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Behold the dreadful Horns of Red
The Beasts who trample o’er the dead
Who roar and gore and raise their heads
In challenge to the One who bled –

The One who willfully was pierced
Whose will is strong, whose love is fierce
Who crushes Altars men revere
That they may see through their veneer

Many were born,
accepting the image;
my love is torn,
as she blends in assemblage.

Out with the old,
and in with the new;
the poets, while bold,
will dwindle to few.

I'm one of the brave,
who dared SAVE the beauty,
and still managed to behave,
as her gaze passed over me.

What is it here,
that my heart hasn't got?
maybe I'd sell myself, dear,
to give people what they're not.

Chase, chase the love,
of what may fill the empty,
glamour, and shine might move,
but your memory'd never leave me.

All in a daze work,
they'll measure the rhythm,
it'll make me a ****,
but I could stand in line with them.

Vying for the affection,
yet selling the dream,
no objection to injection,
of their soul snatching scheme.
A perfectionist.. but on what level? And which one counts?
You can be
The reason
I believe
In love

I would have said
Genre: Observational
Theme: Everything Matters
Andrew Layman Mar 15
Polished in the mirror,
I shine.
There's evidence
everyone who knows it
now knows of ME,
and has liked my image repeatedly.

This is my good side
quickly, capture that twinkle,
sparkle and finesse;
from every angle imaginable,
and photoshop it
until my form is pleasing and recognizable.

Stare at ME entirely
but only after I have given consent,
after you subscribe to the content.
Please don't bother ME
while uploading my deep thoughts,
I am trending now;
but yesterday I lost a follower
for ME it's like losing a limb.

Such stress makes ME lose focus
I forget to breathe or eat,
such a price for the framework;
I'm not just a vessel, I'm an idol.
I'll rise and steal the moment,
little snares for captive time.

Look at ME
don't lose interest,
stop texting when I'm talking to you.
That's annoying
that's rude,
pay attention to ME for once.

Automatic flash goes off
set for selfie, now filter applied
something is missing here,
a selfie born without the self.

Don't pity ME
the phone doesn't lie;
imperfection can never be
I'm immune,
ME indeed,
addicted to the social feed.
BILLBOARD OF THE WEAK, Copyright © 2020
Andrew Layman
All Rights Reserved.
Carlo C Gomez Jan 31
made by human hands/from elements of the ground/and from afar/silver gold and star/burning without memory/or clear trajectory/in a ritual of prayer/and smoke-filled arena air/the only thing that shines forth/the peril and glory/an endlessly rewritten story/of their own sudden demise
Jacob Scott Dec 2019

I was a sunbeam.

Descending down through
rippled glass
with heat
and motes of dust
on my tongue,
falling through the room
and onto the sleeping frame
of a girl I knew


I did not know her face,
but her mind.

She was her own
(and lost)
with her eyes
brighter than mine
and something
one thousand layers
that lay atrophied--
an acrid piece of her heart,
and known only to me


She did not
see me.

I ran light
through her hair
onto her sleeping face
turning her flesh red,
flushed by my burn
while she dreamt
of the places she'd
been once, but never again


she was in a place
I would never be

I lay across my idol
and whispered
that I must give her up--
and her body lost all meaning,
that it was not mine
while I rose, cooling
and rousing her
with my absence
and when I left her
she sat upright,
blinking into the dark
and pondering
how quickly the night had come
Mikey Kania Nov 2019
one hit right here
hit right here
hit right here

went through right

feel me?
hit up here n###a!

we really in the hood tho
we really with this ****

n###a this **** ain't for
play play this **** ain't
for fun we

really do
this **** we

really live
this life
youtube: "gzuz warum"
Mikey Kania Nov 2019
dear idol i
want to be like you

dear idol i
want to be you

scratched your name into my arm
your face is my tattoo
your tattoo is my face

been listening a decade
to your lyrics i'm all

'bout it
wit it

re-in up
bossed up
fetish for dough

baby i be yours
take me as a gift

my game tizzop
Today is a good day.
- Oct 2019
be your own inspiration
be your own king
or queen
be your own idol
be others idol
be your families star
shine bright
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