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Kassan Jahmal Jun 14
a harras of silhouette in the night’s shade.
Prancing swiftly as carelessly as winds in their mane.
Grey smoke blows out of their muzzle;
like hot ash subduing the algid night air.

A hill covered in a dark following,
a caliginous beauty site,—
In the uncut grass, trampled by costless hooves.
I was the ground crunched by a night’s dream.

My eyes shut; nervous by the shaking lips,
and cold sweats. It was beautiful,—
it was dark. It was wild; yet felt so freeing.
I was it’s witness, and conjecture.
I was in awe by beauty, but left breathless by
it’s haunting perception.

So was it a ghastly dream, or an alluring nightmare?
Kassan Jahmal May 21
Crashing aeroplanes inside the ocean,
all the blues of heaven skies will fall.
Grab your bathing suit, and best summer toes.
Open up yourself like a garden rose,
crimson red cheeks,
Shine as bright to warm up your cold nose.

Falling tears from high above the trees,
cools the earth along with the winds.
Catch your breaths to feel as free.
Hold your hands onto the things you need,
let it all out each time you breathe.

Past the square of circling seasons,
winter, and summer, joys of the morning
With all the Sun’s kisses, and brightened

To live on, like the circling repeat of
your favourite yesterday’s song.
Stay as strong.

Whispers of strength heard in the softest ears,
comparing hurts with a taste of your tears.
Recognising familiar eyes,
all dealing with the same kind of fears.

Window frames filled with the echoes of the rain,
racing down the glass, two kids sit and laugh.
Taking time off their backs to sit and relax.

Pepsi by two for a dollar,
two ice cubes full, tucking away my love,
As she tucks down my fine collar.

Clothed in the finest of a day,
taking birthdays as just another day.
Before I’m close to the age of twenty eight,
gathering around a few friends and family, all
cheering, “hooray”

Crying in comfort when I’m gone,
For you won’t have to miss me for too long.
I’ll meet you all at the corner of a new dawn.

This is life.
mari Feb 27
he always calls me by my given name
whenever he finds himself back in town;
mariela on the dotted line,
mari in the moonlight.
ella if he's feeling smug,
bunny when he's looking for God.
he knows my history is shaded with blue,
marred by narrowly-won home-front wars.
everything about me reminds him
of Heaven and sweet, honeyed beaches.
sandy cheeks from moonbathing, ****,
by clyde's stagecoach motel on the coast.
barefoot and manic, he tastes like sugar
and complements the *** on my tongue.
green-eyed with envy, but he's sweet
enough to make my mind grow hazy
with the lust of a woman gone mad from her fears.
he rolls through on the tail-end of a storm
and dizzies me until the dream ends
and i find he's left me only morning dew.
he tells me i'm an angel, lazily smoking
cigarettes while he lounges, gloomy, by the pool.
sunshine bikini singing sailor songs softly,
cool in my gold hoops dancing between
his open thighs, signaling gamine doom.
he's larger than life, starry-eyed,
reading me poetry against his olive chest.
i could die here, i know this, listening
to the gentle tune of his heartbeat.
he tells me he'll love me only until tomorrow,
but i'm not so sure that's the truth.
when the playdate ends,
when the sun dies slow,
when my love goes home
i'll awaken,

but not just yet.
i could do this for forever, trailer trash love of mine
Poisonous Merger
This world is jungle of human beings
Who **** blood of their counterparts to nurture
Humanity has gone to dogs no feelings
Contempt and hatred have poisonous merger
Strong are in search of weak to **** and to swallow
Religion, race and morality haunt on choice
Hollow and shallow go hand in hand to follow
All rascals  in a row to rejoice in straight row
Love remains only solace  to act as a suture to heal
This beauty created by Lord to be praised
To the entire world I have appeal to deal and feel
Humans are humans so status be raised
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Feb 2022 Love Remains
mari Dec 2021
if I sing you Russian melodies
will you cease your hypnotizing?
Mario, oh, my Mario!
you never wanted a real girl,
did you? you see --
you fell in love with a daydream,
but you know I'm not that smart
can't seem to remember my lines
and now my mask is cracking
-- don't look! you'll see me for
exactly who I am, exactly who I'm not
all the imperfections I hid so carefully
for you are spilling out just like my guts
every time you twist the knife with
another lie, another blunt
you scrambled my brains so sweetly!
picked them apart 'til they were yours
well, darling, did I live up to your fantasy?
did things play out the way you'd hoped?
was your muse perfect or did she drop the ball?
I seem to have lost my grip as of late
but admittedly, I'm the only one laughing
you seem bored, shall I entertain?
my jester hat's a little dusty,
my ******* a little rusty
but I can plaster on a smile and dance for you
if that's what your heart is after
and when you're done, I'll dote on you
quietly; I won't get in your way!
after all, you only like the girls who will behave
maybe if I'd worshipped you blindly,
not fought for control of myself
or let my pride block out the brainwashing
we could be happy together forever
but I'm not as bright as you and my heart
just isn't as pure! why am I in school
when I could be barefoot and pregnant for you?
the only gift I have is between my legs,
isn't that what you said in a fit of jealousy?
oh no! I've done it again! I forgot my lines
can't you see? I need you to guide me
I can't make it on my own!
what is it I'm meant to say? tell me,
do you still love me? (hardly!)
Mario, oh, my Mario!
maybe I'm just not fit for the part
this role is much too difficult, so let me sing
-- yes! let me sing! a ballad just for you
or better yet, start the film again
promise this time I'll remember to play along
u don't love me anymore, is it my fault?
Dreams To Beams
Life is nothing but just a set of dreams
So one has to fight hard to achieve them
When sincerity makes all a set of beams
Then flowers do bloom on every stem
Pain and pleasure refine to define
Exact direction towards destination
With good intentions one has to align
With his emotion and his passion
Nothing remains impossible my love
Destiny and destination to go in line
Fortune embraces all from the above
Love delight makes all but to shine
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Nov 2021 Love Remains
Pain And Patience
Pain and patience are the part of fortune
They happen to refine the heart and soul
Let me freely dance on this real love tune
To know how to achieve ones every goal
Pain is sensation to deform to reform
Patience is to accept suffering and to bear
Love is a painful experience to inform
How to mend ones passion as soothsayer
To understand reality in every step to know
How one becomes able to go through
It is an emotion which in blood to but flow
Being fully sensible and being really true
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2021 Love Remains
Follow Straight Path
To encounter any wrath, follow straight path
Lord is gracious to make you successful
Light must remain like a little glowing moth
Rewarded are those who are the blissful
Depression and distraction make one unfortunate
So diligence and caution are to be upheld
Clean hearts are those who are blessed and great
Blessed are those who are truly excelled
Lord is great to help in sheer dejection
If we follow the real verdict we get but all
All our actions must help us to perfection
Clean hearts are those who receive love call
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2021 Love Remains
Life Is Reciprocity
Life is a set of reciprocity What we get we pay back
This balance in dealings help to explore love
So we have to  be fair to follow always the right track
By analyzing life from below as well as from above
Beauty in action comes with selection of right measures
Let us be victorious by spreading virtue and not vice
There is no dearth of wonderful and precious treasures
But for that we require vigilance how to pay the price
Virtue has its own reward has strongly been spelt
It brings light to life to make it more glorious
Wisest of the wise know how to be specifically dealt
Let us be righteous to be more just victorious
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2021 Love Remains
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