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Love is indeed art
Simple to see and embrace
A challenge erased
What is love and how do we know it, couple times found in your life, only to be lost and discovered like the rise and fall of the sun. Fooled and shamed into believing only to see clearly later it was game and Pons were topled for her pleasure. She is an island that is not reachable if it was you'd be stranded and slowly die.
I know we both have our demons
I know you might be scared
But I hope we'll fight the evil
Together hand-in-hand
Nikkie Jan 11
When it’s real you can feel it, like hard raindrops spanking your skin.
You lay back in your comfortable resting spot, and cover yourself with their spirit alive.
You take a deep breath, because it feels so good;
inhaling mutual passion that’s well understood.
They shine bright like northern lights, intensity growing stronger than the highest fahrenheit.
They have your heart buried in their soul; you dig deep within and lose gentle control.
Pure essence exudes from their eyes, you feel their fear of uncertainty,
you sense the pain of their broken past and pray to God this is built to last.
Eyes that see a special connection, two hearts growing stronger in some special direction.
The embrace you shared can still be felt, the look, the stare, the deep embrace,
the heat that impedes your personal space.
No need for kisses (not just yet); but then again,
you both have needs that are destined to be met.
When it’s real you see inside their soul, wanting to hold them close and not let go.
Who are you kidding, the connection is there; when it’s real you can feel it everywhere!
Hands that touch, eyes that see, a heart pumping love blood abundantly.
A sense of completion because this is real,
we both feel the desire of this *** appeal.
moon man Dec 2020
they want to see you crumble like an old abandoned building
they wait for you to stop climbing
they pray that you will ultimately fail
however, they fear your gaze
for you have a fire in your eyes
and that fire is hot enough to burn away any doubt
I've re-watched the original rocky movies and the two creed spin off's and it's got me so pumped to work out that i wrote a motivational poem to myself...and of course, whoever needs to feel like the Italian stallion
dailythoughts Nov 2020
healing is a non-stop growth
so painful
so fruitful

a gift to yourself
you give by suffering
you give by a choice

a gift like no other
a gift for eternity
a gift no one can ****** away

there is no end to it
only levels and levels
of a stronger version

the day you embrace it
it leaves you
like everyone

maybe that is indeed for the better
John McCafferty Nov 2020
Trails of light impair sight
Pulsating snake-like kites
Shine stronger collectively
More from than the left or right
I, cannot see properly
What is in front of me
Peak lightning streaks

Been here before
Status is temporary
Symptoms of brain fatigue
Or excessive use of screens
Warning signs align
Step away from this stationary place
Researching this state
No pain or migraine
Time to vacate by taking a break
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
We have been apart a week
My memory has been all but erased
Six years we lasted together
Am I so easily replaced?

It's like a punch to the stomach
Thought of your hands intertwined
Tried my best to be there for you
In return leave me behind

Part of me in denial
Can't believe this is real
A state of frozen shock
Attempting to grasp how you feel

I wish the choice was mutual
Willing emotions to change
If only I could place your heart in my chest
Give you mine in exchange

You make it look simple
For you moving on isn't hard
I am the only half affected
You clearly are not broken or scarred

How could I mean that little to you?
All that we've been through together
Promised we would start a family
You would stay forever

Now vows belong to a different girl
Robbed from my unsuspecting hands
As your misery decreases
My sorrow simultaneously expands

It hurts to breathe in
Hurts to think
And hurts to open my eyes
Not a second passes without the ache
Cannot tell sunset from sunrise

The days blur into one
Earth keeps spinning around
Whole world is shattering
No one hears the sound

I bear suffering alone
Barely speak your name
Because if I say the words out loud
Can't escape what we became

I try to distract from the emptiness
Hide in my room and get high
Remembering all the warm moments
Over and over asking why

Why was I not enough for you?
Why wouldn't you let me in?
Why does she get to have you for her own?
Questions make head spin

When I finally fall asleep
At peace for a little while
In dreams I'm in your arms again
Morning interrupts my smile

Waking is the very worst part
Faced with overwhelming void
Absence of your touch is crushing
Obstacle I cannot avoid

I hope eventually I will get stronger
Start mending wounds in soul
Until that day arrives I'll shuffle feet forward
In vain ignore the gaping hole
I wish this was a nightmare I could wake up from
ShininGale Oct 2020
Someone told me "𝕓𝕖 𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕕 𝕥𝕠 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣𝕤𝕖𝕝𝕗".
But what if being kind to yourself is being unkind to others?
what if a little care to yourself is too much selfishness to them?
I know, I know you'll tell me to not care...but how can I not?
when the whole world is just too human. It confuses me.

I use to not care at all, and be the free spirited person I was.
That changed when I tried to be less human. I told myself...
"being less human is making mankind better than it is".
For humans are no different from disasters... you don't know how much it'll cost, you just hope for a less aggravate outcome.

But for now, I am still far from being less human...
because I care, I care about who's who and what will.

No worries, I'll get there... "the ones who cannot abandoned the past won't be able to make a difference" yes I heard you...
Maybe I watched to much movies and series about the world, or did I? or maybe I heard too much today and tried making sense out of it. We had a seminar today about coping up with online class, and here am I...creating something that will cope myself up:>>>

from me to everyone, enjoy the world while it last.  well, even titans had their time, us humans should enjoy and be grateful. HAHA sorry, things just got in mind with too much series HAHAHA but thank you... *smile*
Faith Oct 2020

          I AM
                     TO YOU
     A SET
                  OF STAIRS.
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