Aaron LaLux May 29
Remember when,
the Amazon meant the rainforest,
remember when,
Birds were winged creatures that flew above us,

remember when,
our memory wasn’t something on our phone,
remember when,
memory was something in our minds?

Do you remember?

Do you remember,
when we were Light Beings,
not confined to physical bodies,
remember when being a being wasn’t so disgusting?

Remember when we lived,
without farting or pooping or bleeding or sneezing,
remember when we loved for the sake of love,
remember when we’d get together without needing a reason,

Do you remember?

Do you remember unconditional love,
I mean real unconditional love,
back when what we did actually seemed to matter,
before we gave up and stopped giving a fck,

before we threw in the white towel,
and sold our souls to buy in by trying to buy the right vowels,
remember when we had each other to believe in,
before we bought into the dreams they sell and we sold out?

Do you remember?

Do you remember when we lived freedom,
and it wasn’t just a dream we believed in,
do you remember when our little personal revolutions were evolutionary,
do you remember when we could trust everything we were seeing,

now the whole background seems like a green screen,
now the whole world seems like a crime scene,

in a Mandala of Samsara,
trying to break the cycle with Tantra Mantras,
and I wan’t to be Dr. Jekyll all harmless,
but sometimes I scare myself and become a monster,

but I guess that’s the price we pay to play The Game,
ah this life is expensive but liberation is priceless,
so I pay my dues and keep moving through,
making moves like there’s nothing to lose but this life I shine until lifeless,

taking trips without falling to destinations that are calling,
my name by ship car or plane trying to get it all but in the process forgetting everything,
so I preemptively apologize if we meet again,
and I admit that I easily forget and have to ask you to please remind me your name,

remember when,
the Amazon meant the rainforest,
remember when,
Birds were winged creatures that flew above us,

remember when,
our memory wasn’t something on our phone,
remember when,
memory was something in our minds?

Do you remember?

∆ LaLux ∆
Oh, well.
The rhetoric of the moment
Is rapidly forgotten.
Alec Astaire Mar 12
Listen, I’m so sorry for it all:
The distance or the bailouts with only a last minute call
To be honest you’re lucky if I even text you back
It’s not that I don’t love you guys the reason is that-

In the eyes of all of ya’ll, I’m the life of the party
But I lament: my well of life is almost empty
And you have every right to call me selfish
that I should keep it all to myself
But how could I ever have enough to share when my well’s almost out

I’m not that man worth admiring anymore
That guy to chug a Monster and break dance on the floor
Not because i knew how to dance at all
But because I lived to find you beside me on the floor laughing so hard we all cried

I know you miss that guy:
The guy who could make anyone into a friend in the blink of an eye,
The guy who’d spend an entire day preparing a single joke so he could make your day
The guy who didn’t care what anyone thought of him
The guy who always had an idea to make today a day worth remembering

You guys, I miss him too-
And that’s why I keep my distance from you
I can’t go anywhere without feeling hollow and blue
I could never bring life to the party

Nowadays I just chase a drink or two
Attempting to escape the existential dread that’s bound to pursue
As I waste away in my corner glowering
at the room
Daydreaming of how I once danced
like that too

I quest every day after that amazing guy I once knew
The doctor’s say I have depression 
and anxiety..
But unless you’ve experienced living every day trapped within a shell of a person with expectations you could never 
live up to,
Here’s your explanation:
I have amnesia.. and I don’t remember
who I am

And if you could maybe try being there for me instead of watching me wish every moment towards impending oblivion.. then maybe...
just maybe
we can both find who we’re looking for
It's me?
Can you recall?
Do you remember me?
'Coz i remember you
Every nuances of your figures
The shape of fragility that binds with sweet serenade
Oh, it is so thee
The way you twirl your hips when the beat embraces your chest
As you skirt my path, leaning on you
The caress of your lips pressed to mine
Talking to me
Walking with me
Dancing with me
Loving with me
I reminisce your steps
Your eyes in night life
Your red cheeks playing with giggles
Your teasing touch upon my hands
You are my wonderland
And forevermore will be

Do you remember me?
I love you...
Do you remember me?
I still care..
Do you remember me?
Please, hold me..

Falls went down
Mind breaks down
As my heart bleeds to your memory
Our memory that can't be remembered by you
Coz yours fade away

I love you....
I will still make you remember me and wait for your return.
Lost in the glow of the eyes (Past)
The World, I don't really care (Present)

Wish for amnesia (Future)
Theme: Past-Present-Future
Then, nothing matters.
Ammar Feb 18
I want to
scratch your name off my mind
forget your hideous face
remove your voice
that echos so loud in my head
forget the feeling of your disgusting skin
and how it felt on mine
forget the filthy lies
that left your tongue
the words you were never held accountable for
forget the curls of your hair
that ripped my skin with softness
your fcking hazel eyes
that were never loyal to the brown in mine
that would always seek blue or green

I want to
rip every god damn memory
of you
from my heart
and then
from my mind
and rip my soul
apart from yours
burn every memory of you
that I have in
all your fake cunning tactics
to use
and then abuse
burn every part of myself
that you own
the love
the poetry
the letters
the memories

I want amnesia to hit me
and take away all of you
from all of me
you disgusting heap of filth
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
My mind has wandered away,
I don't know where I have kept it,
The doctors,friends and family are helping me to find it.
Please help!
Loss of memory can be frustrating.
Ollie Oct 2017
I never want to wake up with amnesia
Those boys you used to be obsessed with can sing it all they want
But I’m never changing a thing
I would love to forget the screaming each morning
The police in my house
The holes in the wall
I would love to forget my embarrassments and nightmares and heartbreaks
But I don’t want amnesia because I don’t want to forget you
Remember in 6th grade when I screamed to you about glasses
Remember in our first conversation when I saw your scars for the first time
I don’t think we’re fine at all
I listened to this song and it’s called amnesia
I have the tune stuck in my head right in this place
I remember how it felt to finally see you
After a summer without even seeing your face
And we’re not fine at all
I remember how I never knew I loved you
Or I never show you the romantic poetry I write because I write it at night when I’m disoriented and I can only think of you
It happens a lot
I don’t know if it happens to you
Nobody deserves to have a person such as me in their thoughts because I’m no fun and my skin looks like it never gets any sun
People don’t like me so why did you
Sometimes you tell me that I should marry you
I would like to but I don’t know how to figure things out yet
I’m only 13
Am I really that adorable? It was just a smile and I smile at most things you say to me
Do you still have the moments where you question what we are exactly because I do that
I know you’re my best friend and I know you’ll replace me sometime
I don’t want to replace you though
I’m bad at poetry
I love your eyes so much
And your hands
I don’t like physical contact but I love it when you tackle me in a hug
I love everything about you
I don’t love that I’m the one that saves you, sometimes
I’m no one and you deserve all the someones in the world
I admire this poet
A man who writes spoken word
“I don’t want to turn any of this into poetry

You’re so beautiful 
flowers turn their heads to smell you.”
He said that once
And another time
“Don’t tell me you’re not beautiful. You’re the kind of beautiful the blind would see, if we could figure out some way to give them 3 seconds of sight. When you tell me you’re not gorgeous I want to pop out your left eye and show it to your right.”
Once upon a time he said, “it’s gravity that’s been getting us down,” in a poem I memorized
But I kind of think he’s wrong because gravity is a force that makes things float in some amounts
And we’ve kept each other down to the ground and not hanging from ceiling fans
So it’s gravity that’s keeping us (don’t give) up
Do you remember in the mall
Running into you
I think you noticed me last because I’m small
I think I noticed you last because I tend to save the best for last
People say it can make everything so much sweeter
I gasped
I don’t think you meant to tackle me but I am very scrawny so I don’t mind
I like the name you’ve chosen for yourself
It’s my brother’s name, actually
But I think you’re still my favorite Tyler
I’m sorry I used to annoy you with that song about mashed potatoes
You should’ve told me
Too late now
When I was in the 6th grade, I told you that if you wanted to die you should’ve just killed yourself
I’ve never felt more guilty
I’ve never wanted to reverse the situation more because I know that you were strong enough to ignore my bigotry and I was a coward
I would’ve done it
I was stupid
I am stupid
Last April I wrote a poem about you called Skin but it’s deep the confines of a notebook that you shouldn’t read
Your skin is beautiful
And unique
And covered in red marks and of course mental illness isn’t a love story but maybe a love story is the subplot and not the main one and you might have a lot of them
I’m so scared you’re going to die soon
I don’t know how I’d react
Would you want me to keep living
Would you miss me
I’d miss you
The other night, you were in my dream
You came with me to visit my dad in the hospital
And then you disappeared
Is this a sign
I don’t want it to be a sign because I love you so please don’t disappear
My dad was walking and talking
I can’t remember what happened
I think I pushed past him to find you but I can’t remember
I can never remember
I wanted to tell you about it the next day but you weren’t there
I still really want to tell you about it
“You’re worth crossing whatever distance it would take
Worth building bridges to make a connection
Because I’ve been secretly stealing stop signs
Repainting traffic lines so that it can only go one way
Because as far as I can tell dedication is the better part of foreplay
And I admit it, I’m committed, everything I’ve done I did it to make you smile
Cause it’s been the largest part of a long while
Since I had someone do that for me.”
Another quote from the man
The name is Shane Koyczan
I admire his poetry almost as much as I admire all of you
I could never write the way he does
I think I can write okay about scars
The rose’s-worth of storybooks that mark your entire body?
Because everything has a story(even those marks) and I’ll be damned if you haven’t made yourself into a library
But I would read every page of every book if it meant knowing your story
Roses have thorns so be careful with yourself
You’re as sweet as one but you can be just as deadly as its thorns
I keep quoting the man who knows how to write love poems like the back of his hand
It’s like the back of his hand is a galaxy
But oh lord that’s not my quote either that’s a woman’s and she writes about her future daughter
But I still stand to believe he has the galaxies memorized and he knows all the perfect words
I think you would like his poetry more than mine
But all I can say to make it beautiful is “I love you”
Because 3 words are worth a thousand and I’m counting the seconds until you say it back
this is one of many poems about tyler. I said, “hey, I sent you a poem over hangouts. Levi cried reading it.” and they said “I don’t want to cry!” and I said “you won’t, it’s about you.” and with a short glance they said, “it’s always about me.” full of curiosity.
Windy Darlington Oct 2017
In the darkness something’s lost,
It was broken with the frost.
In the mountains an echo rings,
Calling to forgotten things.
On the wind the whisper sighs,
And a shadow, falling, dies.
In the weeping of the rain,
A high wail goes up again.
In the silence of the night,
He searches without a light,
To find everything he's sought
In the world that he forgot.
Demy Molentor Aug 2017
I'm somewhere, I'm someone, that's a fact.
I'm alive.
Got no memories, got no scars, thus why would I shed a tear.
I'm safe.
Sure i've got knowledge, thus will find a way to live.
I'm brave
I'm alone in this world, perhaps, but I forgot how to be scared.
I'm free.
But those if's aren't here, thus I'm not
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