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sometimes she is hard to love and makes you question yourself. she can be a riddle talking of the future, but only living for today. she is amazing in so many ways unexpected and beautiful. with all of that she sets my heart a blaze and captures my soul.
This confusing thing called love
What can I say it provoked me.
The smokey black slithered with sultry grace
passed all my carefully placed defenses.

Humor me, it spoke
caressing the ear.

I watched the glow of it's single eye
searching my mind
The black became a tether
knotting, choking.

What can I say I did nothing,
little lamb laid to the slaughter.

I remember it choking, the smokey black.

Like a raven haired lover,
A mistress of shadow wills my curiosity
In that moment, lost to the movement
I would or could never return.

Pinned to obsession
staggering the lines of possession
A rebel's tango begins
the staccato steps to be my end.
about letting your problems win, night anguishes
AmeriMav Mar 4
In day or in night
My ears will delight
Her sound
She's ever so bright
And to her soft light
I'm bound
To always excite
When captured in sight
She's found
Lai form
Dream Dec 2018
Its 3.30 am and im still up....

The web has me entangled....
Micah Gerdes Nov 2018
Beautiful Flower
Golden, blue, and dark green
Captured in the vase
Are you the flower?
ALC Oct 2018
This is my safe place
And its my jail cell.
I cant stand to be in here
Now that I’m not well.
The walls confine me
And torture my soul.
The window it bribes me
To jump through its hole.

My room is my safe place
It hides all my deeds.
It allows me to let loose
And be a little more me.
But now it’s my jail cell
Binding me in.
I can’t stand to be in here
Where I fear there’s simply no end.
Mary Frances Aug 2018
You captured my eyes,
my attention.
Now, you're slowly capturing
my affection, and with that,
my heart.
Donna Aug 2018
My wedding photos
''Tis like rising of the sun
captured beautifully
:-)))))) **
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