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You are the sun in the solar system,
Somehow pulling everyone into your orbit.
Even passer by asteroids like myself
Get captured and entranced
By the gravitas of your enigma.
Forever stuck in the same trajectory,
Always circling back to you.
How do you do it?
for john. this is based on a joke he made that was weird but funny.
solEmn oaSis Nov 2020
Bring out a couple clue
within their double clue
1) there was this existing ^height that attracts the rising of unwavering sound of a slow movement,

2) meanwhile,those impending rapid motion will all gathered by only one force then it will be spreading in to stable downfall  !!!
i originally entitled this....
°°°°° "poem like a foam" °°°°°
©solEmn oaSis

before i,
there is h
to O part
time teller
of his fortune saying him a...
hello responses by simple hi
Vanessa Goyal Aug 2020
Frightened of the way,
The volume of burden piles higher.
Scraping the skies;
Reaching into the underground.
Trying to fit the position,
Of the needle inside me.
Growing smaller with each bend in its body,
That sacrifices the human behind the machine.
Submerged under the surface;
Hidden beneath the facade,
Of the critters that sculpt honor
Into the frame of my face.
Harvesting acceptance and pride from others,
Who define one look as the truth of pretense.
Blinding eyes from the girl that once lived.
Poetic T May 2020
The smell of sulphate,
            emanating from that
accursed thing, its aura glistened,
                  seemingly smouldering .

But when the  breath of life
                    died beneath sunset,
A Spector of ill conceived retention

Daybreak was mutilated upon the sight.
                                            established placidity..
Poetic T Feb 2020
She was neve going to be in white,
              neutrality was never

going to be her hue.

She was telling the world a message..

Her gown, was onyx silk woven
                 like Cinderella had told the
arachnids  to create beauty in the night
            it fell entrapping on any who gazed

upon its woven radiance.

She walked down the isle and with each step,
                                at least five were captivated

in the webbing of her beauty,
                       walking beyond there view.

All entombed within the elegance
             that captured them.

She was the spider weaving a web of beauty
           that captured every eye.

And the man was her prey, he smiled
          lost in the moment of her captivation.

I do, I do,  and both were entangled
within the
                             eyes of each.

This moment was silk ropes tied to each others
         and now they'll weave them every step

                          they collect together.
Poppy Gallagher Feb 2020
There he was
With his black velvet heart
Smooth to touch, to feel, to love
Drawing me into that luxuriousness of this man
Something so soft, but so dark, so dark.

So I continued to be drawn by the softness, the richness
The dark eyes, dark hair, oh the lair
Once captured there was no escape
My heart forever was bound by his sultry all
No escape for whom we fall.

I shall never leave my cell
Of love that is lost and at great cost
Was my love was for him.
In my dreams he does come
But only with pain
To hurt me, break me over again
Oh the love that was lost at such a great cost.

I lost my heart to him and to him alone
My sweet innocent heart placed at his throne
Till death do us part was so very wrong
It simply did not last that long
But for him my mind does still roam.

To love again I will never impart
Because of his black velvet heart.

The End
This poem is about the first and only true love of my life.
777 Nov 2019
thoughts and innovations trapped by steel bars of prejudices and doubts, will never be able to come out
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