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It was two thousand and ten
A minute ago
And now the year
of the deadly virus
ten years hence

Like a dream -

A decade passes
Like waves crashing on
The shore

And I hibernate in
The visions of yesteryear
Picking out my psychic

A hermit?
Oh! No!
A Saint in hiding
Àŧùl Jul 2019
Tu aaye, Tu aaye,
You come, whether you come,
Ya na, main jiyunga.
Or do not, I shall survive.
Haan main jiyunga...
Yes I shall survive.

Chaahe kaisi ** doorie,
However long be the distance,
Na ** koi majboorie,
Just there be no compulsion.
Tu mujhse hi judi,
You are connected to me,
Main tujh mein hi samaaya.
Only I possess your heart.

Zindagi mein kya ** maza,
What fun in life is there,
Bin tere jo bitaunga,
If I spend it without you,
Wo jeena kya jeena,
Oh what fun is such a life,
Har pal ** jab sazaa...
When each moment is a torment...

Tu aaye, Tu aaja,
You come, you should come,
Tu aaye, Ab tu aaja,
You come, now you should come,
Phir main jiyunga,
Then I shall blossom,
Haan main jiyunga,
Yes I shall blossom.
Main phir jiyunga,
I shall live again,
Haan main...Jiyungaaaaa...**
Yes, I shall thrive...

This is the last song I composed before my rebirth after that gravely serious accident. But the song in itself was the tombstone of my first relationship. I composed the song in high sorrow and with all the anger I could manage to veil my tears. A song to disport myself from my first-ever break-up I would term that.

I cursed her as badly as I could and at the same time I said the words that I could say earlier to avoid the break-up. Its basic theme meaning is depicted in the opening line meaning 'Whether you come or don't, I'm gonna live.'

But the lyrics can be misleading as this song is made not only to give vent to the ire my first girlfriend invited but also it hopes that some ideal girl of my dreams (only imaginary) would come and love me in a way which I desire to be loved.

Everybody needs love.
I'm currently happy with the love and care I get from my parents.
Though their care creeps to my nerves at times, they prove to be right most at of the instances.

So, I need my lover to love me better.

My HP Poem #1748
©Atul Kaushal
Elizabeth Brown Dec 2018
The way to insanity is through perpetual pleas for pain.
Only after
of hoping that- one day- my mind would die,
have I finally found bliss within pain.
I cannot be alone in this,
of that I'm certain.

I have seen suffering,
have lived through pain,
and I remain.
If I can do it, so can you.
Elizabeth Brown Dec 2018
I sit, alone, through the days and nights, accompanied only by
the beating of my heart; that
r h y t h m
which is the only consistency we have to cherish.
The routines we build for ourselves breed change.
Nothing is steadfast.

As humans, we were made to falter.
We wish and fight and dream,
yet fall short of our own expectations.
What Great Being decided it was a good idea to grant the human race
Elizabeth Brown Dec 2018
Look how far we've come.
Look closer and see how we've fallen.
Now look once more... and see what we've become.

We are the beasts that will **** this world;
the creators of our own demise.

The human race has driven itself

into the

that they have lost the path to redemption.
Graff1980 Feb 2017
I made a monster from flesh and bone
A real live horror harder then stone
I made a beast you would not believe
With the strength and cunning to deceive
A shadow of a man fading away
Bound to be a vampire who burns in the day
Dr. Frankenstien could not compare
To the genius of my own despair
I made a monster and though it is hard to see
I am far more monstrous then creation could be
Prabhu Iyer Jan 2016
December 2005; January

2006, Summer that year.

           2008 round the middle - no not the crash.

          2009, yes the muddle.

Tell me about how May 2010

was axed by December 2010.

Palm, palm, date palm, ash cloud.

February, April, August 2011 and
that dreaded December.

last grasp of the kite string,

off goes the dreamed of high
far far away the anchor moorings

when transmission stopped, all white
noise since then, empty

prattle chatter of the key board,

two millennia and counting thirteen, fourteen,
fifteen, march, October, March!

January 2016. A new landing.
It's the kite-flying festival of Sankranti here. Of course this poem has deeper layers..!
Ekaterina Oct 2015
Oh, soft, sweet and vivid fruit
We greet you each morning with glee
Holding you in the palms of our hands
Toss you around happily

We wake up with a growing thirst
For your pure saccharine juice
Grab a glass, admire your spirit
Knowing well we have nothing to lose

Then we hack, and we slice
Through your center part, tearing away at the skin
Ruthlessly clawing through the exterior
To get to the lifeblood within

Back in our palms you find yourself
Weary of what may come next
We seize your head and the sides of your form
And squeeze before you can object

In terror you struggle and holler and cry
“Why must you do this to me? I’m a friend and I care for you so!”
But what you may have never realized is
We have always been both selfish and hollow

We crave something of substance and dimension
For one covets what one typically lacks
So while you believed the lies we spoke through our teeth
We held a dagger aimed at your back

When our cup is finally full of your sap
And you’re done being used for the meal
We throw you away after stealing your soul
Nothing left but a few orange peels
(2010-2012 Collection)
Wasn't she the best ever?

I was always impressed with
her wit
her beauty
her intelligence
her charm.

It's too bad you never got married, eh?
I had a bit of a crush on her too!
She was a cutie.

I bet she was a good kisser, huh?
Was she a good kisser?
Do you remember kissing her?
Was it nice?
Pretty nice?
Are you worried that one day you'll forget what it was like?

Wouldn't that be sad?
© 2011  J.J.W. Coyle
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