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Mea Culpa
My sweet heart with sincerity I apologise
For all my misdeeds through which I hurt
Your love feelings with my ***** chasetise
Let me accept my blunder and clean dirt
After every dark night there is sweet dawn
My heart my soul is in a state of severe pain
My beloved this is the way we may get on
Let revive the love broken chain from disdain
Lets understand that anger does elevate love
It gives spice and color to real love to glow
Be compassionate to forgive me my sweet dove
Life is a constan stream in consistent flow
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2020 Love Remains
Splinters In Me
Love of my country boils in my blood
So with lot many splinters in my body
I am ready to destroy enemy with flood
So how can I maintain but just harmony
I volunteered still to be just face on face
And to prove my worth that I am not injured
I will uphold respect of country with grace
I have the vision to see even if I am blurred
A soldier remains a soldier to but protect
His country in all odds and all difficulties
I exercised choice as volunteer to select
I will fight till last I will never ever but cease
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
My little blue jeans notebook
Is where I’m writing all my thoughts
It was the only thing I took
When I was wasted drinking shots

And there is all my drinking rave
My messed up cursive side-to-side
Some ugly thoughts of ugly grave
Your pretty flowers by it’s side

My memories light up the dwelling
I’m getting anxious, shaky, scared
Of all those fancy things ur telling
And many more that you still bear

Our life is full of small disasters
It’s full of running, full of laughter
And on the scene there are two actors
Me and My Book With Endless Chapters
Satan Never Dies
World is full of rascals guided by Satan
Innocence and purity is everywhere at stake
Merciless tricks has corrupted the maiden
In this black world all remains just totally black
God gifted heroes play their part with grace
Virtuous ones never sumbit to any vice
They are alwaus ready to kiss and embrace
Martyrdom under circumstances suffice
Heroes love to die to live for a cause for ever
Vicious tricks can never ever stop the way
Of valliants one for their relentless endeavour
They remain like a light beam and a ray
But see the plight of a man who how he survives
To go hrough every torture and every pain
And look at the Satan ,the vicious never ever dies
Look at the broken hearts and broken chain
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2020 Love Remains
Don't Underestimate Me
My enenmy do not underestimate me
I am not only man of ideas but of action
Don't see me in many chains I am free
If given chance ,I will surprise with reaction
I do not attack foe unless I got offended
So it is always good not to take any chance
My every pursuit remains but splendid
I warm my blood with bullets to but dance
The soldier remains the best creation
Being man of principles remains winner
Who neither gets nor takes dictation
He remains always on front but to deliver
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2020 Love Remains
The Tears
Some tearsnever appear
In eyes but go deep down
Heart aches and souls to bear
Pain hits heart to wear crown
I am helpless and hopeless
But then a beam of light hits
To give me hope and bless
I am broken in bits and bits
Life has played hell to me
Death will come to cover my face
A drop will go back to sea
Without compromising on its grace
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2020 Love Remains
Do not eat pears — they are too juicy
Be kind. Laugh hard. Run faster then your friends.
Times passes and so does your beauty
And everything someday comes to the end.

Do not believe them, trust intuition
They’ll try to drown you in lake
They do remember their mission
Don't turn around  — they’ll slice you like a cake

Just grab a pillow hold it tightly
Imagine that it’s you ten years ago
Start talking to yourself politely
Stop thinking you’re already grown

There’s always substance in the clean air:
life is a noisy harsh facility
Nobody is else is gonna be there
you are your own responsibility
Darkness covered the earth. We had to adapt.
It was trying to gobble whatever we kept.
Our plans were devoured, hope was kidnapped
Who was trying to hide ended up tracked

Who was talking too much was executed
It empowered the worst ones: they were suited
Your thoughts got confused and convoluted
You mind got poisoned, *****, polluted

Stop thinking like them — you’re playing their game
Stop praising the money, stop praising the fame
Stop being a monkey they’re trying to tame
You feel like a winner? You should feel ashamed.
yashasweedas Sep 23
With thread she wove for you to wear,
They glance at you repeated
Oh break this stale and stifled air,
With cheer and tidings greeted

A feast so lavish, a feast so grand,
With new allies awaiting
Brisk the smile and crisp the hand,
Extended for quick shaking

Drop your detest and hurl the vase,
Of defeating and mistreating
From this day on you now embrace,
The joyful forces meeting.
A poem to awaken the lost muse.
Strange State
This world is a hell to dwell my friend
The tricks remain the only feasible trend
The common understood policy is to bend
Sheer hypocrisy my friend is the only blend
Humain rights are molested to just defend
To cater for melancholy may just impend
To know all about let us try to comprehend
This is all which is to be blantly condemned
Let be fair in trouble to understand to resolve
This can not happen unless we just fully involve
Love with sincerity remains useful to dissolve
Beauty of all actions should fairly just convolve
It needs transfer of power to initiate to devolve
What is unresolved must be resolved with resolve
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Sept 2020 Love Remains
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