Warmer than the last time

I need a warm blooded woman,
Not another snake in the grass.
I need a loving woman,
Not a pain in the ass.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
An illusion of perfect.

Have you ever met someone so damn cool,
That she makes you feel like such a tool?
You can aim for her heart,
But she is flying through stars
And she would never notice you.

Still you dream of what might have been,
If you learned to speak her language and knew what she means,
When she says she likes you.
You know she is nothing like you,
But hot damn! If I ain’t one mixed up dude.
She is a dudess, maybe the best you have ever met
And if she only took a chance on you,
Your love you would confess.

You know there is none better suited,
So when you see her you are all suited and booted,
Because this is pure bliss, love exists,
Inside a dream of her kiss.

But those words she never says,
Because there is no way she could ever be into someone so lame.
So you mosey on to the next love rendezvous.
You find a woman that you love
And she truly loves you too.
All the while the hot chick discovers more.

Then late one night she comes a knocking on your door,
But there is no answer to a one time dancer,
Because your heart has passed those wishes to romance her
And no matter what she may say,
You ain’t no two-time chancer.
So she never gets to be with the one who would always have loved her.

Beauty comes and beauty goes;
I fall in love with the big-butt yo-yo’s,
Whose idea of love goes up and down,
Just like the bed springs that are broken now.

When love is good, up it will stay,
But when love is up to no good, I am left broken down
And my name remains the same…
Hers was never truly going to change.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey May 7
A lack of love

I have become what I have become,
Because of her and her lack of love.
I need some compassion, for satisfaction;
But all I get in return for love,
Is a lack of action and a lack of attraction.

You are my shame, my one to blame;
I one I cannot afford to save.
I wish I could have been the one to make you happy,
But that was someone else’s job, some other day.

Today is for goodbye’s and no longer hello’s;
Now all we have left to do is go through the motions.
You smile as you hurt me and tell me what I already know;
I can’t smile as I destroy love, but I can go.

I gave you my love and you threw it back at me;
I was never good enough for you to stay true.
I took your love and your well was empty;
Your lack of love has left me down, but I am better off without you.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey May 7
Soul breaker

You broke my soul with your lies
And I have been changed.
It’s a quarter to hate
And it’s far too late,
To save us from our soulless fate.

Why do you still talk,
When I have nothing I want to hear?
Through empty buildings I haunt as I walk
And now nobody will ever live here.

Why are you still inside me, when we are no more?
You have broken the last piece of my soul and I wander alone.
Soulmates are supposed to love no other,
But soul breaker broke our love.
Now I have no Queen sat beside me, upon her golden throne.

The flowers all died when you left;
Our bedroom became a wasteland of our love.
You are everything I have grown to detest!
And all my hope is wasted on someone who is unworthy of trust.

If God calls, then tell him I am busy;
I’m burying myself beneath a bed of dead flowers.
I’m too busy living in this Hell, this place of misery;
I am dying inside, hour after hour.

You wanted me and I wanted you more;
We never knew this love thing would rip out our hearts.
You have let this love ruin everything!
Now our souls have been separated and we are so far apart.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
PoetAnon May 5
The worst part is
I loved you back
Adulterous affair,
Absolutely abominable!

Maybe you didn’t mean to love
Me, the girl inside
the young woman’s body,
you only thought you knew

Flirtatious banter
once hinted at thoughts

Intelligible abyss once linked
unsuspecting minds;
Understanding so
Deep, so

Praise me, praise me.

Be careful,
Time is taking over,
How could you, you fool
You can't beat the clock!
You're in love now.
Did you intend for this?

But was it Me you sought to love?
Or was it just my body?
The thrill of the ilicit,
The power
Over a child?

Origins unknown

Grown out of your control.
Say goodbye to reason
I’m your master now.

What’s happening to you?
You’re afraid and I, well
I am the child
who will destroy you

Words, your last weapon
Escalating, no wait, stop
You’re killing yourself.

It's too late
I tried to warn you
You failed me, embarrassed

I egged you on.

I loved you back.

I’m sorry.
Reflections on my confusion and guilt after I reported my university professor for sexually harassing me.
Aa Harvey Apr 25
They’re there for their friends

They’re there to be seen,
Their thoughts are their own.
Their partner is their only saviour,
They’re currently living in their mobile home.

They’re trailer trash, in their home over there,
They love their partner, for they’re always there.
They’re there to comfort their daughter, like she was theirs;
They’re never quite sure if their lover is truly theirs forever.

For there seems to be no trust in their lover,
For they are paranoid their love isn’t just theirs,
But also another’s.
Their mothers were there on their wedding day;
They’re still together in their own place over there.

Amongst their friends over there; there my dear, over there.
Amongst their enemies, they’re there for their friends,
Whenever their friends need their love,
They’re always there to give them love;
Because their friends are there for them
To help them with their chores.

They’re over there in their caravan dying their hair.
For they’re bored of their life, lover,
Their home and their friends.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
This poem was written simply because there are three versions of 'there'.  It has no other reason.
Aa Harvey Apr 25
A tear for your love

Love will end, as it begins.
If the passion of arguing is what originally drew you in,
Then so it will be, as love explodes…in the end.
You will lose your will, to keep on trying…to pretend.

If the lure of adultery,
Was your first thought, so wrong for me,
Then an affair is how your love will end;
All that which could have been, never to be again.

If you were friends at first and eventually love bloomed,
Then you will part with such sweet sorrow;
You will not be consumed,
With jealousy, or hateful words.
You will each realise you have reached the stop sign
And you will each go your own way with true feelings heard.

What will be, will be and what feels wrong will go wrong.
Have you never listened to the billions of love songs?
We are all beginners, until we become winners
And when you see the checkered shirt flag waving,
You will either have found your way,
Or you will be left lost for words,
As you each sit in silence, eating your dinner.

We all ask for direction in our search for love,
But nobody can tell you, which love will guarantee you feel good.
Only you can decide which love feels right…
I will still believe in true love,
No matter how many times,
Love leaves me to cry.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
BW Apr 24
Her mascara stain imprinted on your collar
Smudged for the burgundy strawberry
You begged for me to plant on your neck
She knew.
She found out.
Your shirt smelled like
The sweet abyss of my body at night

I warned you from the start. On you lap,whispering,
hot breaths and tongue darting, telling you
I was a famed minx in
fishnets and a tight velvet dress, dripping red
But you held onto me
like your very life
Depended on the carnal lust that almost
swallowed you alive

I notorious, you famous. These two never
ever make a good pair.
But I caught your eye.
Long nights, your poured out your heart
And felt in me the echo, that was lost from her
from the very start. It echoed your soul.
You, truly you. You felt it.
I reciprocated every inch of just who you are

So I let you inside me, and ravish the little attraction
a broken soul had left.
A thousand times over.

Panic burnt.
Your eyes red with pain
of the chaos and doors she slammed
in your face. She left. You lost her.
"The love of your life"
Who never knew what you are as a man
But you are here, back for comfort
A lie you tell yourself to be mine.
about an affair that could happen, may have happened, or never will
Aa Harvey Apr 23

I’m picking liars from in front of my eyes
And taking them as friends.
I know my fate is to suffer in silence,
But I know not to what end
And maybe I will never know, but I still have hope,
That one day things will work out well tomorrow.
We’ll have to wait and see what happens.  God only knows;
But I will face life head on, hiding behind my pillow.

There is a pit of deceit, full of lines you speak
And if I try to escape you drag me back in,
With unbroken promises, at the present time;
But history shall repeat itself once more, as shall the fact you lie.

Everyone is a liar and they can’t handle the truth;
If I showed you how I really feel,
I wonder…would I still be with you?
Or would my truth expose your lies
And make us both face the facts?
That I love you, but you don’t love me;
I guess you could never tell me that.

Some people in love dream of loving another;
The deceitful people always flock together.
I am a mentally weak human being;
You hurt me inside and you killed all my dreams.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 21
Never mind

He’s a cool cat, as a matter of fact
And there ain’t no doubting how you feel about that.
Whilst I am just a pig wallowing in the mud
And I will never be good enough.

She is an ice Queen;
She ain’t no nice day dream.
She will only cause pain
And she is coming for me.

I don’t want you;
Your love is worthless.
It has lost all its meaning because you are an adulteress.
You are no Princess.

Still she is coming to ruin my life,
But I have my garlic and cross;
She screams, I cry.

What have we become when this is all we have?
You can take this love back;
It ain’t worth Jack.

Once it was overwhelming,
Now it is depressing.
Love is not what it used to be;
You have ruined everything.

This curse on my soul leaves me in the dark,
As to how to find sunlight,
When you have my heart.

Tear it apart!
Do me a flavour.
You can keep it, I mean it!
Adios!  See you later!

Still she calls and still is my hand.
She never gave a damn,
So never mind her plans.

Oblivion is calling;
Let me be gone to absentia.
Let her desire me and miss me;
Give me amnesia and dementia,
So I can just forget her.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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