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Àŧùl 6d
A poet is someone who rhymes,
Or at least takes care of structures.
A poet is someone who just sings,
Or rather makes music of the verses.
A poet is someone who bleeds black,
Or even weeps a rainbow of phrases.
My HP Poem #1942
©Atul Kaushal
Aug 24 · 85
I Love You
Àŧùl Aug 24
You there,
I love you.
You are so sweet,
I admire you.
You are so sharp,
I like you.
You look less cute now,
But I bet you were the cutest child.
I love talking to myself,
This was about the kid in me.
My HP Poem #1941
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl Aug 19
Midriff burning sensation,
Exactly as if it will explode,
Nocturnal timings help,
Stark daylight is undesirable,
Troublesome five days,
Ripe burning inside the temple of life,
Under the wicked sky,
Awry is the cup for collection,
Lopsided is its construction.

Cusping the proof of life,
Unfailing burning sensation,
Pouting by the end of a month.
Phlegethon is a stream of fire or fiery light.
My HP Poem #1940
©Atul Kaushal
Aug 14 · 456
Àŧùl Aug 14
Beyond sacred geometry,
Hides a dark secret.

A secret of stolen symbols,
And stolen concepts.
My HP Poem #1939
©Atul Kaushal
Aug 13 · 237
The Gun In Our Bedroom
Àŧùl Aug 13
I lay prone on the bed.
What's under me?
Under me is my gun,
This gun has a gazillion bullets,
What for? For shooting towards you,
And where are you?
You lie further underneath me,
You lie supine, with your hills grazing my torso.

I touch your soft hills with my strong hands,
And you make sounds in ecstasy, not the drug, but the experience.
My gun travels in & out of your *****,
And your nails dig deeper into my back.

You express pleasure,
My sweat drips on your throat.
You express pain,
My pace increases in ecstasy.

You start squirming underneath,
You vibrate furiously along me,
I shoot my excited gun at last,
What for?
No, not for taking your life,
But as you are my wedded wife,
Together we should create new life.

You whimper,
I whisper.
You cry,
I pry.
You are relieved,
I am pleased.
We are successful.
My HP Poem #1938
©Atul Kaushal
Aug 13 · 533
Àŧùl Aug 13
In between my legs
is my missile and
I want to launch
it to your crotch.
My HP Poem #1937
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 27 · 401
Hearty Wishes
Àŧùl Jul 27
You are so beautiful,
As if right from my dream.

I'm very lucky that you are in my life,
To my thoughts, you give positivity.

Now soon be my wedded wife,
You are a blessing in disguise.

You are so mindful,
As if here to stay forever.
My HP Poem #1936
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 7 · 144
Àŧùl Jul 7
Even during the darkest of nights,
I am with this thought of my future,
Nothing scares me just enough to stop.

Even during the blackest of days,
I am with the memory of time past,
Nothing depresses me enough to pop.

Even during those hours of blues,
I dispel each of the purples in strait,
Because in being sad, I find just glop.
My HP Poem #1935
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 4 · 254
Before I Fall Asleep
Àŧùl Jul 4
Before I fall asleep,
Let me dream a little.
If I dream about you,
Will you dance with me?

Before I get nightmares,
Let me rhyme a little.
If I sing a song to you,
Will you make love with me?

Before I fall from heaven,
Let me prepare a little.
If I fall in love with you,
Will you promptly hold me?
My HP Poem #1934
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 4 · 351
Swansong: A Tribute?
Àŧùl Jul 4
My new novel
Is now available
On the online circle
Of Amazon Kindle
As a soft copy eBook
And as a traditional
Hard copy novel

It set it in beyond COVID19 days,
Read what I write as a PhD scholar.
I know that China modified it,
Naturally, CoV won't affect us so much.
China altered it in the Wuhan lab,
They made it a novel Coronavirus,
They called it nCoV19, ask why,
Because they engineered it in 2019.

My novel talks about it,
This sin is punished,
Not just by India,
But also by USA,
And everyone sane,
There happens WW3,
The Negative Axis powers are:
China, North Korea & Pakistan

Indian Army has HuSaVe's,
Human Safety Vehicles,
Robotic suits that the DRDO creates.
China copies them,
Removes the human part,
And makes GHOST's,
Global Human Omission Safety Transformers.

The story is built with a lot of action, some technology and a bit of romance,
A lot of red shades make the story, some blues for it and a bit of pink,
For writing it, I wasted not a microlitre of real ink.

Indian Army comes up with TASIP,
Terrestrial Army Soldier Improvement Program,
And the protagonist, Ravindra Thakur is selected to be one of them.
He becomes a genetically modified soldier,
The DRDO has a specialist scientist Dr. Malakar who does it with his team,
CRISPR-Cas9 is used to elongate all his telomeres,
And now he has stronger chromosomes.

Ravindra & his batchmates can handle extreme doses of hormones,
Adrenalin, human growth hormone and testosterone to name a few,
These hormones can otherwise **** people in such high overdose,
But his sixth sense is strengthened and even the seventh & eighth senses top with those,
You begin to read it and if you can't put it down, blame it on me,
Cross-references to my previous novel help bring your heart closer,
Yes, the novel is sci-fi, army, diplomacy and hypothetically viable too.

My HP Poem #1933
©Atul Kaushal
May 28 · 356
Àŧùl May 28
I have learnt to seek happiness in my life,
My preparation isn’t just for a beautiful wife.

I banish sadness by a gazillion miles,
My aim is a persistent state of strong smiles.

If I can be happy with myself in loneliness,
Then I can be with my partner in happiness.
My HP Poem #1932
©Atul Kaushal
May 26 · 183
Until I Am Alive
Àŧùl May 26
Until I am alive,
In my heart you will thrive.
My HP Poem #1931
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl May 25
Come, come with me, honey. 🍯
This afternoon, I'm so *****. 🎺
Come to the deserted beach, 🌊
I wanna eat your red peach. 🍑
Let's make love in the sand, 🌴
Just gimme your **** hand. 💅🏼
Let's sink in each other's love, 😍
Just kindle this glowing dove. 🕊
Obfuscate my afternoon light, ☀
Let me give you a love bite. 👄
My HP Poem #1930
©Atul Kaushal
May 14 · 524
I Am A Mortal
Àŧùl May 14
I survived a life-threatening,
Coma-inducing & memory-debilating
High-speed road accident in May ‘10.
I survived COVID12,
Now I even survived COVID19.
I, howsoever, know what I am.
I am a mortal. Perishable.
My HP Poem #1929
©Atul Kaushal
May 12 · 304
Soldiers In The Pass
Àŧùl May 12
The bonfire is lit warm,
It is comfortable as a quilt.

We look at the photos,
Inside of our wallets.

The parents, the wife and kids,
Probably for the last time we kiss.

Tomorrow is the final battle,
We make a treatise with death.

Either she takes the novice boys,
Or let us send them to her.
My HP Poem #1928
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl May 5
They cooked stories about Abraham,
Peddled the lies about plagiarism,
God Brāhmäņ became a deity,
Brāhmäņ people I mean,
Demeaned the ****** status,
Idol worshipping is optionality,
They typecasted Đhärmä to an -ism,
My HP Poem #1927
©Atul Kaushal
Apr 17 · 664
You Scuttled My Ship
Àŧùl Apr 17
Bereft of love all my life,
Thought I would not need any.
Still, you entered my life,
And now I need you as my wife.
Proposals, you can get many,
Yet you say you will be my wife.
You scuttled my ship.
My HP Poem #1926
©Atul Kaushal
Apr 17 · 1.1k
My Nine Angels
Àŧùl Apr 17
First was a demo.
Second was a desire.
Third was a demon.
Fourth was a disappointment.
Fifth was a liar.
Sixth was someone who lost me.
Seventh was a charlatan.
Eighth was a Succubus.
But nineth is a different Angel,
My Angel.
My HP Poem #1925
©Atul Kaushal
Apr 14 · 217
My Paternal Grandfather
Àŧùl Apr 14
He was born in 1924.
The month was November.
And the date was 20.

He passed away in 1991.
The month was September.
And the date was 25.

I couldn't consciously listen to him.
I missed out on a grandpa.
I could've learnt so much.

He also taught Sänskřŧäm.
My HP Poem #1924
©Atul Kaushal
Apr 12 · 257
Àŧùl Apr 12
I wanna reach somewhere else,
For I do not belong here,
Listen to the silence of my panic.

I scream at the top of my voice,
Still, no one listens there,
Maybe I'm an alien here by choice.

I need a panacea for my ills,
A cure for my SADness,
Maybe then I won't get chills.

******-Affective Disorder,
Its SADness destroys me,
Maybe I lack love in my life.

I really need a loving wife,
Who values me enough,
Maybe such a Naari is imaginary.

I am very hopeless in life,
SAD, but not suicidal,
Maybe I have a bigger destiny.

I carry the burden of my past,
Still, I need some love,
Maybe happiness seeks me too.

I am unaware of a true lover,
Who can love me more,
Maybe she exists only in my desires.

I hear that everybody deserves joy,
But I don't know why, but
Maybe my Karma is a bad accountant.
My HP Poem #1923
©Atul Kaushal

Naari is a Hindi synonym for woman.
Apr 12 · 630
Time Travel: A Poem
Àŧùl Apr 12
I want to travel behind,
Backwards to that time,
When you were mine,
And I was your crime.

Breaking up was routine,
And so was making up,
Then a calamity struck,
And I survive to live a half-life.
My HP Poem #1922
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl Apr 8
If you have any such bachelorette in sight,
Do inform me. I am a straight man.
I want to get married asap,
No restrictions on age, religion or creed.
Just want an in-law family, which is vegetarian.
Apr 7 · 381
The Night Of Horrors
Àŧùl Apr 7
I was enjoying the bright moonlight,
Rambling about the starboard,
Rambling about the starboard,
I let my memory go stray backwards.

My ship glided through the calm sea,
Cleaved through brief obfuscate,
Cleaved through brief obfuscate,
My ship exited into the starry waters.

And you will never believe what I saw,
I saw my spirit lifted from me,
I saw my spirit lifted from me,
My body falling dead on starboard.

Out of the body, my spirit wandered,
It wandered furthermore,
It wandered furthermore,
I hope they would cremate my body.

I want to reach your Käilāshä
Rescue me, my Shiva,
Rescue me, my Shiva,
They reach you through the land.

I shall reach your realm gliding,
Receive me, my Shiva,
Receive me, my Shiva,
Zapping through the night sky.

Your Yamaraj reaches closer,
May they stay happy, my family,
May they stay happy, my family,
Let them move on peacefully.
My HP Poem #1921
©Atul Kaushal
Apr 5 · 433
Sie sind willkommen
Àŧùl Apr 5
Ich liebe Sie, meine Dame.

Ihr Lächeln ist sehr schön,
Ich liebe Ihr amüsantes Schmunzelen.

Ihre Lippen sind so süß,
Ich liebe Ihre herzige Lefzen.

Ihr Lieb ist so attraktiv,
Ich liebe Ihr **** Körper.

Ihre Brüste sind so voll,
Ich liebe Ihren zarten Busen.

Ihre Stimme ist so verführerisch,
Ich liebe Ihre melodische Stimme.

Ihre Hüften sind so Sanft,
Ich liebe Ihre weiche Hüften.

Ihre Zähne sind perfekt,
Ich möchte Ihre perfekten Zähne lecken.
My HP Poem #1920
©Atul Kaushal
Apr 1 · 1.4k
Poetry Writing
Àŧùl Apr 1
Writing poem is like,
Pouring out your heart in rhyme form.

Make rhyming strike,
And not regular free form a social norm.

Birdlike, not childlike,
Respect poetry, it's not cuss but an art form.
My HP Poem #1919
©Atul Kaushal
Mar 27 · 488
I Am A Poem
Àŧùl Mar 27
Unread. I am a poem,
Read me. I deserve your time,
Heartless. Drop-in your heart for me.

Thirsty. Rain your love,
Feed me. I love your reviews,
Artless. All my words are so truthful.

Story. I am an unforgettable saga,
Narrate me. Retell me to your family,
Fearless. I become proud forevermore.
My HP Poem #1918
©Atul Kaushal
Mar 23 · 322
Heavy Head
Àŧùl Mar 23
My head feels heavy when
I get a lot of hair,
Or when I've an unsuitable pair.

My sight grows dim when
I get a broken heart,
Or when I see an unusual art.

My breath feels stale when
I get mouth sores,
Or in the morning I've just opened my eyes.
My HP Poem #1917
©Atul Kaushal
Mar 21 · 91
Àŧùl Mar 21
A poem is not
Your crass, Because

A poem is not a medium to abuse,
Or a collection of cuss words.
Roses should pour from its phrases,
The poem must always be beautiful,
Aye, even if angry or hateful.
My HP Poem #1916
©Atul Kaushal
Mar 13 · 121
I Feel When
Àŧùl Mar 13
I feel scared when
I am alone in the middle of a crowd,
Which is almost always.
I feel irked when
The music is much too loud,
While the night won't irritate me.
I feel flared when
Someone abuses the language and are proud,
Which is also an insult to themselves.
I feel terrorized when
They proclaim that there's no one but Al,
Not to mention the time of their loudspeakers.
My HP Poem #1915
©Atul Kaushal
Mar 13 · 292
Another Respite
Àŧùl Mar 13
I need another break from my life,
But this time return I want not to.
I want to play the leisurely fife,
But are dead people even happy?
I hear that they experienced a strife,
Their hearts stopped beating,
And their breathing ceased too.
My HP Poem #1914
©Atul Kaushal
Mar 12 · 200
The 7-Star Crown
Àŧùl Mar 12
[March 9 2021, 23:04] Atul Kaushal:
[March 9 2021, 23:50] Chrystel Venema: I just read the whole saga and it left me speechless.. Just wow, really deep and well-written🙏

Thanks to readers like Chrystel Venema, I have found a reason to respect myself.
I really respect myself for writing
“The ‘Angel?’ Saga”
Mar 7 · 155
No Soldier
Àŧùl Mar 7
Jihadis have no souls.
They are not humans.
I categorize them under ghouls.
They are enemies of all life.
No soldier should regret killing a Jihadi of any age.
My HP Poem #1913
©Atul Kaushal
Mar 7 · 245
Àŧùl Mar 7
True comfort lies in
Infancy or in
Mother's lap,
True peace lies
only in Death
I know that
In death you
Are free from all
Pains and emotions,
Like I was in that
Comatose state
My HP Poem #1912
©Atul Kaushal
Mar 7 · 585
Àŧùl Mar 7
If you see me closely,
I am the one with the halo.
If you hear me keenly,
I say a lot more than just “Hello.”
If you hold me intimately,
You can feel my wings too, and,
I shall make unimaginable love.
My HP Poem #1911
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl Mar 4
I found you
Looking for me,
Looking for some guidance,
Which I gave to you,
In return,
You gave me your heart,
Which I shall cherish forever,
And ever.
My HP Poem #1910
©Atul Kaushal
Feb 14 · 823
A Request
Àŧùl Feb 14
Oh my lover,
Do not mind my haircut.
If you miss my longer hair,
See an older picture.
I am surely bigger than my locks,
My experience is the greatest.
My HP Poem #1909
©Atul Kaushal
Feb 3 · 207
Beyond The Āŧmā
Àŧùl Feb 3
I love you
Beyond your soul
Oh, my dove
My HP Poem #1908
©Atul Kaushal
Feb 1 · 371
When Love Arrives
Àŧùl Feb 1
When Love arrives,
Don't be hesitant about it,
Don't be dumb towards it.

Improvise to be expressive,
Improvise your poems & verses,
Be romantic and passionate too.

Learn to be flirtatious & elegant,
Learn to be welcoming & courteous,
Be adventurous and spontaneous.

Receive love with all its grandeur,
Reflect it with twice the splendour,
Witness the magic of love.
My HP Poem #1907
©Atul Kaushal
Jan 20 · 386
Freedom for Me is
Àŧùl Jan 20
The liberty to love anyone
Irrespective of Värņä,
Jāŧï, community, birthplace,
Profession, or their past,
In order to help them get better
As I become their dream partner
My HP Poem #1906
©Atul Kaushal
Jan 8 · 525
Àŧùl Jan 8
My bed creaks with the pain of my loneliness,
My life reeks of the stench of my emptiness.
Do not run away considering me desperate,
A better lover than me you can only imagine.

My past is smeared with pains and sorrows,
My present painted with a cautious colour.
My future is bleak, I can't foretell a thing,
Come along if you want, don't be hesitant.

I'm not desperate, I've been lonely for far too long,
Now that you are here, I won't let you go away from me.
I'm not bad, I'm a PhD researcher, and have a future too,
Be my lover, we shall go for hiking on the hills & put up a tent.

In the night outside the tent, we shall make a bonfire,
And also cook the food with peaceful veg ingredients.
You just need to eat and feed me too, I shall do the cooking.
Afterwards inside the tent, we shall make love hot and pure.
My HP Poem #1905
©Atul Kaushal
Jan 8 · 135
My Heart Is Scared Of
Àŧùl Jan 8
A long and lonely life
Where I stand alone
After everyone's demise
‛Coz I don't want to
Live alone after they die
And I can't think about
Cremating my beautiful wife
My HP Poem #1904
©Atul Kaushal
Jan 1 · 321
I Remember A Time
Àŧùl Jan 1
When I was loved,
When I was wanted,
When I was treasured...

Now a decade after a great accident,
New memories fail to form for long,
And the past refuses to be forgotten...
My HP Poem #1903
©Atul Kaushal
Dec 2020 · 103
3 Decades of Loneliness
Àŧùl Dec 2020
I am 30 years old,
Although unsure,
I am still so bold.

On 23rd December,
Of age and loneliness,
I completed the 30th year.

No, not exaggerating,
I hate and fear my solitude,
For it pulls me into a depression.

I ruminate everything,
I was on an antidepressant,
Now my liver is failing day by day.

I apologize to myself,
My life is so empty,
I can't feel you there.

There's a stress in my heart,
It's called the load of neurosis,
For I have had no bro or sis.

First decade passed too slow,
But I was plighted by nightmares,
Nightmares of mother scolding me.

She bought me many toys,
Hoping I won't miss a sibling,
I talked with myself while playing.

Second decade went too slow,
I felt much happier with friends,
N’ I even had a girlfriend at 17 years.

Started composing songs with a guitar,
Although I got my heart broken,
And I felt so lovelorn at 18.

Met another ******* a bus to Delhi,
She was bothered by two smokers,
I chided the two to get off the bus.

So, I got one more girlfriend at age 18,
She doublecrossed me, I ditched her,
And I again moved on in life solo.

Then another at 19 years of age,
I got a match from social service club,
Where we taught poor kids together.

I would utter one petty lie,
If I said that I loved her not,
Or that she loved me not.

All went fine, we even made love,
Like married husband and wife,
But by abruptly, I almost did die.

The date was 7 May 2010,
I was pulled inside Death’s den,
And He almost briought about my end.

I met with a life-threatening,
And grim deathly coma-inducing,
High-speed accident on the highway.

Even the doctors were hopeless,
My parents were afraid to lose me,
But I lived with some partial disability.

The 3rd girlfriend used to visit me often,
She took care of me in my state so comatose,
Then she'd give me light music therapy.

I woke from the coma,
More than mental,
Back then it was a physical trauma.

I was in a barely conscious state,
For more than 3 months,
I couldn't speak due to tracheotomy.

Now, the 3rd girlfriend told a beautiful lie,
To my parents she told she wasn't my girl,
When I asked, she said that I loved the 2nd girl.

Although, the first word I spoke,
Months after the tracheotomy,
It was only her first name...

Things got complicated on October 26th,
I was upset and didn't speak a word on 27th,
I spoke on 28th October 2010 that I recalled my past.

The 3rd girlfriend I wanted to scold,
Even the cheater second girl was involved,
I wanted to rip the sky apart for the lie.

First, sent me into a comatose state,
Almost snatched me back to Swarg,
Gave me a physically challenged life.

I loved again a girl,
She proposed me,
But my heart she did hurl.

Kept blabbering about her male bestie,
And I got sick of her soon,
Ditched her and moved on alone.

Then I found a new girl,
She guided me here to this nook,
And so, I found my 5th lover.

I visited on her birthday,
We kissed each other twice,
Once was on arrival.

And again in the wee hours,
I slept beside the bed of her father's,
She was too attracted to me.

She woke me up lightly to kiss again,
And over her father's head we kissed,
Amazed I was seeing her daring game.

Her name means grace,
But a year later,
All her grace depleted.

Me she cheated,
She crossed me with another guy,
The guy went to her city for testing her.

So, I was done with 5 girls so far by 2015,
Now, a motherless poetess liked me,
I gifted her the fortune of love and care.

She kept dwelling in the negatives,
I had to spell the relationship's end,
As she had a nefarious girl best friend.

She had resolved to pay me in earnest,
But I had told her not to worry,
And stay with me forever.

She pressed that I took back the money,
I told her to invest it for future with me,
But she had other plans, she made me ditch her.

Soon, I moved on to a Silchar girl,
She was a Muslim and sweet,
But then I came to know about her multiple accounts on SM.

Then I had a fling with a playgirl,
I was unsuspecting, but she used me,
As a *****, as her boy and as a *** doll.

Now enter the 8th girlfriend,
She's very ambitious,
She has many prospects too.

She never fails to exert the fact
That I lack the social tact
And she likes to act

She's sweet and sends me gifts,
I do help her as much as I can,
But she sometimes acts selfish.

My parents are simply unprepared
To let me choose the girl to marry
And they don't want me to choose.

Have had enough of loneliness,
Still unmarried at 30 years,
I feel that I shall never marry.

Life is very toxic.
My HP Poem #1902
©Atul Kaushal
Dec 2020 · 219
Now Do Not Ignore Me
Àŧùl Dec 2020
You are indifferent to my words,
Loving you is my brand-new verse,
I confess your ignorance hurts.

Thanks for your love,
But your material gifts I don't seek,
Of love and romance I reek.

Hold me tight,
You claim to love me, right,
Show it not by gifts.

Give me your love,
Give me your time,
For me, your love is behove,
Now it's high time, be mine.
My HP Poem #1901
©Atul Kaushal
Nov 2020 · 269
Àŧùl Nov 2020
Marriage as a choice,
Needs a voice...

A voice I have found in myself,
A prospect I found in yourself...

Do not be deaf as I recite my proposal,
Do not be dumb during the appraisal...

If you preplanned rejection,
Consider this my swansong...

Come on now,
Know me more...

Read my poems and stories,
Listen to most of my songs...

Know me more,
And forget yourself...

Leave your ego behind,
Welcome my love in your mind...

Make space for me in your life,
I am not fat, I am not huge...

I am confident of my art,
You will find me straightforward...

Straight and ****,
That's how I operate...
My HP Poem #1900
©Atul Kaushal
Nov 2020 · 256
Àŧùl Nov 2020
If our paths never cross again,
I want you to forget the pain,
Forgive me and be sane,
Do spare me of the bane.
My HP Poem #1899
©Atul Kaushal
Nov 2020 · 661
Come To Me, My Darling
Àŧùl Nov 2020
Old will be my bed,
Memories will be undead.

The moments will be sensual,
The love we make will be consensual.

Oh my good girl,
Come to me,
Into a happier world, you I shall pull.
My HP Poem #1898
©Atul Kaushal
Nov 2020 · 130
Religion Of Peace?
Àŧùl Nov 2020
Oh no, oh no,
No, Abdul, No.

It's not what you assume,
Not at all the religion of peace.

But yes, you guys drink camel ****,
So, yes, you definitely follow it.

With ***** on your head,
I see you dancing in the desert.

Yes, you follow it closely,
The black book of Satan.

What you are is nowhere peaceful,
Yours is not a faith in peace.

No, Abdul, no, what you follow is
The Religion of Camel ****.

My HP Poem #1897
©Atul Kaushal
Nov 2020 · 141
My Doll
Àŧùl Nov 2020
I was born a boy,
My deeds are straight,
And manly too.

However, I love a doll,
Her name is Mïŧālī,
And she is so chubby.

A daughter before marriage,
She is so cute and sweet,
Just like a forgotten childhood dream.

Pull her cheeks,
Cuddle her chin,
And kiss her lips.

I want to do it all,
Day in & day out,
Each & every day.
My HP Poem #1896
©Atul Kaushal
Nov 2020 · 199
When Love Was Not Love
Àŧùl Nov 2020
If you broke up
And moved on,
It was not love.
My HP Poem #1895
©Atul Kaushal
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