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Nathalie Jan 22
In one look
he had captured
her heart forever.

Dream Dec 2018
Its 3.30 am and im still up....

The web has me entangled....
Micah Gerdes Nov 2018
Beautiful Flower
Golden, blue, and dark green
Captured in the vase
Are you the flower?
ALC Oct 2018
This is my safe place
And its my jail cell.
I cant stand to be in here
Now that I’m not well.
The walls confine me
And torture my soul.
The window it bribes me
To jump through its hole.

My room is my safe place
It hides all my deeds.
It allows me to let loose
And be a little more me.
But now it’s my jail cell
Binding me in.
I can’t stand to be in here
Where I fear there’s simply no end.
Mary Frances Aug 2018
You captured my eyes,
my attention.
Now, you're slowly capturing
my affection, and with that,
my heart.
Donna Aug 2018
My wedding photos
''Tis like rising of the sun
captured beautifully
:-)))))) **
Diána Bósa May 2018
Once more
Came to see the light of the night
then just to
melt in the shadow of the dayshine.
The summer moves on
and so do you
leaving behind nothing
but the event horizon.
No light can escape from here
remaining captured,
like a caged skylark,
being lingering frozen
like the vacuity of space;

incarcerated by the radiation of dying stars
out of the lightning source of my true glare.
Pauline Russell Apr 2018
A man of pain
A man of Cain
Entered my life
Like a two edged knife

Fist decorating with bruises
There is no release, he refuses
Sleep is denied, mind turns to mush
No escaping, till my breath is hushed

My death is there within his eyes
Air shut off, harshly denied
Hands wrapped around throat
Till mind shuts off, then floats

©Pauline Russell
Seema Feb 2018
As darkness clouds my pure soul...
My mind starts to play many roles...
I start to hallucinate what my mind creates...
Feeling haunted while my feeling betrays...
Possessing my body, torturing my soul...
Trying every motion to reach its goal...
A terrifying experience accounts to my being...
Taking control of all and every of my sin...
Shall I not wake up to see tomorrow...
As tonight my soul is captured with sorrow...
Holding onto my prayer book, I pray to thee...
To pull me out of this darkness and make me free...
Please take my hand and show me light...
I don't want to drown in this darkness of night...

Scribbling thoughts.
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