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Poetic T Apr 19
She told him that if an inch was a mile,
          that her footstep would have been
all it took..

"It doesn't matter the length of the road,
     its the engine that drives you on it

Well love yours is a 50cc and that doesn't
                   get me anywhere fast...
Jesus my stick vibrates
                          at I higher speed than that.

And doesn't run out of gas that quick,
                                   splutter, splutter..

It isn't true what they say about shoe size,
                    what a dam pity....
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
There is a whisper,
a voice so soft
that it goes unheard
amongst the bustling people.

There is a voice,
if you focus you will hear.
For it dances to different rhythm
and moves differently than other tongues.

It is a voice,
that speaks to you.
Whispers to you all day long
indicating what's good
and what's not.
It knows,
when no one else knows
what's right for you.

So learn its height,
learn its breadth,
learn its origin
learn its trail
and its ends
because it's all for you
to test.
Semicolon Aug 2018
The length
of my skirt
does not determine
my consent.
No means no.

(This write up is mine but not exactly mine. I read a related quote somewhere– which wasn't exactly this but somewhat related– and then I thought of this)
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
The length of the silk fabric.  
does not determine the quality.
It may be long,
or it may be shot.

So when you ask me about
the length of my poems
my answer will be
that I want to enjoy every word,
feel every sentence and
appreciate all of the fabric.
o'er a length of days
fierce winds have scolded the land
they show no let up
Nick Moser Feb 2017
I’m like a rubber band.

I’m forced to bounce back from many things.
I am painfully stretched to my limits,
And recoil back into myself daily.

I’m like a rubber band.

But stretch me out for too long,
Or wear me down for too long,

And in the wrong hands,
I’ll break every time.
Rubber band
Arlene Corwin Jan 2017
How Long Is A Dream?

How long is a dream,
Stream of consciousness
Mirroring –unconsciousness,
And speed of thought
In seconds,
Pinned into entities
Clear as a bell.

The pain or the joy of
Of a day gone away,
How long is the theme
Crammed into a dream,
The bad and the good
Reflecting the childhood dance
Of experience,
Mire of desire explicit as film.

How long is a dream
Is the same as to ask about time
And the time that it’s taken
To organize, star in, produce and direct -
(You do/are all four)
Constructions so tricky and dotty and flighty
It might take one years
To write out all those fears, hopes and wishes
Compressed into minutes
From snippet to whole.

How long is a dream,
In its limits or boundlessness
Fluff as reality stuffed into seconds.
Puzzling, perplexing,
It keeps a man guessing,
The question as madd’ning
As how long is string?

How Long Is A Dream? 1.25.2017
Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality;
Arlene Corwin
This is the season when nights are long

But whatever the length of time is

It is you who I always long for.
Like really, it was just 5pm when I'm going home from school but it's like 8pm outside. It's already too dark. So I always get sleepy.
October 10, 2016
Ovi-Odiete Jul 2016
Our Words go into the Skies,
Our Sight travels beyond the Moon,
Our Eyes go beyond the Oceans;
We Embark on a journey at Night,
Arriving a Destination at Dawn
We are strong in our Fears;
We want to know the Lengths,
We want to see the Depths
Who Knows the shape of Yonder?
Who knows the ethereal Measurements?
But the Oceans tells its Endlessness

Our Soul longs for immortality,
But our body will betray us
Our minds keeps wandering for the Unknown
We travel through life with moments to behold,
Arriving at a distance broader than us
What has time not told us?
What is time hiding from us?
We want to know the heights
We want to see the Realms
Who knows the world after here?
Only God knows

We are building castles in the Air,
Though we cannot see them
We have submitted our Course;
We are waiting for answers
How long shall we wait?
Where is the beginning?
Where is the end?
In our loneliness, we are stronger
We want to know more,
We seek to know more;
Until the End

We are waiting at the Gates;
And the storm is heavy,
Still the rain falls deeper
Should we wait longer?
Can we wait Longer?
Who knows the lost road to the sky?
Who knows the path leading to the moon?
Why are our shadows trailing us?
Who knows the ethereal measurements?
No one knows,
But the Ocean tells its Endlessness.
Ever wondered what lies beneath the fluffy clouds?

Man has attempted to know the lengths and depths of life, nature and her companions. He tries to search through science, but still hasn't UNVEILED THE MYSTERY.
Man is INSATIABLE and as much as some feel they are supernatural, there are still a lot they are yet to UNCOVER and that goes to show that MAN is limited and Only one knows the BEGINING FROM THE END AND THAT ONE IS GOD
The ocean tells the endlessness of the depths. Who can measure the endlessness of the OCEAN?

Ovi Odiete~•©
My sweetheart your blooming flowers remind me of spring
Your dancing dangling graces are on joy ride on the swing
Love and beauty are chained in wonderful beautiful string
You are my so sweet,charming ,loving and alluring darling

Let us in rain play hide and a seek to explore all your graces
Let me take the help of unfaithful weather to take all chances
Let me paint you in my heart and express in stanzas and verses
My sweetheart you are so soft and so lovely as petals of roses

Embrace me,kiss me and caress me to give me the strength
Let us discuss all modalities with clarity and at proper length

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
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