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Lance Dec 2020
Like the Center of a country
Our love is the center of it all
Distance is measured here.
And see how far it goes.

Our origin.
Our home
and the place that started it all

May we never forget
And always remember

The Distance and the center of where we started.
Inspiration from a series called "Gaya sa Pelikula" or in English "Like in the Movies", Kilometer Zero or Kilometro 0 is where a starting point of measure for distance takes place.. Many countries contain such.

As symbolisms go it can also measure a person's love for each other and always remember where it has all started.
Poetic T Aug 2020
Someone said I was a seed that
                         would grow deep.
But you pulled me before I had

the chance to grow between the
                      fallen brothers that
                             were taller.

But you quarantined me in this
                            this place.

Potted, you told me that I'd grow
                   further than the family

I'd left behind.

   It was a moment
                of concern that I'd never

reach the lengths of my brothers
         and sisters. yet you put me
   higher than they'd ever reach...  

They fell beneath me,

                   But no ,matter who falls

were the same branch and we will
                                      always reach further

than my silence as we'll always be

                            reaching further than

than the hate that tries to keep us

       lower than the furthest branch
that we can grow  from the desert of your
            infertile earth.
Nat Lipstadt Apr 2014
a sensory perception,
an intended message,
which the eyes of my inbox
check-mark as opened, read and
very well received

sometimes we say things
we didn't mean to say,
but 99% of the time,
we meant it, even if
it just happened to be
something we were wearing,
something tight, short and flirty,
we put on in a hurry,
without thinking

Poetic T Apr 2020
She told him that if an inch was a mile,
          that her footstep would have been
all it took..

"It doesn't matter the length of the road,
     its the engine that drives you on it

Well love yours is a 50cc and that doesn't
                   get me anywhere fast...
Jesus my stick vibrates
                          at I higher speed than that.

And doesn't run out of gas that quick,
                                   splutter, splutter..

It isn't true what they say about shoe size,
                    what a dam pity....
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
There is a whisper,
a voice so soft
that it goes unheard
amongst the bustling people.

There is a voice,
if you focus you will hear.
For it dances to different rhythm
and moves differently than other tongues.

It is a voice,
that speaks to you.
Whispers to you all day long
indicating what's good
and what's not.
It knows,
when no one else knows
what's right for you.

So learn its height,
learn its breadth,
learn its origin
learn its trail
and its ends
because it's all for you
to test.
Semicolon Aug 2018
The length
of my skirt
does not determine
my consent.
No means no.

(This write up is mine but not exactly mine. I read a related quote somewhere– which wasn't exactly this but somewhat related– and then I thought of this)
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
The length of the silk fabric.  
does not determine the quality.
It may be long,
or it may be shot.

So when you ask me about
the length of my poems
my answer will be
that I want to enjoy every word,
feel every sentence and
appreciate all of the fabric.
o'er a length of days
fierce winds have scolded the land
they show no let up
Nick Moser Feb 2017
I’m like a rubber band.

I’m forced to bounce back from many things.
I am painfully stretched to my limits,
And recoil back into myself daily.

I’m like a rubber band.

But stretch me out for too long,
Or wear me down for too long,

And in the wrong hands,
I’ll break every time.
Rubber band
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