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Malia 7d
I really wish
I was 23
Because then
I’d finally be free
Not really
I’d be pinned down
By worries
College degrees
Apartment fees
Oh wait
I have that already

But still
It’d be better
Or so it seems
Than being a kid.
Or so it seems...
Blank yellow pages
Empty writing lines
Yet filled with thoughts
A poet at it's finest
A flower, Harnessed by the wind
Inspirational nothing
Words don't rhyme
Everything goes on, except time
My feelings, never fully good
And you'll never see through the eye of a true poet
A poem every day.
Brian McDonagh Sep 2018
It’s not a ranking or an achievement
As if far from the “top.”
It’s an advancement
Starting from the “first place”;
The greater magnitude being a positive progression.
It’s not even a race in the “first place.”
A dual-digit place marker can and should indicate you’re moving forward.
At this point, you meet the requirements and criteria
For adult access to many sights, tastes,
And times.
Of course, that’s not the ultimate cause of celebration
For being in [the] “23rd place.”
When you’re in [the] 23rd place, you’re in a comfortable position
And not necessarily at a crucial extremum of attention.
There will be those behind and those in front,
So, though you keep your own pace nevertheless,
To know you’re no longer in first place,
Yet not in last place of your course of path,
Means that you have some to teach
And still some who may offer pointers, tips, tricks, inspirations,
And the gift of encounter, however brief or long.
There are many who long to be in first place or last place
Because the extrema tend to get the recognition.
The important insight is to recognize that, not only do the numbers matter little,
But you can make them stand out, like the number 23.
There’s random selection, too, amid those spontaneous humor-goers,
And then there’s placement and fixation
With purpose, sincerity, and intention.
You’re 23 not solely based on record
Or coincidence;
You’re 23 because you lived out the previous age
In every way: what you missed, what you learned, what you offered,
And what you planted.
On your birthday and every day,
The newness longed for arrives in a time not desired or unwanted,
But at a time just right, which still causes waves of pain and waves of relief
Across space anyway. Happy Birthday Devin!
You’re in [your] 23rd place!
Celebrate this checkpoint!
Shout out to my brother on his birthday!
Tiger Ayres May 2018
Koh Lanta
Stretching out further than this stanza
A calm chilled place
But less than a fraction of the human race
Waves for surfing
Volley ball skills constantly rehearsing
But none of those things
Will comfort those cold dripping screams.

Just normal people minding their own business
Till a wave came along more exciting than Christmas
And another and another pile on top
Till the waves had to fall and drop.

Then another came along and the next thing we know
We’re scared
No excitement no surfing no volley ball
We’re scared
No calm no chill
We’re scared.

Water dripped from the young and the old
Young and the old dripped from the water
The volley ball rolls from the beach to the sea
The sea rolls from the volley ball to the beach
The houses never stood so tall and strong
So tall and strong the houses never stood
Koh Lanta
In class we were watching a documentary about a tsunami in Koh Lanta which we then told to write a poem on. I spent the rest of that lesson, which was a bout 30 minutes, and some of the next. I just saw this poem and was so proud I decided to post it for people to see.
Born this little  mite
Who's putting up a fight
A precious life.
Born Tuesday
Why you left the womb
Far far to early
My little great grandson
A little soul
Such a gift from heaven.
Than you're ever know
Emm Feb 2018
Same old bed
Same old mess
Same old self,
same old, same old

Different time
Different expectation
Different people
Different connection

Trapped in the possessed power of the passed
Those, who never asked

Different world
Different place
Unfamiliar stuff

Ahead of time
Out of rhyme
No one to blame

Aging on,
Here's your stick to find your path
in the dark
Shuffle on,
travel on
Amanda Stoddard Jan 2018
I watch the ache in my chest
for you
dissolve into a quiet whisper.

I rethink every decision ever made
as these memories are telling me a story
about my progress
as if it was someone else's

will I always stand inside the shadow of another?

will even my own not be enough company to keep me sane?

why do I love lonely but crave the embrace?

I'm watching my expression change,
with every single word I say
and every single thing I feel.

it seems it's all imagined,
the desire for infatuation
and lust and connection.

it's all just ego.

I am nothing but
a whisper in the ears of no one.

should I even speak at all
when my words don't mean anything to even me.

never have I been trusting.

and here I go-
coming undone again.

thinking the world of myself
but the world is ******
so that's counterproductive,
isn't it?

paradoxical contingencies
keep me awaking from these dreams.

go to sleep it's a nightmare
and wake up it's the same.

my vision is getting blurry
and my voice now shakes
from inadequacy.

I love every part of me
so how could this be happening?

my shadow laughs back at me,
reminds me I am the same girl I was
19 and addicted to things.

almost 23 and it's more of the same-
23 and I've lost almost everything.

so what's another 23 years?
astro eyes Oct 2017
An innocent born into darkness,
A life unknown to be so graceless.
A world without colour,
This life like no other.

Below the depths of this flesh,
A girl lives craving new breath.
Stolen was her beating heart,
Given to loneliness, consumed as a withered spark.

The biggest dreams swim in her mind,
The longest amount of time goes by.
A slave to abuse, a slave to misery.
Will she escape from the chains to find victory?

Fortitude is what she seeks,
Peace and love is what she needs.
A life ready to begin and restart,
Her life ready to fight her way through the dark.

A journey has started, her journey awaits.
An adventure she'll recall,
has her saving grace.

“Arise” she screams,
“Arise and be...”
“Arise and be all that you dreamed!”
This is the first piece I am publishing. It's quite daunting to put my work out into the world. I have never before done so.
I hope this poem speaks to you in some way.
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