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Äŧül 5d
What will you do going elsewhere,
If I am not going to be present there?

Why someone else will you marry,
If you can never love anyone but me?

What will you do after marriage,
If it's not my heart that's your cage?

Where will you go for honeymoon,
If your heart still resides with me?

What will be that light or sound key,
If you experience them without me?

Come to my street, my place,
I shall keep you happy always.

Maybe I'm not so handsome or rich,
I still succeeded in kindling your love.

After all, I'm a Bhāräŧīyä in & out,
I shall take you closer to Đhärmä.

I shall love you with my gaze,
I shall show you how I keep my promises.

You will see what I shall be,
I just need some time, Jī...
For my Mïŧālī.

My HP Poem #1892
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Oct 16
There's a story of a lonely childhood,
A saga of a musical teenage,
And an account of painful youth.

There's a poem of romantic adulthood,
An epic written in the search for love,
And your sign in a moment of truth.

There's one desire in my heart untold,
A thirst that is yet unquenched,
And your name on its walls of blood.
My HP Poem #1891
©Atul Kaushal
Oct 1 · 421
My Cruel Loved One
Äŧül Oct 1
She is a fantastic demotivator,
Hungry she leaves me,
Ever so often.
Always she taunts me,
Now in life, I lack a motivator.
I tell her all, looking for approval,
She tells me only of the impossibility.
My HP Poem #1890
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Sep 29
My past is so blotted & blotched,
Yet, I am living this moment.

Painful or not, it'd hardly matter,
Any luck with life, I miss daily,
I miss all my possibilities,
None have I achieved,
To time I put my ode,
Ever so desperately,
Dying will be easier.

Perhaps, I'd wait until my parents,
And then I shall embrace her,
Saying, “Sorry, I kept you longing,”
This time there is no guardian angel.
My HP Poem #1889
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 28 · 55
Rapid Desire
Äŧül Sep 28
Our petrol sedan,
Looks so elegant and

Now running in its 7th year,
Still appears so new and

Škoda its maker,
Runs on a VW engine and
My HP Poem #1888
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 20 · 82
Äŧül Sep 20
They dictate our lives,
How they are in space,
Exactly when we are born.

How they are in space,
Or the constellations,
When an individual is born.
My HP Poem #1887
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Sep 20
Take it,
Or leave it.

It's your choice,
Be wise.
My HP Poem #1886
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 17 · 62
Äŧül Sep 17
The absurdity of modern poets.
They don't use the rhyme scale,
But they use many cuss words.
And they think writing suchlike,
They look cooler than their peers.
My HP Poem #1885
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Sep 15
They all have ostracized rhyming,
Poets, themselves they be calling...

The F-words aplenty they use,
And they think they look cool...

Rescue the language if possible,
Listen to its cries, they are not plausible.
My HP Poem #1884
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Sep 2
If you lost your feelings to the world's ways,
Then surely I don't look for your sympathy,
But there are few who understand,
I do look for their empathy,
And their kind words of advice.
4 years old HP-unposted poem.

My HP Poem #1883
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 1 · 157
Don't Fear Me
Äŧül Sep 1
Don't let this distance increase.
My HP Poem #1882
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 1 · 160
The Storm
Äŧül Sep 1
The storm I hold back
In my heart,
And my mind,
If I release it all at once,
Then everything will end.

At least for me...
My HP Poem #1881
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Aug 23
I love her infantile eyes,
So deep and dark, with no lies.

I love her chubby cheeks,
So likable and lickable, with no ice.

I love her beautiful hair,
On her mandible so magical, with no lice.

I love her smiley curves,
So spicy, with no added spice.

I love her cute nose,
So precious, with no price.
My HP Poem #1880
©Atul Kaushal
Aug 14 · 95
A Polymath
Äŧül Aug 14
I know how cells are made
I know how to write genetic code
I know how clones are made
I know about disease-causing defects in the code

I know how to swim
Not just how to swim
I also know how to sing
I even compose music
And I also pluck a guitar string

I play the guitar
I play the flute
I play carrom
I play chess
I write poetry
I write novels

But the best thing I do is survive

I survived against odds when death came calling
I survived when most doctors predicted me dying
I survived 108°F fever when virus was attacking
I survived that accident and now all I have is living
My HP Poem #1879
©Atul Kaushal
Aug 13 · 176
Angel Reborn
Äŧül Aug 13
I love you, my angel,
My dream girl,
I wish for you
To descend here,
And bless my life,
Love me & love me more,
I desire to take you as my wife.
My HP Poem #1878
©Atul Kaushal
Aug 9 · 244
Waiting & Watching
Äŧül Aug 9
I am waiting for you to listen,
I am watching you go.
My HP Poem #1877
©Atul Kaushal
Aug 1 · 497
Oh My Heart
Äŧül Aug 1
Oh, my heart,
You were lonely.

Oh, my heart,
You were grim.

Oh, my heart,
I finally found her.

Oh, my heart,
No longer grim.

Oh, my heart,
No longer lonely.
My HP Poem #1876
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 31 · 389
Äŧül Jul 31
I feel so good when I am loved.
Getting loved is not in my control.
But I can still love you honestly.

You stay busy with your preferences,
Exchanging love is my Preference,
I love you so much, but I fear you too.
My HP Poem #1875
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 27 · 84
A Resentful Man
Äŧül Jul 27
Tired of being tested, cheated & insulted,
He renamed himself as SORRY...
So that everyone apologizes to him,
For every single sin,
That he was made to suffer for,
But committed by all of them.

He faced death,
And survived.
He is unlucky,
And cursed...

Unlucky because,
He did not die...
Only to lead a half life...

Cursed because,
He is so lonely...
Only to lead a solo life...
My HP Poem #1874
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 18 · 313
Her Cuteness
Äŧül Jul 18
Her round face,
The button nose,
And sweet voice.

Her glowing skin,
The plumpy chin,
And **** midriff.

Her friendly nature,
The Hïnđū outlook,
And divine soul.

Her infant thoughts,
The youthful spirit,
And zestful love.

How should I not love her?
She's my future partner of life,
And why not, she's my future wife.
My HP Poem #1873
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 16 · 95
I Hope Not To Be
Äŧül Jul 16
I'm a very timid man within...
My BP shoots up when excited,
My breathing is heavy evermore,
On even thinking about loneliness,
Really, I know not what I can do,
Tasked with living life forever,
And a lonely life, that too, as
Lonely will be so lifeless.
Acrostic message.

My HP Poem #1872
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 16 · 123
Mïŧū, I love you
Äŧül Jul 16
Baby girl, I love you...
Oh my baby, I love you...

Cutie, I love you...
Cutie pie, I love you...

Golu, I love you...
Golumolu, I love you...

You're my best friend...
Only my closest friend...

You're my girlfriend...
Only I shall be your husband...
My HP Poem #1872
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 15 · 71
My Query
Äŧül Jul 15
Is anyone else here,
Facing this problem
That every new poem
Becomes invisible for others?
My HP Poem #1871
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jul 11
My first true lover,
Indian Sänāŧänī beauty,
True like Đévī Kāmākhyā,
Actually in love with me forever,
Loving me like we are immortals,
Immortalized in our loving memories.
My HP Poem #1870
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 11 · 244
The Voice In My Head
Äŧül Jul 11
The voice in my head,
Tells me what you said.

It tells me about good things,
To my imagination, it lends its wings.

In my mind, our sky is blue,
I know at last this love is true.
My HP Poem #1869
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 10 · 93
Issues Be Resolved
Äŧül Jul 10
Issues are to be resolved,
Problems are to be solved,
Parliaments are only dissolved.
My HP Poem #1868
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 9 · 387
7 Years Later
Äŧül Jul 9
1857 was some years older,
Bhaaratvarsh was still a slave.

No Hïnđū king after Śïvājī had been bolder,
None dared guerrilla attacks from a mountain cave.

No Hïnđū queen after Läkšmībāī was braver,
None consumed the patriotism wine agave.

Mughal or howsoever other tyrannical kings were,
The Colonial Age was worse and it was a blur.

Bhāräŧ knows how to make things better,
And I am sure about this administrator.

Mōđī Jī is as focused as a recluse,
And Yōgī Jī tolerates not a traitor.

Shāh Jī is the best strategist,
And the team is just perfect.

Smřŧï auntie is the best counsellor,
An example she is of the pink power.

Rājnāŧh Jī is the best caretaker,
Wise old man for the nation.

Doctor Härśvärđhän is now elevated,
He heads the World Health Organization.

Coronavirus and its disease, COVID19,
Originated in MainlandChina.

Extinction, it is threatening,
Now we all turn to Hïnđū values.

Sänāŧän Đhärmä is very scientific,
The blind faith belongs to aggressors.

The oldest **** sapiens sapiens,
In Jharkhand state, you will find its remains.

They say that history repeats itself,
Rām Rājyä beckons once again.
A tribute to the great Government of India.
We elected a good set of administrators.
Now have faith in Narendra Modi Ji and his handling of the COVID19 pandemic crisis.

My HP Poem #1867
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 7 · 146
I Do Not Know How
Äŧül Jul 7
I do not know how, no I do not.
Some of their poems appear bad.

Some are out of rhyme,
Some are not worth a dime.

I don't know how the legendary poets
Came to be known as legendary...

Perhaps because they had no reference
They had no parallels either
And so, they couldn't read others...

I am writing my 1866th poem
However, I read a lot more of them.

Talk about modern poets,
Some of them presume cussing,
To be good, to be divine
Like the evening wine.
My HP Poem #1866
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jul 6
We both are eager to meet,
How beautiful the day will be,
We can, right now only, imagine.
Let me inform you to avoid my scars,
Through my eyes, I offer a gateway,
A gateway to the brighter future.
Focus on my eyes, not the scars.
My HP Poem #1865
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jul 6
We both are eager to meet,
How beautiful the day will be,
We can, right now only, imagine.
Let me inform you to avoid my scars,
Through my eyes, I offer a gateway,
A gateway to the brighter future.
Focus on my eyes, not the scars.
My HP Poem #1865
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jun 28
Writing you
In my mortal coil
Never I expected you to
Walk out of my imagination
Even in a secret desire
But you did, baby
Yes you did.

I had abdicated
You came on 29 Feb
Unexpectedly you came
Out of Kalpana, the imagination
Seeking advice from me
On the difficult path
I came out of past.

You are the harbinger of hope
For my dying soul, you are dope
My dark days & gloomy nights end
Now that my twilight shines so bright
I not any longer shall need to bend
My gladness in darkness I *****
I shall come out with this rope.
Kalpana is translatable to Imagination in English

Her mother's name is Kalpana Das.

My HP Poem #1864
©Atul Kaushal
Jun 26 · 133
I Am Not As Faithful
Äŧül Jun 26
I'm not as faithful as a mutt.

Because dogs shuffle *******,
Just like playboys change beaches.

But yes,
I am as faithful as a swan.

Because time goes awn and awn,
Swans don't desert their partners.
My HP Poem #1863
©Atul Kaushal
Jun 26 · 158
Lethal Words
Äŧül Jun 26
These are my thoughts for you,
In my arms every night, you will perish.

Yes, you will squirm and squiggle,
When my tongue inside you, I shall swivel.

Yes, you will lose yourself in my embrace,
When I shall touch you, you will live again.

Yes, when moonlight will glitter your face,
Then I shall kiss you back till forever.

Yes, you will love me more and more,
Intensely and insanely, in sweet pain.
My HP Poem #1862
©Atul Kaushal
Jun 26 · 371
Eerie Silence
Äŧül Jun 26
People are dropping dead.

People are dropping dead,
Not many in my town
But in big cities,
They are dying en masse
And the silence is scaring me.

Yet again.

Yet again,
I can hear my own blood
Gushing through my ears,
Silly me, I am scared,
More for my loved ones,
And less for myself.

Will we?

Will we all die soon?
Or shall I survive this?
I hope that if my loved ones die,
I do too.
Because I'm afraid of loneliness,
I have a serious kind of autophobia.


Humanity can't go extinct!
Humanity won't go extinct.
It will soon be alright.
Just wait and watch,
How Vishnu takes care of us,
How Shiva takes out the evil,
How the world will turn for good.
My HP Poem #1861
©Atul Kaushal
Jun 22 · 110
Äŧül Jun 22
I wonder what my title will be,
When we are getting married.

Would it be Chiranjeevi,
Or it will be Doctor?

Long-living is Chiranjeevi,
And a PhD-holder is a Doctor.

No, dear Mitali, I will prefer,
To me, people should refer,
As the Poet Atul Kaushal.
My HP Poem #1860
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jun 19
It's such a beautiful feeling,
In my heart and my mind.
It's not a thought just fleeting,
In my life it's a deep thought.

I want you for my dear life,
Putting all my efforts for you.
I see in you, my future wife,
A trump card I found in you.

Together, we shall win this war,
You just keep loving me, my friend.
Together, we shall make eternal love,
Keep blooming, oh my best friend.
My HP Poem #1859
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jun 17
It was KG,
I was very lazy.

Not instinctively so,
Because it was all so easy.

Suddenly I was in Class I!
I was very simply terrorized!

Enter mathematics class!
I was so confused!

Why the hell 1 and 1 became 2
Not 11???!!!

Then came calculus,
It was everywhere!!!

dy/dx, d^2y/dx^2 and d^3y/dx^3
Their integrations!!!

I chose science just for science
Not for mathematics!

However, a voice told me
Science can't exist without mathematics!

And I am a science lover.
My HP Poem #1858
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jun 14
They did not predict about the British,
They did not predict about the Towers,
They did not predict the Desert Scourge.

Still, they accurately predicted,
End of the world on 21 June 2020.

In my opinion,
Needed something to **** time,
So they decided to predict,
And their predictions be
Such foolish and baseless.


The television news channels,
They are all fear-mongering brothels,
Which run on the terror they can imbue to our minds.
My HP Poem #1857
©Atul Kaushal
Jun 13 · 122
I Am Father Time
Äŧül Jun 13
I Am Father Time.
I keep changing your life.

At times, I am the stormy weather.
At others, I am the calm breeze.

You worship the wrong deities.
You make wars misinterpreting me.

I am the sole Creator,
I am the only Conserver,
I am the real Destroyer.

It is Me, who you should worship.
My HP Poem #1856
©Atul Kaushal
Jun 13 · 98
Why Do I Write?
Äŧül Jun 13
Because I can.
My HP Poem #1674
©Atul Kaushal
Jun 12 · 171
Sweetie Pie
Äŧül Jun 12
Where were you all this while?
Enough of this unending search,
Am in dear need of your love,
Rising is our sun with every sunset.

May you always stay happy,
Your youth is contagious.

How young I feel with you,
As a teenager boy in love,
Not so mature or secure,
Dancing on the floor of your dreams,
Systemic diplomacy we must practise.

At long last, you have walked out
So elegantly as an angel of the East.

Cusp of my affection awaits
Unto eternity for meeting you,
Poverty of heart now disappears,
"Softly," you say, holding my hands.

Forever trusting who I shall be,
Of uncertainties it's a bet so risky,
Risks of heartbreak and depression.

Yeah, baby, I'm here with you,
Of course, I'm here for you,
Unless death does us apart,
Richness it imparts to me.

Awesome emotions in our hearts,
Speaking them out with simplicity,
Speaking them out with truth,
Effing our steps towards each other,
That is how we can be happier,
Sweetie Pie, oh my dear Mitali.
My HP Poem #1855
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jun 10
Robert Clive.
He was an agent of the Brutish British,
And he brought misery to my Bhaarat.
My HP Poem #1854
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jun 8
For me, she is the dream I am living,
Right, every second of the day,
I have to pinch myself again & again,
Especially when she says the golden words,
Nearly fainting, I control myself,
Desperate to be her to be my wife,
Sweeter possibilities beckon us both.

For her, I am her living guardian angel,
Of paradise, she's a beautiful citizen,
River Brahmputra washes her soul,
Expedited she has the delivery of happiness,
Victory will be ours, our love will win,
Enjoying we shall be the struggle,
Reason it for separating, we shall not.

My dream girl, she is the cutest in the world,
I am so lucky that I know her, I know an incarnation,
To Đévī Kāmākhyā, I bow my head,
At long last, she came to my life,
Lesser she feels like a stranger,
In the jigsaw of my life, she has all the missing pieces.

An angel must have smiled and nodded,
To The Power's commands,
Unlimited potential for happiness and romance,
Love and faithfulness are our virtues.
My HP Poem #1853
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jun 2
For you, I am an artist,
My art is music,
My art is love.

For you, I am a soldier,
My duty is guarding,
My duty is protecting.

You lost someone special,
I'm an addition new,
Do not worry, Mitali,
I'm here to stay now.
My HP Poem #1852
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül May 30
You shine on my horizon,
Like a nascent rainbow,
After the shower of invisible tears.

To your wrist, I want to hold on,
May I never see you go,
Now that my love towers.

Mares & studs run amok,
In my mind, they so do,
And they sprint around in circles.

Enthused by the falling droplets,
Even peacocks dance,
In my mind, I am all smiles.

The beautiful aura of yours,
I see it with inner eyes,
That of a Đévī it closely resembles.

In your eyes, I see a infantile glint,
Not many get it, Mitali,
You are my first baby girl.

All the beauty in my world,
Now shines 'cause of you, and
I try to summate it in written word.
My HP Poem #1851
©Atul Kaushal
May 30 · 161
Äŧül May 30
I see in you everything.
My first goddaughter,
My first best friend,
My future wife,
My last lover,
You are only my Mitali.
My HP Poem #1850
©Atul Kaushal
May 29 · 145
I Am Him
Äŧül May 29
Lovers, like me, dear Mitali,
You'll see, are found fictionally,
Or maybe in your dearest dreams.

That mythical true lover,
Someone you've craved for,
Maybe since forever and ever.

I am him, I am him, I am him.
Lovers like me, you'll see in literature or maybe just your dreams.

My HP Poem #1849
©Atul Kaushal
May 26 · 192
Yes, I Do
Äŧül May 26
Every tiny bit about you,
I love it, yes, I do.
I feel elated and elevated,
Each night, I promise to hold you tight,
Only as tight to make you feel warm,
To make you feel that you are only mine.
My dear Mitali suggested the title.
My HP Poem #1848
©Atul Kaushal
May 24 · 73
Äŧül May 24
Oh how you think that only urbane can write
And publish them blindly thinking it's right
It's nothing but actually underestimation.

You refused to publish my responsible story
And instead published his inspired glory
It's truly nothing but underestimation.

7 Seconds is a story about the Indian system,
Of education and equality but you rejected it
It's on your part a crude underestimation.

You don't worry I won't file a case against your celebrity author who instead of guiding me with further steps in publication, copied my story and changed the nouns along with the setting to totally lift one significant part of it.
My HP Poem #1847
©Atul Kaushal
May 23 · 238
August Landmesser
Äŧül May 23
All the strength of my impertinent love.
I shall be the August Landmesser.

Low I shall keep my arm en masse,
Of course, I shall not heil the Führer,
Viewing my parents as the dictators, I am,
Expect me they do forget the love of yours.

Yet I shall not comply with their orders,
Of course, I shall always love only you,
Unless I am successful, rest I shall not.
My HP Poem #1846
©Atul Kaushal
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