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Now that my love is gone  
I see all remaining days
now laid out before me
but I can't see how I'll get through each

Without her by my side all of the tears I've cried for her each day that passes by just another lonely day to survive without

All the tears that I've cried whilst asking the question why was she taken so early In life I felt robbed and cheated of my beautiful wife

So many years more we could have had I see all my remaining days laid out before me but can't see anything to tell me how I'll get through
Guess I'll have live one day at a time Its hard to see a future without Helen In my life

So I'll just go on writing my poems of her for never stop loving her she was my one and only true love and miss her
It dosesn't matter how many days that pass for my live her just grow stronger by the day
You can search your whole life for something  just to see that maybe you wasted your whole life for nothing

Maybe it’s the desire in satisfaction, that leads us towards the attraction, as you get caught in the allure, that keeps you wanting more and more

So when I see the mountains at my gates, I just keep climbing so the hate, doesn’t overtake my fate
So I’ll keep climbing cause it’s never too late, to change my ways
Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that we have a lot more left in the tank then what we think we. It’s only over when you say it’s over
I was in the search
Of high hopes and fancy
Then I found you
In a somber chasm
And I let my self fall
To seek in too deep
To have a shelter
And to drown with your love
For a time
The emptiness was filled
A leap of joy
Was in the faith's hands
But the current
Was waving too strong
Your love, your love
I still tried to hold
But the water's through me
Choked by this illusory
While you watched me in a distant
I cried with the sea
All these concepts
Had deteriorated my being
But I had to search the air
To right back up
And to keep me breathin'
I found my amnesty
In the high ruins
And I swear an oath
That I will never ever
Love that would lead me to death
Yuki Jan 29
Disappointments are like
baby tooth:
they teach you to smile
when you are still weak
but make room for
something stronger
as soon as you
are ready.
Gemma Jan 28
You Left me with this anger, you upped and walked away.
There’s so much still in my head you know, things I need to say. people tell me it’s not worth it, they say “just let it go” but they see things from the outside and there are things that they don’t know.
From the outside it always seems black-and-white. you are either best friends or you’re in a fight.
Well the outsiders weren’t close enough, to read between the lines So how could they understand. The soft words spoken at night time, the way you tickled my hand?! The moments only we shared, and all the gestures grand!
You allowed me to think you were my protector, the one to help me through, but now I see the one you were protecting, the only one was you.
Now I’m not a silly person, we’re are all human this I know, But I’m left wondering if it was ever real, or was it all for show? Maybe I was just a stop gap between where you really wanted to be. I understand that people change, but why so suddenly?
From the beginning you said I was crazy, that it was all in my head.
when in actual fact I was right all along, you just didn’t use a bed.
Do you understand what that did to me and do you even care?  I went against my gut feeling for so long, “it can’t be true”I thought, I must be wrong!
you explained away the little things, all the signs that made me wonder, and all the time I didn’t know, your thumb I was under.
How could you not notice? I wasn’t lazy I was depressed the weeks I spent alone in bed I was hardly ever dressed!
I cried a lot and asked for help, you didn’t seem to care, This I did not understand because for you I was always there.
The physical things I can forgive, but not the betrayal of my mind. I looked at you so lovingly, I knew you to be gentle and kind.
I can’t even take the good with me now, you’ve marred it all in my mind!
And I think that makes it harder, to have to leave it ALL behind.
because you’ve left me feeling broken and I’m finding it hard to let go, let go of all the anger, it’s all I’ve got to show.
I thought we were  forever, I gave you all of my heart, only for you to break it and then dissapear for your fresh start.
At some point I know I’ll be okay, for I am stronger than you think, I will not let the anger takeover, or pull me down until I sink.
So I’ll say the things I want to say! I’ll let the anger out! but instead of saying them to your face, I’ll just write them down.
Expressing my mind on paper, is much better than telling you. I don’t even think you would hear me now, because you’re off fooling someone new.
sit, weep, drown,
and dawdle for long,
tending your open,
salted wounds
on the evening
you may—
yet mind your fate,
dear flower seed,
for you will thrive.

and swim mighty,
with all your liberty,
out of the sea
of sugar, honey,
ice, and tea—
the brimming filth
in them that keeps on
Clearly inspired—though talking about a slightly different but somehow related subject—by Bring Me The Horizon's new song from amo, sugar honey ice & tea, which I found out is a subtle and friendly way to swear. Some people are just full of sugar, honey, ice, and tea, just like Oliver Sykes said, lol. Along with Lana Del Rey, this band inspired a lot of my works.
courtney Jan 14
My heart reads like a letter .

Convincing my lips
to Speak like a widow who lost her husband in a terrible accident .

“It’s like burning everything around us to keep the cold at bay. To keep the warmth in our tones , to keep that comfort between us there.
To prove that what he had was more than a feeling. But I didn’t know that the smoke that came from those flames would slowly be the death of us.”

“It’s like we were fighting for our lives while in a car that’s flipped 50 times. Who could’ve known this would happen. All we could do is watch it unfold.”

“And I know that I should forgive him but ... he stopped fighting first.
I know the circumstances were against us but I just don’t know what to do with this sudden end.

He should have stayed even just a little longer .
Why wasn’t the love that we had stronger ?
myrrh Jan 14
It's sad to say that I know I'm not on anyone's mind
Being my friend is just a fad, nothing consistently kind
In just a tad, I know you're going to leave me behind
Wish I was stronger, I wish I had tough skin like rind
M Salinger Dec 2018
I have these
whispers of fears
that I won't love someone
so wholly
& deeply,
that I won’t feel that
that intensely,

it’s a
strange fear
no fiber
my being
is the
as it was,
back then

my bones
don’t remember
that blood
coursing all around,
pumping me full of
that felt like the
of a runner’s high
into an ******

is not the
of someone whose
was so closely intertwined
with yours,
back then

all that's left
is a faint linger of sensation
a hint of a memory,
like thinking of a taste
or a smell

but what my heart can’t
my mind can't

you haunt me
in my
of a bond
that could have been,
that a viable transition
could have been,
that no
need be

coaxes me
as I start to remember..
it’s not
who should
that melancholy

my dear friend,
are the *****

of a finger, that
throbs & aches
but in
is never as consequential
as it

that at
leaves a
shadow of a

on a new
of fresh
soft to the

with quiet assurance
and kind courage

two things
I hope for
but fear
you’ll never

soft, persistent
that guide me
away from
Apoetisonly Jan 4
Yeah, it’s true, I got feelings
I just learned to masked them as a kid
Cause the tears pouring down your face
Won’t do **** to stop or save
The person you love the most
From getting beaten on by the hands of disgrace
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