on the daily
doesn't matter where i go
i like to watch the flags a-wavin'
reminds me why he's still not home
and i cook up ultraviolence
dope and glitter on the stove
keepin' it hot for when he gets here
gotta make sure his safe is full

he's a bad boy, on a roll
likes to watch me smoke
while i work the pole
and he's all mine, cherry pie
like to ride shotgun
when it's do or die

he don't do nothing for free but
he's free as one can be
gives his pretty baby everything
that her iced out heart can dream
with his sawed-off in his lap
i know that this is where it ends
and if i die by his sailor hands
i'll make sure to kiss god's rings
tennessee doesn't suit u, 'tucky's more ur style
Kassan Jahmal Jun 19
Under the stars,
when the morning already arose.
Under darkness, a new light grows.
Exposing itself. In the dark there is a rose.

All on my own,
penning the thoughts of my dome.
Angels calling me home,
demons not leaving me alone.
Questioning my livelihood and sanity.
If people knew the me real,
a lot of them wouldn't be proud of me.

What a tragedy!

Crossing through borders,
waiting for what lurks on the other side.
You don't know what you might face,
till the new battles are what you find.

But I've placed all of my worth in that rose.
I hope it's brave enough to grow,
and cuts down the darkness with it's thorns.
In reference to the first stanza,
each line is on it's feet. They stand out!
In the dark, I realize I'm not a kid anymore.
But a rose at times. I must develop,
and fully grow. The old petals die out,
and the new ones will show.

Solo fears, I fear less of them,
feeling less on my own.
The moonlight beckons. She calls.
Open my sights to hope,
to those fears, I close the doors.

Midnight, she calls.

I suppose, I can no longer ignore.
I suppose, I must go.
I suppose, all things call for your soul.
I suppose, for me, the darkness I fear it no more.

Midnight, she calls.

So loud that everything seems to be low.
At the lowest point of my life, my soul tends to glow.

Midnight, she calls.

So loud that it echoes in tiny corners, till it breaks. It has a lot to show us.

Still Midnight, she calls.

In the solo moments I have to listen
out for wisdom.
Feeling in the dark corners of myself, to know what is missing.

The solo Midnight, she always calls. But I'm not solo anymore.
Kassan Jahmal Jun 16
Your life feels shallow,
or are you waiting for depth in empty pools?
The Struggle
For long long years I served my family and nation
Because I wanted to bring change in my life style
I never ever took rest but struggled with my passion
My journey remained from pace to pace ,mile to mile
But when I achieved my reward and succeeded
Then with sheer jealousy my relations inflicted magic
That was the time I required help I needed
All near and dear made my life but purely tragic
Now I am alone in my pain to continue my efforts
Still I want to work for my family and for relations
This remains the price of all my struggle deserts
See my struggle and see outcome of expectations
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2021 Love Remains
Like holding it down for all causes,
my feet are at the ocean's floor.
And a sinking feeling has me stuck in it's depth.

Could barely swim to save myself,
how then do I save the others?
We're all drowning in something,
question is, how much can your lungs take?

One day we'll meet ashore,
and hop right on aboard again.
Hoping this time it isn't a sinking ship.
For we're all vessels,
with so many qualities of our feelings.

Every emotion you have,
comes with it due caution.
But why be afraid to show a bit,
at least to expose yourself?

I may be drowning now,
but I'm still dancing on my feet.
As we may feel like falling,
though to the ground our faces are yet to meet.

Lord in these very highs of despair,
I ask of you to hold me down.
Then again,
I'm much a fool to act as if you're not there.

Still I feel you attached to me. A Blue anchor.
Svetoslav Apr 23
Trees are letting their leaves to fall down.
Throughout the spring and summer they were together
until the breath of north split them apart.

They go in red, orange, yellow and brown.
Snow will come from the arrival of the north cold weather
making our world shine like a master's art.

We watch the colors change in our town,
but if the degrees could rise it would be much better.
Our minds hope for change and a new start.
Kassan Jahmal Apr 20
Only when she's not around,
I find my heart cut out through my soul,
She always cuts me deep,
her love is bitter to my tongue
Sweet to my lips.
I feel stranded in an empty town,
far from my home, away from her ground.

So down in my weakness,
find my strength in the sips that I taste.
Grab hold of the back of my throat,
cutting the air. She causes me to choke.
Feels so warm inside,
down to my heart, around my pride.
She's much my weakness,
confessing my secrets to this black body mistress.

She called me every morning.

Then my lips ran dry,
far from a taste; or scent of her flavour.
She brought me pleasure,
far from enough, a feeling lasts till forever.
When will we be back together,
two thousand years since I've had a taste.

You've been gone for far too long,
miss how we met every morning.
And I swear my taste buds are calling,
I can't help myself from burning,
and I'm out here only yearning.

The craving yearn for her,
how it constantly burns.
I miss my cup of black grounded coffee.
Kassan Jahmal Apr 18
Mountains high,
dreams once resting on the peaks.
Too fast asleep,
in this wake of chaotic peace.
How much so,
must I love to contradict?

Winds blow together,
tickling underneath my feet
Brushed away in thought,
deep enough to sweep.
Taking a risk,
to stand by the edge.
If I fall before hitting the ground,
will I somehow be dead?

Where do I even stand?

By the ledge of a mountain,
I'm soon too drop.
The high tensions that built this rock,
are all the things I've lost.

A Lover, a friend, reasons,
many things closet to my heart
But down as I am,
I need to stay strong

Before I even drop.
Svetoslav Apr 13
I tried to forget you, but memories of you still float in my head.
Dreams of you give me no rest, a bird without a nest.

I remember when we first met, how we laughed together and what feelings we had, I don't think it should have ever ended.
Real love is not just an emotion, but also a devotion.

When you left me, I felt like I fall from a waterfall, cloudy sky in the background and acid rain washing away my wounded heart.

You should know that you bring me inspiration.
You are my flower, my four-leaf clover and everlasting lover.
Many years had passed, but I could never forget the way I feel
when you're near me, my lovely.
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