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Elizabeth Kelly Nov 2021
Lord grant me the audacity.

To again be a 23 year old marshmallow
Partying every night at the campfire with a bunch of skewers.

The audacity
To feel outstanding
With an underdeveloped frontal lobe
Floating around in cherry bombs and Stroh’s

To survive being invincible and brave and strong enough to make bold and terrible decisions
And blessedly wake to another sunrise

Never grateful to be alive.
******* *****.
How does anyone survive their early 20s.

Sheer audacity.
Just reminiscing about being a *****. The marshmallow analogy makes me laugh. Early 20s were a blast and many many years later I truly can’t believe I made it through mostly unscathed.
Shrika Oct 2021
I am
        Nothing more than something
                    Nothing less than anything
        I stand on the line between
My brightest fears and
       my darkest strengths
                Wind wakes a wanderer
                          Current flows through a sailor
          I have neither and I am neither

Forward is bitter
             Backward is foolish
                         Left and right, Death's disguise
            Muddled clarity, invisible light
Multiple reflections,
           Maybe it's broken glass.

The cliff waits for my decision
                But for now,
                              I STAND STILL.

Here's one after a long time:)
Nicole Jun 2021
At last
She stripped her fears away
and clothed herself with courage
No one could ever undress

There she goes
dressed in confidence
Head's up high, she knows
better and bold
At last
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, already wrote about this before: but can it be?

hung dislike in the air unspoken

the favors in the same feather interest leaves a heart broken

admitting an adornment lazily better than that

suspicion captains the dreamy sails been in moons and sat

hold up not that I forgot to mention seems

the remember you soulmated when crying belongs and screams

April smothered a sarcastic note that I humor like I flow like I do

not of him a think of the thinking a dumb pursue

because darling my whole existence fed on that all along

how could a world stance stars and align in one core wrong???

not that I die this crazy fate hate

at least been found on a irony of an abandoned twenty-third

                                                  ­                                    -----ravenfeels
Àŧùl May 2021
I survived a life-threatening,
Coma-inducing & memory-debilating
High-speed road accident in May ‘10.
I survived COVID12,
Now I even survived COVID19.
I, howsoever, know what I am.
I am a mortal. Perishable.
My HP Poem #1929
©Atul Kaushal
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, this number keeps haunting me---nice:]

spaced in faze spaced in shock

waiting for the hit of the clock upon us

jaded in here scattered in there

falling deeply into depths of despair

piles of threes and stashes in seven still unspoken fourteens

into the floors and walls of the magnificent heavens

count of one then a skip of a spree down

into curses of minutes in a bunch of twisted twenty threes

ranveer joshua Jun 2020
after this day he starts to disappear again
where minute by minute
day by day
he goes
back into his spot in the sky
where he lets me bask in his warmth

but he's greedy
not letting me fully encapsulate
the joy and delight he provides
by taking away a minute of his light
each day

hopefully he doesn't hide behind the clouds
on june 23
otherwise this poem is a waste
if one were to even call this a poem
i get sad thinking about how the sun won't fully get to enjoy the summer season with me.
Poetic T May 2020
Woeful glazes sitting idle  
                       for is one meant to be burdening  another,
And when the idleness
                          breaks free then all shall falter
letters to basil Apr 2020
dear quinn,

a magic eight ball
will never
tell you how
to be okay.


i hope you're well. take time to breathe and make sure you stay hydrated. you are a lovely soul, and i hope you appreciate that every once and awhile. thank you for spending a part of your day reading my words.

have a good breakfast <3
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