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Carmen Jane Aug 24
You took your rays, you silly sun,
You thought you'd play a game
You thought that I would wait
Until you come back..

You did came back,
The second day
And I was still there
But, you just didn't recognize me
You shone your rays so you could find me
You melted glaciers for me,
But the more stronger your light,
The more blind you became
As I shone, too
Nathalie Aug 20
The dreamer in me
provokes to
awaken the dreamer
in you
So that we can
build a castle
of hearts and
create new dreams
of our own
Standing together
as two and be
Stronger than we
could ever be alone.

Sura Aug 13
she was a horror movie...
he was a ******* coward
who died within the first 5 minutes.
Jordon Rivir Aug 9
Everything is moving,
Everything is too fast.

Life is loosing momentum,
Life has become a drag.

How do I make the sounds slow down?
How can I silence a hunger so loud?

When my heart beat resonates like a drum.
When my ears are hot they start to erupt.

I can’t feel me,
I have lost me.

Who can hear me?
Who can help me?

Say I’m enough?
Say I’m strong?

Inside I feel weak.
Outside I don’t belong.

How to forget?
How to live another day?

Stay and fight?
Run and escape?

What will **** the memories?
What will numb the pain?

I am alone?
I am ok?

Is there another way?
Is this the end?

Can I end it?
Can I end it all today?

I fight,
I live another day?
Angiepraise Jul 19
There is this place inside
Whose door is tightly shut
But strangers still trespass
Without a key or a polite knock
Some stay, others bang the door and dash out.
Is this your heart?
Love yourself enough, protect your heart with all diligence
Parin Jun 23
You crumpled my heart,
just as casually as you step and crumple the useless fallen leaves.
I then realized that there I no point to sit and grieve.
I thought that I could trust you again,
but oh I was wrong.

You broke me again,
but this time it made me indefinitely strong.
Cailey Weaver Jun 20
My skin gets thicker every time the world strikes me with a backhand blow.

My bones strengthen every time someone I love disappears without warning.

My heart beats more insistently at every attempt someone makes to tear it out.

My soul grows deeper with every ounce of pain that cycles through my being.

Every time the world tries to crush me to its core, I generate resilience. My mind becomes wiser. It takes a certain amount of pain to make a person better. For, in order to rise, you must first be knocked to the ground.
it doesn’t get better
we just forget about it for awhile
until everything comes flashing back
even stronger this time
at least for awhile
i'll be in bliss
without terror
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