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Lilly F Aug 13
I tried to stay in reality
while the sight of you rested upon my eyelids
the thought of you running through my mind
and the feeling of you sends chills up my arms
as I tried to sleep at night

fantasies make it harder to sleep at night, thinking of all the things you wish you had
I see the moon at your face
I look at the sun shining at your forehead
I remark intelligent at your eyes
The strawberry gets its red
Only from your lips
The apples get their colors
From the checks these leads to think
Is this beauty nature or have a makeup?

When one knows the truth
He can't close his eyelids
Because he likes to fill his sense

In addition, and important
Your spirit is so clear as one at a childhood
You make me believe you have an angel spirit

This attracts me not only see, but only must be listened
the face you have,makes me look with great hope. you know that i like to fill my spirit
Luna Jay Mar 28
The sun plummets into pools
Of fleshy humanity.
The pollution sinks
Into the streets of the city.
The flames,
Lapping at the skin
Melting off of
My hollow structure.
But still, I will stand tall.
The memory of you
Still branded on the insides
Of my eyelids.
Inday Sep 2018
A cigarette in the morning
To get me over the night time
I forgot to sleep again
My eyelids live on high time.

It's fine I'll just play the guitar
Drink a cup of coffee or two
Walk along to my sanctuary
In my mind I'll write songs to you

A cigarette after midnight
To overcome all this silence
I don't want to sleep again
My eyelids wait for sunrise.

Another double expresso
Until my heart starts to echo
And then I'll stop and start breathing
How d'you get rid of this feeling ?

I'm thinking again of the morning
In the red of the wine time
This bed has become me
I'll get out of here sometime.
Peter B Aug 2018
Her soul is a shelter
where I hide
from strangers.
Nayana Nair Apr 2018
There is a sleep so light
that it rests upon my brow
ever so careful no to slip into my eyes
and I hear its laughter
on my thoughts that have no meaning
or reason
And when it notices
my tears
it takes pity on me
and holds my eyelids down
with the weight of its love
That’s how morning comes
and finds me,
clinging to the sleep,
clinging to the life,
that will soon leave me.
Darby Hurr Dec 2017
Neon butterflies beat their wings against the soft darkness of inside of my eyelids
Nothing short of searing pain
And the ache that’s grown over months of slaving through your life
Not being a human
But a prisoner to everything
alexa Oct 2017
eyelids get droopy
as work gets slowly completed
tired, as it is
but i've got 3 more assignments

i shouldn't be tired
but i am,
i must do this quickly

eyelids can and
will crack
under pressure
especially if that
pressure is
Juverine Wan Oct 2016
I'm tired,
I'm stressed,
I feel like I'm going to suffocate,
But they don't let me rest.

I'm tired,
I'm sad,
I'm sleepy and still,
Don't get me wrong,
It's not that I'm depressed.

I'm tired,
I'm lonely,
I just want some time,
Some time for a warm shower,
A time which is mine.

I'm tired,
I'm down,
I feel really stressed,
All I need is some rest,
But thanks all the same.
No specific meaning :D
M Eastman Aug 2015
Eyelids are worse with
gravity when you're
breaking a door
******* it's been shut too long so
I want to river this until the
whole town glows
and goes under and you can see
its reflection from the surface
Of glass
stay awake just a little longer with me
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