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How come
The heart-wrenching
And the  unexpected
Widow's grief

The lady in black
Soon defying
Funeral decorum
Put on pink clothes
Decency that lack
Simply to attack
A deceased
Cheating husband
Whose unfaithfulness
Kept in the dark
Soon after funeral
Became stark!

Aghast adultery
He'll knows no fury.
Some mourners could learn their spouse's affair after they ceased to be
Genevieveish Jul 23
I'm not the first survivor,
Just yours

Don't revive me,
Let me be

Your adoring pitiful pitiable survivor,
I'm not the first to be left behind,
Not the first displaced by ego

I've accepted my cessation,
A long lost love that once was perfection,
Soiled by your foolish ignorant indiscretions
Beaten by your cowardice, conniving, ache and craving.

I once tasted your good nature,
Drank in your laughter and longing,
But now I rest,
Worn out by over a decade of cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Don't trade my peace for your conscience
Reviving a love that should have died a decade ago,
Along with my ego

Don't revive me,
Just let me be

I'm not the first survivor.
Just yours
A poem about love, adultery, and lost love.
Katarina Jun 11
Head Full of Nightmares
I knew how to walk directly into the storm now, two years later
I've yet to learn how to become the calm among the chaos
I am the chaos
My nights wither into one
The eternal struggle with oneself
To be soothed or tortured?
I can't have skin on skin contact with you, even when you cradle me like a baby, like our baby, without imagining you on her
I like to be asleep
Its my favourite place again
Even if my nights are full of her voice,
thousands upon thousands of her voices, all on top of each other,
all under your naked body
And somehow I can't stop loving the torture
Valentin Jun 6
and she calls out his name
only her echo resonates between the cliffs

the whistling wind blows from all directions
at this moment the violent sea is agitated
the waves break on the cliffs

these cliffs again these cliffs
death is downstairs

she is out of breath now
for him

he is also out of breath but in
different circumstances
he is with his mistress

in the wooden house with the warm fire
when the rain hits the island
and the thunder is out of control
ZT Apr 18
Sila na nagkasala
Sila pa ang galit
Kahit ikaw sana tong nabahala
Dahil ikaw ay pinagpalit

Dating tiwala ay sinira
Nung kabit ay kanyang tinira
Tapos ngayong nahuli
Parang ikaw pa ang may mali

Kesyo, bat ka raw nag eskandalo
Sa harap pa ng pamilya
Ng kinakasama

Siya pa ngayon ang galit
Kasi ikaw daw ay nagbitaw ng mga salitang mapanakit
Di ka naman daw sana ganyan dati
Dahil dati kaw daw ay mabait

Pero di ba nya mapagtanto
Kung bakit ikaw ay nagkaganto
Dahil sa labis na pangagago
Na dinulot ng sariling asawa mo
Affected lang sa napanood na korean series. Masyadon kainis si guy. Cheater na nga, xa pa ang galit.
Cheap printed sheets
On an old lumpy mattress
blankets piled up at the feet
At the head
Flattened pillows stained yellow
We were becoming bedfellows
Throwing her shoes on the floor
She wasn’t there for the decor
Just cheap thrills
Looking for someone to fulfill
Moaning and gasping my name
Anything to forget her pain
Even for a little while
I definitely cracked a smile
And maybe for a moment I felt special
An old  man claiming his vessel
She was a hot piece of *** on fire
I had no intention of getting tired
screaming like a banshee in the night
Validating my manhood felt so right
Afterwards she said
“ I have to go home “
I replied “Baby don’t leave me alone “
she said
“My husband needs to know”
Her heart was full of cold
Right there I knew she was a menace
But somedays
I wasn’t sure who was suppose to be jealous
Shannon Spivey Sep 2019
What are we doing
I don’t even know
Why can’t I
Just let these feelings go
We’ve stayed innocent
But for how long
Next time we’re alone
What if things move along
That’s not what we want
But I don’t know if that’s true
There’s ideas in my head
That want to be pursued
But I can’t give in
There’s too much to lose
So I'm hopelessly in lust
With nothing I can do
"You shall not commit adultery."

Rae Sep 2019
The shaft of moonlight stabs the
Soft skin between my *******.
I stare at the tips of my flesh
Imagine a babe suckling there.

You once told me you wished for children.
You once told me my hips and soft stomach foretold a healthy and long motherhood.
You once told me I already smelled of milk and sweet breath;
All I lacked was the baby powder.

You once told me.

You once told me the pink and purple of my *** was too mottled and unkempt.
You once told me the space between my eyes offset the masters degree I hung on my office's wall.

You once told me if I put as much time into my job as this family, I wouldn't be watching you shove your clothes into a worn and broken-toothed suitcase.

You used to lie there, between my *******,
The moisture of your breath evaporating off my skin and cooling my ******* to a point.
You'd laugh, press a kiss to each,
And tell me they must miss your tongue and teeth.

I scoot up the bed, sheets scratchy and sticking to my flushed skin.
The moonlight traces a path down my ribcage and navel,
A touchless touch that makes me ache for real fingers and real body heat.

I hear him, moving about the kitchen
Humming that Bob Seger song that tickled the back of my neck when I slid onto the back of his motorcycle,
Voices echoing in the half-empty parking lot.
I can see his hips swaying in the night sky
The slow ****** and long extended neck in the clouds.
I can smell his sweat and ***** on my body, the moist night breeze pushing him further into my lungs.

I press my face to the pillow
Inhale the detergent where you used to sweat pheromones, drool on, and bite when I kissed my way down between your thighs.

He starts to whistle, the *******.

He's tone deaf.

I press my lips flat, contain the laughter my body aches to set free.

You once told me that to be with a man was denying my true sexuality.
You once told me that if we were to marry, I'd never know a day without true joy.

I wonder what it felt like, love,
When he ****** you in our bed.
When he ate you on our sheets
Your *** on him his scent on you.

I wonder what it felt like, love,
To watch me fall apart.
To watch me scream and tear and bash my heart against the wall, the scent of your betrayal still hanging in the air between us.

I wonder what it felt like, love,
To deny your true sexuality.

I promised to love you forever.
I promised to care for you, in sickness and in health.
I promised to give you my all, and protect your heart with my life.
I promised.

He reaches the chorus one last time, and I feel my head begin to bounce
My toes tapping against the cool yellow paint of the wall.
The scent of bacon drifts beneath my door, overpowering his ***** and my sweat
And I roll out of bed, stomach grumbling.

I promised to love you forever, love.

When I **** him, I don't think of you.
When I **** him, he calls my name, not God's.
And when I **** him
I love it
And I don't miss your ***** for one ******* second.

Even his ******* bacon taste better than yours, you ****.

And when I tell him I love him, my lips against his naked shoulder,
My heart in my shaking hands,
He doesn't say that he's been ******* the mailman for the past three weeks.
And our married neighbor Kim.

He says "I love you, too."

And I believe him.
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