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Äŧül Jul 2019
Tu aaye, Tu aaye,
You come, whether you come,
Ya na, main jiyunga.
Or do not, I shall survive.
Haan main jiyunga...
Yes I shall survive.

Chaahe kaisi ** doorie,
However long be the distance,
Na ** koi majboorie,
Just there be no compulsion.
Tu mujhse hi judi,
You are connected to me,
Main tujh mein hi samaaya.
Only I possess your heart.

Zindagi mein kya ** maza,
What fun in life is there,
Bin tere jo bitaunga,
If I spend it without you,
Wo jeena kya jeena,
Oh what fun is such a life,
Har pal ** jab sazaa...
When each moment is a torment...

Tu aaye, Tu aaja,
You come, you should come,
Tu aaye, Ab tu aaja,
You come, now you should come,
Phir main jiyunga,
Then I shall blossom,
Haan main jiyunga,
Yes I shall blossom.
Main phir jiyunga,
I shall live again,
Haan main...Jiyungaaaaa...**
Yes, I shall thrive...

This is the last song I composed before my rebirth after that gravely serious accident. But the song in itself was the tombstone of my first relationship. I composed the song in high sorrow and with all the anger I could manage to veil my tears. A song to disport myself from my first-ever break-up I would term that.

I cursed her as badly as I could and at the same time I said the words that I could say earlier to avoid the break-up. Its basic theme meaning is depicted in the opening line meaning 'Whether you come or don't, I'm gonna live.'

But the lyrics can be misleading as this song is made not only to give vent to the ire my first girlfriend invited but also it hopes that some ideal girl of my dreams (only imaginary) would come and love me in a way which I desire to be loved.

Everybody needs love.
I'm currently happy with the love and care I get from my parents.
Though their care creeps to my nerves at times, they prove to be right most at of the instances.

So, I need my lover to love me better.

My HP Poem #1748
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Feb 2018
Dear Pooh Bear
I can never get over
The memory of your scent.

Never let me
Find you gone and
Just stay here until the end.

We have a dream
To pursue and achieve
For our cute next generation.
My HP Poem #1703
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Dec 2017
I* just know that you will never let me feel alone.

Loneliness does not scare me any longer,
Or even the thought that I might lose you ever,
Virgin I will love to perish in my life here,
Except you, I will bed anyone never.

Your body is so very amazingly gorgeous,
Of a beautiful heart it's a temple so gorgeous,
U**nder the wicked sky of loneliness it gives me relief.
Another demonstrative flash poem about secondary acrostic poems that I told my best friend Pooja Shah when she needed to be reminded about the name of the *acrostic poems*.

My HP Poem #1683
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Dec 2017
Pubs don't give the intoxication,
Or not even the simple pulsation,
Of the kind that issues from our love,
Just stay awake with me, Pooja,
A**wesome will be our married life.
A demonstrative flash poem about primary acrostic poems that I told my best friend Pooja Shah when she needed to be reminded about the name of "acrostic poems".

My HP Poem #1683
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jun 2015
Thornless roses,
Seedless fruits,
Stormless seas,
Calmness fleas,
Landless routes,
Loveless Atul,
Are all unfeasible.
My HP Poem #888
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jul 2017
They have not read any good poems.
Or maybe,
They have not read any good sagas.
They have just seen breakups.

Literature - the written word,
It stays forever.
I love my "The 'Angel?' Series",
It is like a diamond.

And I love my story "7 Seconds",
It is my diadem.
My HP Poem #1613
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jul 2017
Sometimes I feel jealous of all others,
They have their siblings and lovers,
But even I have my dear parents.
My HP Poem #1612
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jul 2017
By Cognoscentus on June 11, 2017
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I thank you for your words. I respect your privacy, dear Cognoscentus, but I would love to personally thank you for the compliments when we meet.

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Äŧül Nov 2014
A long poem is

A longer poem is
You and me..

The longest poem is
We both together.

Under the stark starry night
Listening to winds fight..

Our eyes staring into each other
Together we are lost in poetry...
My HP Poem #689
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül May 2017
It's been 7 years since my accident,
Today my grievous injuries are old,
Nothing I could've done to prevent,
But I'm so happy today that I'm bold.
I will live and I will happily thrive,
When it is time I'll be really happy,
Elements are expressed in me all five.

A single terror that still haunts me,
I do not want a long life for future,
Instead I prefer a really small life,
If it is happy with a family to inspire.
Wait I don't for a beautiful partner,
I look for a fine woman as my wife,
Not another immature person for life.

Today I am really happy with time,
I am really happy with May 7, 2017,
Unlike 2010, this May 7 was happy,
This very day started in the midnight.
I had my rebirth day with friends,
My friend Kamlesh had her b'day,
We clubbed both of the celebrations.
May 7, 2017 was a great day in my life.
I celebrated my rebirth day and my sisterly friend Kamlesh's birthday in the department.
I had brought two cakes for the party and everyone loved the glazed fruits topping on the vanilla-base and green apple cream of the vegetarian round-shaped cakes.

Though I still resent Kripi for leaving a gaping hole in my life by ditching me unexpectedly out of the blues just for helping herself give into her own internal demons of incompetency. I know that I will find it easy to move on if I stop considering all new girls I meet as my sisters as I am not committed any longer with an insecure girl who would fret about losing me to a better looking girl.

My HP Poem #1529
©Atul Kaushal
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