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jǫrð Jul 14
I do this to myself
Accept fights I could never win

Search for ways to disprove
What I've sought all of my days

Hurl myself into the ring
A luchador with something to prove

The fight rages on
And I lose my will

In fear and self doubt
I sabotage my win

Allowing the opponent that is my mind
To deliver that last fateful blow
The History: I stayed up late and compared myself to everything you could want in a woman. I break my own heart over and over again until you grow tired and leave.
Mazzy Ram Jun 15
All      the states
I try to   escape
I compare
       power lost in despair
         Here's a cheesy poem about
       my fears  
   morphed into conflicting parts
        When will I get respite?  
From the waves
       I love waves
Not my own wavE
The light that lights the world we call the Sun:
Intelligently operates the pun.
The Sun of righteousness no shadow hath:
His circuit through the dark's a narrow path.
Within the shining Sun no darkness dwells:
So too the Son, the Word the reader tells.
How painful it would be by going through
The Sun to die, and through the Son so too.
The light of all the world, the Sun is dim
Compared to the light that comes from Him.
Ryan Long Apr 29
To what can I compare her to?
To what could I describe and ring true?

A kiss like the morning rain
Refreshing and life giving
A smile brighter than the sun
That enables all to continue living

Perhaps it's a voice that sings
Like the most glorious of birds
The beauty of it captures me
Resonates to my heart where it rings

Eyes like rubies, no sapphires!
They shine so bright
And fill me with desire

If only I had more than words
Only those given to mere mortals
To describe this angel so lovely
Who must have come to us
Through another worlds portal
pictures from
this new telescope
glimpses of
an early universe
in spirals
and clouds
      of colour
an ever-changing
luminescent haze
stretched across
the bespeckled
vastness of black;
a cosmic dance
of light
through time
and space
both answering
and posing
countless potentials

even so
it is difficult
not to compare
these images
with what
can be seen
by looking through
a child's kaleidoscope
Cede Aloevera111 Dec 2021
I know what you're thinking,
To me it keeps ringing

When you look at her you see
Someone who's much better than me

When you look at me you see
Someone who'd never be as pretty
What was it like before comparison was compulsory? Who was I before self-hatred was so embedded into my being?
July Gray Jun 2021
Staring in a mirror. Again
It makes me feel worse just to see

I braided my hair so neatly
Now it's falling apart at the seams

There's a comparison there
Let's not look into it

If I stick pins in
Tie up all the loose ends again

It'll look neater, sure
As long as you don't look too close

Cause there's a glittering metal barricade
Of a halfhearted hairstyle I tried to save
This has been sitting in my drafts for a bit now
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