Society tends to have Collective Amnesia.
We don't remember what factors
Caused the Holocaust.
So, we can't see that the same factors
Are present today.

Dark Delusion Jul 19

                        Doctor, oh doctor.
Please help her remember.

Help her.
Help her.
Help me.

Get her out of the fog.
Lead her the right way.

Wake up.
Wake up.
Don’t sleep.

The abuses behind my back.
The darkness swallows her.

Don’t go.
Don’t go.
Come back.

                                   Doctor, oh doctor.
Would you please do something.

So lifeless.
So lifeless.
So dead.

She’s disappearing.
Her memories’ slowly fading.

Get it.
Get it.
Give it.

Give her the antidote.
She’s so toxic.

Always remember.
Always remember.
Never forget.

She was my medicine.
But now she’s expired.

Remember me.

She’s my drug.
She made me an addict.

Take it.
Take it.
Devour it.

Once you take a taste,
You can never forget.

He woke up one morning.
He was by himself in bed.
He heard the shower running.
He put the phone to his head.

He talked to a police woman.
He reported a break in.
He went towards the bathroom.
He found his wife naked.

Sam Anthony Jun 26

What was the last thing you forgot?
I thought I’d forgotten about Chumbawamba
Their song about not remembering whether they had amnesia
And discovered the reasons we forget
There are three

Sometimes the memory is simply lost
I fail to record it
I struggle to retrieve it
I lose it through the passage of time
And I may as well never have learned it

Sometimes the memory was never right
A subtle hint overwrites it
A trick of the mind confuses where I got it
A belief or assumption filters and interprets it
And surely I learn to trust my memory less

And then, of course, I could repress it
Squash it into the back of my mind
Remembering Freud’s unproven theories
Hoping that what’s left behind
Leaves me feeling more positive

I once witnessed a traffic accident and gave a statement to a police officer, who explained that what I told him was simply wrong, but that it was ok because people have false memories all the time.

This poem is based on Daniel Schacter’s Seven Sins of Memory, and I manage to get a little jab in at Freud, whose work is so influential and yet so full of speculation.
andandante1 May 21

Imagine a blackboard with things written on it with chalk.
But, instead of random lecture notes, your memories are written on it.
Here's the catch: You have to erase one memory every day.
That one memory will be erased for the rest of eternity.
That one memory cannot be rewritten again.
Of course, you can erase those sad and insignificant memories first,
but time will come when you have to erase memories you have cherished—memories you have treasured.
Time will come when there is nothing left for you to erase.
What's worse is you can't do anything about it.
It's all part of the game.

Silverflame Apr 27

I’m a healer; not a feeler,
a traveler with loss of passion.
Pipe dreams are clear when day is gone,
then I spawn stories you can’t imagine.

I’m a wanderer; but I am not lost,
burn the human manufactures.
The sky is bleeding poor man’s gold,
drowning lunatic dream-catchers.

I’m a winter child; but my heart is fire,
it's a roaring black hole of ancient lullabies.
Follow the zebra through the midnight woods,
I saw glimpse of amnesia in its eyes.

This is based on a dream I've had recently.
It's quite random, which dreams tend to be.
Aaron LA Lux Mar 20

American Dream

Losing it one memory at a time,
how can I keep track of my friends all over the world,
how did America become a shell of it’s former Self,
what happened to the my American Dream?

I mean,
I have everything,

been to every continent still not at all content,
really though mostly because I don’t know the reason,
for my discontentment I’m in contempt when I try and defend Consciousness,

because most people don’t want to hear it,
myself usually included,
but this day is different an exception to the rule,
in a moment when nothing is excluded,

all inclusive with no illusion to allude to,
only positive punctual true proof,
that ever experience we gain,
is another memorie we lose,

and I suppose that’s the trade off sort of,
lost my money got my freedom feeling strung out like Adolf,
in this Waking Dream that's beginning to feel like a Ponzi Scheme,
was gonna blow the whistle on the whole thing until I got paid off,

hey Madoff,
I just got laid off,
or rather laid on,
a beautiful bed by a beautiful mare that's more like a Stallion,

and that’s the difference,
between the Exceptions to the Rule,
and the “normal human beings”,
I’m between and Exception and the Rules,

I’m losing things but Perfection costs a lot of jewels,
so I'm donating all my Championship rings and useful tools,


to pay the Piper,
there’s a toll at the bridge,
and a troll under the bridge,
and I'm tough not a Billy Goat Gruff with,

Hot Chili Peppers,
with Kiedis in Budapest,
got The Good Life high as Ini the Hotstepper,

nothing seems normal,
shouldn’t be so formal,
let the record play let the drums roll,

in times of gargoyles and turmoil,
having a drink at the bar and it's purple,
at Gresham Palace Bar & Lounge,
up high and getting down with a surplus,

with Anthony in Budapest,
at the Four Seasons Hotel,
on the River Danube,

the River Danube,
brings up memories,
of Lovers and Poems,
and all of the things that continue to make Me,

me and my memories,
I remember you and yours too,
when we walked across that bridge,
above the River Danube...

I can’t stand Truth,
He can be such a fickle creature when He’s free,
and I’m losing memories it’s true I just hope I’m not also losing you,
because She can be such a fickle creature when She’s free,

one round at at time,
on ground that was never mine,

and I know you don’t know the answers,
“But excuse me could you at least tell me the time?”,

to this you turn from your Enamore,
“Well since you asked I’ll tell you it’s almost One Two.”,
in other words what you said,
was it’s almost 12 which makes this the 11th Hour of Youth,
and I know we’re losing all of our memories,
but the only thing I fear losing is you,

Because I’m,
losing it,

Losing it one memory at a time,
how can I keep track of my friends all over the world,
how did America become a shell of it’s former Self,
what happened to the my American Dream?

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

A Surreal World
Selective Amnesia
Bits and pieces of Truth
A large helping of Fantasy.
A Smorgasbord for the Mind.

What can you say in five lines or less?
Probably not a whole heck of a lot…….
Less than What  you intended to say,
But you’ve probably forgotten
All that was on your mind by now.

Apollo Hayden Feb 24

Someone had asked if I knew you,
I said I did...
So I tried saying your name but the sound struggled to fall off of my lips.
I tried and tried again but I couldn't remember where it was I knew you from.
Went searching for you in my heart and immediately became numb.
Felt a sharp pain inside my brain before things went blank; I couldn't pick you out in a crowd...
Thought it was you but I seem to be the one who's fading now.
If the beginning of a movie is beautiful but ends so terribly, then what moments will be so vivid inside your memory?
Will you leave the theater speaking of it for some time, or will you do your best to erase the whole experience from your mind?
I can't get that energy back but it caused her face to blur, making it easier to forget whatever we really were.
I tried to say it one last time but it got caught on the tip of my tongue, and it was there where I gave it up, then my whole body went numb...

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