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Michael R Burch Apr 2020
The Quickening
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

I never meant to love you
when I held you in my arms
promising you sagely
wise, noncommittal charms.

And I never meant to need you
when I touched your tender lips
with kisses that intrigued my own –
such kisses I had never known,
nor a heartbeat in my fingertips!

Keywords/Tags: love, quickening, lips, tender, kisses, intrigued, intriguing, heart, heartbeat, pulse, desire
Mae Jul 2019
My home ran way
Now I sit were glass meets the frame at the window and wait.
How long has it been
I'm not sure I care.. I'm not sure I don't

The mountabank came round again
Selling me a fictitious love.
His love.
You see, sense he travels so much selling the good oils
Rosemary tilled out of our toilet, Powders that
I personally
made from the stalagmites that grow in the southwest corner of my dwelling,
Teeth whitener
scraped from off only the finest ingredients
Feets calus, the kind aquired after walking long enough to no longer need shoes.

No he had no time for me and besides, he wasn't my home.

I'd have my fun but... He could never hold my love.

Yesterday I passed away
The cold nothing
Became a greater threat this time
I didn't have my home
Nor my love
I wasn't ready to go.
In a dank cave somewhere in the Philippines
After the hair on my head grew from fire red
To silver white.
Still sitting where the glass meets the frame.
violetstarlights Apr 2019
time is an illusion
we are living in a lie
yet no one wants to find the truth
of what happens when we die
as we don't really want life to end
just something nicer
something nice to begin

time is an illusion
we are living in a lie
but we like this lie
so we let it pass by
illusioned by time
ahhhh this is so edgy i think i'm gonna compulsively dye my hair black
(oh no wait it already is)
Sharmila Juliet Mar 2019
Oh my love! Oh my Venus!
I wait for you all night.
My heart always revolving
Arround your thought
After I see you that day.

That day was very hard till I see you.
I left alone by everyone.
On the sky no moon to comfort me.
Looking at the dark sky
Make my heart even harder.

That was the time you appear
To my eyes. You shine so bright.
I amazed by your intriguing beauty.
Your mesmerizing beauty calms
The valcanoes happened in my mind.

I heard you are hot one. But,
That day you cool my heart.
I heard you rotate in opposite direction
But, that day you directed me to
Find the right path.
Although, you shrouded by the
Carbon dioxide and nitrogen,
You made inhale the oxigen freely
In the earth that day.

From that day, I am waiting for you
Under the dark sky.
Amidst the clouds you always hide.
I am waiting to the cloud get clearer.

I know I can't reach you. But,
My love! Let me love you from
This far at least.
I know I can't embrace you. But,
My love! Let me embrace you
Within my thoughts.
I Know I can't breath in you. But,
My love! Let me breath in your thoughts.

Oh my love! Oh my Venus!
Let me see the glimpse of you.
Let this nostalgia disappear
From my heart.
Imaginary love letter to planet " Venus"
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
i don't really like talking to people too much anymore
no one really has anything to say
it's all just small talk
no one likes deep conversations anymore
and that's what i'm here for
but i knew i was in love with you
when i just wanted to talk to you about anything
you could just say hello to me
and it would light up my whole day
and i could talk to you for hours about the weather
or other little things
and i would never get bored
you fascinate me

Gangothrii Jul 2018
The gaze that sought my eyes were fierce,
Dark and brooding, right through they pierce,
My toes curled in fear and lust,
The thought of both left me aghast.
Shamelessly reveling in the fire in his eyes,
Melt I did, as my breath quickened.
Yes and No blurred as I answered him,
His silence in response rang through my chest.
He stood so patient, impossible for a man his kind,
For an acknowledgement, a nod, or a smile.
I lowered my eyes from the scorching heat,
My mind reeling in the endless tales it spun.
A foot away lay my temptation,
That held all my attention,
To give in was all I wanted,
For the rest would be in his arms,
A 'no' still lingered, holding me steadfast.
PoserPersona Apr 2018
A palindrome isn't a palindrome, intriguingly  
How can that be?
That something isn't itself by definition, literally
...Am I really me?
Tehreem Jun 2016
His voice echo in her mind
Words engraving her being
The dark space between them
Where they entangle cryptically
Destined to the forlorn demise
Chained and shackled with curse
A sullen face with intriguing eyes
A withered heart and bruised brain
The sonnet of melancholic mess
The story of inconsolable loss
Damaged tenuous souls in worship
Connected with waves of thoughts
She craves annihilation into him
He is distant lost in himself
Two naked souls dazed in madness
Existing in a questionable state
Tehreem Jun 2016
He is the mystery of mysteries
She loves solving puzzles
gravygod Sep 2015
when is it crossing the line?
when I am in front of it all
laid out on the table
seeking a potent euphoria
constantly wondering if I have done enough
but it is never fulfilling
on a search for a meaning in this mess
yet never finding one
there's always suspense
wondering if I am secure
the thrill is so intriguing
and too hard to give up
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