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دema Aug 22
happy news penetrate
through my fading
soul like a wave
washing the
traces off
Mis dedos y nariz rozan tu almohada.
Tu ausencia pesa una tonelada,
y tus huellas que huelen a rosas
evocan las cosas perdidas
que se convirtieron en mis heridas.

(My fingers and nose caress your pillow.
Your absence weighs a tonne,
and the traces of you that smell like roses
evoke the lost things
transformed into my wounds.)
Link to short film:
Marty T Ottman Jun 2018
erase all traces left.
forsaken,  as the world is breaking in.
**** this your gone..
***** strong.
your past is over due
embrace the true. define you, push through or you through?
Weight of the decision we all have anchor us down...
Gabriel burnS Apr 2018
Sadists, aren’t we all… abusing that for which we fall…
The way that I’m obsessed… with the fabric of your dress
Although it doesn’t feel as good… as tender skin beneath it would
So it deserves the claws… and lacerated ribbons’ flow…
Of all the fingers, it’s the thumb… that sees the broadest, like the sun
Runs in circles on those knees… the sweet of you I love to read
Yet passion thrives on sacrifice… with aftermaths of melting ice
To treat the paintings on your skin… which lust, in trance, would blindly leave
Like every coin, there are two sides… and truth is tasting both in life…
The things that we adore… our hunger paints in gore
And now you’re in the palms… their lips brush off the calm…
The sinking of the teeth… the flavor underneath...
Before we begin
we were both naive
to see the every inches of this world.
We are just starting to proceed
the consequences of going with the flow.

We have a lot of experiences
in our pocket
it is a proof we will have
to choose our path.

Suddenly, that line crossed
and connected together,
i am part of your day and night
but never your whole life.

my last thought was you

I'm sorry if i'm running late
there are many things  i haven't done ,yet
you are the most beautiful thing i've ever found
i won't let you wait for centuries
just keep the traces of me.
G Rog Rogers Oct 2017

Indelible Words

Inked as small
whispered traces

Liberate the mind.


English Haiku

Madeon Aug 2017
You are like rain
So unpredictable
So refreshing
So sometimes ruthless
So gentle
So renascent
You come and go
And come back again
And leave me invisible traces
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