Sophia Naq Dec 2017

I was the Goddess and you were a mortal
yet I was the one who followed you
like a supplicant

night after night
I left my bedchamber
& the demiGod in deep slumber on my bed

swathed in the shrouds of darkness
I kept coming to worship you

but it wasn't enough
for you were never satiated
even after reaping all that I possessed

and trying to make an immortal out of you
is now obliterating the light
within my heart's eyes

thence go back to your realm
you can't dwell in mine no longer
& my knees can't kiss the hassock anymore

Parker McBride Sep 2017

crushed faeries transformed into glitter
giant dragons tears leaving bitter
tastes on her tongue, like a blackberry
every delicate wing of each faery
fluttering across her cheek
like butterfly kisses of a lover
giant scarred eyes closely watching one another
hearts riddled with marks of the past
long, torn scars meant to last
unicorn horn dust erasing the memories
little bonsai tree, only seventeen
her emerald jewel eyes sparkling with a fire
fueled by her lover, a self proclaimed liar
a path forged by the dragons breath
where she decided she had enough
glitter sprinkling her long-coming note
sparkling tears that fell as she wrote
"this is for my unrequited love,
this is me rising above,
goodbye my life, my world, my lover
goodbye to those that hurt me...
like my brother and mother
thank you for the opportunity but I just don't belong here
I belong with the faeries of my dreams and the deers"
P.M. 9/10/17

Sophia Apr 2017

I feel my innocence
slipping away
through fingers clasped as tight as
sand slipping to the ocean floor
Thick waves engulfing it and tying it down
like anchors

around my neck i feel the weight
of the opportunities i’ve missed out

and i’m not sure how much longer i can keep afloat
without letting the doubts sink me down by hidden treasure chests of siren calls.

Unwanted glory,
All of it was so gory,
And I am so sorry.

Why that day came,
And why I survived,
I do not know either.

It is as if I chose dear life,
Of the two choices there,
Now I doubt my choice.

There is no happiness,
And there is no sorrow,
Neither happy nor sad.

Unrequited love I dispensed,
How long will it take for me,
Always I repent after loving.

They ask me my story,
I tell them my saga,
Of love & suffering.

Then they get bored,
Too dreamy a story,
They take it all as fiction.

My HP Poem #1502
©Atul Kaushal
Shield Maiden Oct 2016

dark age clashing iron
winged fire demons dying
skeletons scattered

my first Haiku
Scribbles99 Oct 2016

Darkness avenges light and swallows it up.
A burning sun dies,
melting in a horizon where orange flames mold with stars.
Shadows awaken and roam a world.
A black cloud is studded with blazing stalks;
swaying and jumping throughout the dark.
An exquisite pearl rules a sky.

Slowly and on toes...
Secrets are born,
masks of empty smiles and eyes fall
tearing flesh and bones;
and what we thought as mythical creatures are shed,
awakening the truest nature of souls.

Shannon Perry Jan 2016

Moonlight; just enough to illuminate the silhouettes creating the forest -
just enough to help the sky glow; a black ocean freckled with stars, so modest.
With tiny chimes in the distant wind of the flickering trees
signalling the beat of pure white galloping hooves heard over the silent breeze.
A myth? Perhaps. Or, more believably, the strength of the woodland?
She casts a playful spell upon us all with her charm easily, as if planned.
Wild and free, full of purity and innocence; she brings excitement  
and is a reminder to never grow up but stay full of enchantment.

Shannon Perry Jan 2016

I am a myth and something that cannot be defined,
ablaze with the fiery heat of a life that has been most unkind.

With a touch of a feather I ignite a match,
wanting nothing more than to detach
myself from the earth that caused my tribulation,
and to cause my own cremation.

Black ash darkening the sky's midst,
I am being kissed
by the scorching blaze of a newborn flame
my last breath unnoticed as the calm overcame.

Rising from the ashes, I am born again,
powerful, exultant, majestic through all the pain.

jdotingham Dec 2015

Hey, you better stop when you stumble in a room,
Using other peoples faces as an elegant muse.
Your just so unpredictable,
A monster at heart,
But its destructive behavior which tears us apart.

A little verse using a banshee as a representation of the persona. Enjoy.
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