Kalpana Jul 12

He says that he is happy being sad,
I mean that it sounds ridiculous,
Guessing what is next is a hobby.

I do not have any idea right now about how to help him.
But the reality is that he is a broken man.

They have not read any good poems.
Or maybe,
They have not read any good sagas.
They have just seen breakups.

Literature - the written word,
It stays forever.
I love my "The 'Angel?' Series",
It is like a diamond.

And I love my story "7 Seconds",
It is my diadem.

My HP Poem #1613
©Atul Kaushal

Sometimes I feel jealous of all others,
They have their siblings and lovers,
But even I have my dear parents.

My HP Poem #1612
©Atul Kaushal

By Cognoscentus on June 11, 2017
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Very gripping work of fiction, partly inspired by the authors own heroic journey of survival and triumph. Extremely well written. Real, yet creative.

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I thank you for your words. I respect your privacy, dear Cognoscentus, but I would love to personally thank you for the compliments.

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Kalpana Jun 26

He replied:
Magar yakeen hai mujhe,
Agar zyaada paas tum aayi,
To main tumhe bhi kho dunga.
(But I believe this,
If you came more close,
Then even you I will lose.)

Dost hi theek hain hum,
Number maangti ho tum,
Main ek ki jagah do dunga.
(We are okay as just friends,
You ask me for a number,
I'll give you two instead.)


He's so cool!
Kalpana Jun 22

In the middle of his graduation,
Akshant met with a serious,
Coma-inducing accident,
On the national highway number one,
Near Faridabad,
And he was taken to the hospital,
The doctors are not sure.

I am very much in pain while reading his suffering.
Kalpana Jun 18

You are a human, Atul ji,
You can not know it all.

You can only ever plan, Atul ji,
You do not know the future.

You claim to know your future, Atul ji,
But the reality is that you are,
Only as human as me,
Maybe a bit aloof biologically,
You too should prepare for happiness.

A sincere letter for my dear Atul Kaushal a.k.a. The Lonely Bard.
Kalpana Jun 18

I am lucky
To have it
I still breathe

I am lucky
To be alive
I can befriend

But I want
To be a bit more lucky
To get plastic surgery

Then I will
Be more confident
Be married to him.

Some days should never come.
I can never forget that unlucky day.
My husband was slaughtered in front of me by butchers from across the Yamuna river in a Panipat district village.
They also raped me and threw acid on my face.
Kalpana Jun 16

A brave poet he has always been,
This life should end he says,
Unfortunate is a small word me says,
Legendary has been his life.

Happy he should be now,
An optimist he should be,
So happier he could be.

Happiness is what he lacks,
If he has high fever now,
Guilt of having failed in love,
He lets it devour him up.

Few poets parallel him,
Endangered is his life,
Very unlucky is destiny,
Endangered is orthodoxy,
Rightly he writes so cleanly.

It's not in his health or destiny,
It's in his ATTITUDE towards life,
And he needs to understand it.

The Lonely Bard aka Atul Kaushal definitely needs someone for dear life.

Currently he has high fever.

I wish him good health.
Kalpana Jun 10

So cute,
An only child,
Most demands met,
But loneliness,

You're so smart,
Yet never do homework,
You're very cute,

The story has just started yet,
And it's an awesome one,
Must read - highly recommended!

Eager for more.
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