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Viktoria Jan 2019
I am just asking to ask,
To get an answer from you,
I am just looking, to look,
To have you look at me, too.
I am so careful, I am,
******, I am just too shy.
I am afraid to risk it,
And show the interest I deny.
Swanswart Aug 2016
She swam all over me
and I was fishing in her dreams
and I was fishing in her jeans
for change and sunken treasures

with her pale skin and scales
she sang of the primordial sea
and swelled of the deep
deep inside the levis thin
this leviathan
groaned with pants and moans

and I was finishing in her dreams
and I was finishing in her jeans
So I swam away from her
into the belly of the beast
and she sank
beneath the waves
and left me
in my wake
This poem may be the only time in my life I awoke from a dream and was able to write it down immediately, and leave it alone.
Astar wise Aug 2015
Your poem

Your poem is like my song
Like my breath
Your poem is probably too long
But you add no protest
If you were like your poem youd be weak
You'd be only half the man i see
Your poem makes my heart skip
And my stomach do the dip

It takes a toll
And it makes my eyes roll
But i love it all the same
For more that just one day.
Your poem describes all i can
For what i feel for you today
And forever you will be my man
Your poem is cheesy and lame
But who cares i love you all the same.
Kale Aug 2014
My plush buddy,
Which acted as a knight,
Is ready to hug me,
When I want to fight.

My dolls and men
Which laze around all day
Come through for me
When I want to play

My insects and bands,
Which decorate the house,
Helps to scare my mom,
Like a mouse.

I love my toys,
They bring joys,
And laughter,
And playful banter.
Do not think I am creepy. This is a random poem. Hope it is a little bit good

— The End —