She can't be that blind,
She must choose not to see.
You take advantage of the kind
In women like us three.

But it doesn't matter,
Anymore, a little or a lot,
Let your evil all round scatter,
My problem, it is not.

Francie Lynch Jun 26

I'm taunted by another,
Allured by the attention,
Polishing vanity to a reflective glaze,
Like a winner's cup, held up by the ears,
To display, kiss, and smudge,
Then returned to the rightful owner.
It's an enviable snare,
One may think is sincere,
From here, looking over there.

Troy Jun 25

My life was empty and uneventful.
Then you walk right into my life.
The world turned to color.
And I rose out of my rut.

My life turned happy.
Though I could not believe it.
My heart grew to love.
And to why I'll never know.

You came to me when my heart ached.
Patched it up and made it new.
You loved my from the way it looked.
But how do I know you truly do.

My heart starts to ache watching these things.
Things that appear to prove you don't.
My breathing fastens as my heart beats.
How do I ask you about this?

I wonder painfully about the thoughts.
That keep poking into my heart.
I ask myself the question that I fear.
Is he really doing this or not?

Half a life
Half a love
Undivided submission;

I am utterly devoted
To lesser moments.

Between the sheets
The mind drifts
In search of atonement;

Part-time wrong
Entirely yours
An inevitable outcome.

It is living half a life
Accepting half love

My light,
Take me out of the dark

The courage within to say goodbye.

How many beautiful girls does it take to kill a man?
Just one.
Just one heartbreak.
Just one lie.
Just one night.
Just one look.
Just one touch.
Just one hug.
Just one kiss.
Just one love.
Just one heart.
Just one soul.
Just one girl.
Just one.

Hawthorn hedgerows separated their fields.
Alice often found Towser lapping
From Jim's cupped hand,
At his hill well.
Her brothers fished Jim's salmon-rich creek.
To get her animal she walked through the bushes,
Drank his water.
They decided to wed.
He poured a new kitchen floor;
Chickens and sows,
Sons and daughters arrived,
Through famine and taxes
They prospered, survived.

Over the evening pint,
The lads grumbled about the Travellers
Camped off the road to Jim's.
     They're gypsies, spilled Jim,
     No different than him, pointing to Frank, beneath a tin:
                                   Guinness is good for you.
     I passed them at tea, they were eating my fish.
     I nodded Okay, and they sang, "Make a wish!

How comes it to pass,
Is anyone's guess.

Jim left walking for home,
A dark journey, alone.
The night sky was clear,
Jim loved the fresh air.
In his line he saw
The gypsy's red fire.
He was offered a drink,
Being a purveyor of craic,
The stars glided eastward,
Alice watched them that night,
Waiting for Jim to come back.

He rose with a scratch,
And a Guiness-stained yawn,
And the smell of a smokey,
Fire-haired woman.

For seventeen years no words were spoken,
Alice was redolent,
The holy of holies lay open,
The body's been stolen.
In the stillness of night,
Alone in her bed,
Jim lay beside her;
Her man was dead.

One fish, one wish,
And all was unsaid,
An unspeakable silence
Envelope the dead.

A wish is a fish,
Alive in deep water;
If you hook it, release it,
It'll swim to another.

Jim died alone
In his house, not his home;
His wish transpired
By fish and his fire.

In a world amongst the untrue, the wrongful, the two-faced; pseudo reality is taunting at humankind insolently.

To have faith, to be hopeful, to believe; only for them to trash and scatter what you've been believing in.

The betrayed, the deceived, the deceitful; carelessly and mercilessly succumbed upon their sins. Arrogantly looming upon all, unknowing and forgetful of those who sang prayers at dawn for them.

The smiles, the tears, the two-faced; o' the mighty entities everyone praised, not even Judas would have the nerve. It's a shame humankind is a fool; easily played and toyed with.

The denial, the anger, the bargaining, the depression, the acceptance; five stages of grief that I learned, only to know that I could never master.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. The body is hollow, for the soul is in sorrow.

Tamal Kundu Jan 13

Distilled sun invades
to project on whitewashed screen their
chintzy-hotel love,
melding the serenading shades.

Form: Verse
Jessica Dec 2016

Forgive me it's been too long since I've seen the face of another man.
Kissed new lips or held foreign hands.
I can feel your heart racing, I think mines stopped completely.  
Fight or flight tells me to run, or fall for you so deeply.
You hold my face, stare hard into my panicked eyes and tell me to relax.
Not two hours ago I was leaving my home, bags packed.
My mind races with thoughts out of my control.
I'm overwhelmed, drowning as my kiddie pool of emotion reaches an overflow.
Throat tightens, breathing quickens, I open my mouth wide to cry out.
He holds me close, stroking my hair, he tells me he'll show me what "real love is about".
Do I leave and tell him goodnight?
Do I surrender myself to him and feel unknown delights?

can't shake the feeling that i'm not enough
and no-one else has anything better to say
on the subject;

she feels like being hypnotized and when i
look in her eyes i don't know if she's real
or not, i've been down this road before. is
she a pretty face i'm stealing glances of
or is she a figment? oh, what a shame.

god, she's like a glass of red wine sitting
against my lips, souring every kiss, and just
like wine i'm gonna disappoint my lover by
taking another sip.

i feel so full of wreckage and broken glass i
think tonight i'm in over my head.

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