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There are highways on the cliff tops
On the short grass amongst the bog pools
Made by rainwater and salt sea spray

Much used they run through
Crowberry and low grown heather
A world wide web of lines

Picking our the dry ground
The high ground by a hares breath
Flattened by the passing of pounding paws
The snow is a distant memory,
Peppering the ground with white
Smoke arises from brick chimneys,
Producing warmth with all its might
Skinny trees with leaves so feathery
Are illuminated by moonlight
The eyes of the wild blaze at every
Whisper of the wind or odd sight
The stars swimming in ink offers me
A glimpse following twilight

I remember these mountains
I am fond of them, indeed.
SpiralDancer May 14
If you go down
in the woods

Dont go alone
Dont go alone
Better stay home today

Dont expect them to play fair
It's criminally legal

If there's a hunter
then there is hunted

If you go down
in the woods

Stay on the path
Stay on the path
It's best to stay home today

You dont stand a chance
run as fast as you can
You wont see
the end of the day

If you go down
in the woods

Cover your ears
look straight ahead
Better stay home today
Living in the countryside is lovely, until you see the hunt...
LLillis Apr 21
Cautiously stepping,
The deer samples the new grass.
We look on wistful.
We saw some deer cautiously hanging out on the side of a road. Clearly confused about the lack of people and cars they kept alert while munching on the fresh spring sprouts of grass. We watched in isolation through our window and chuckled that we are the ones in the zoo now.
GreenMan Feb 6
Buzzards sail above my head

The coldest star in the west

Black buds swell on the Ash

Mist gathers the river

Fieldfare row through the air

Oblate moon climbs in the East

Owl folds over the hedge
XnwxrMxlik Jan 31
2k19 month of September
Alarmed an international terror
Climate change, change in weather
Drought across the nation
Turned into fire Strom centre
5 months from now
We can still witness the ember
Smoke, ashes from bushfire
Travelled thousands of acres

This inferno had us surrender
We lost a million of species endangered
And pushed many near extinction
Humans were no exception
32 were lost in this render
People lost their land of ancestors
Houses which were a place of
Laughter, revitalization and relaxation
Now are nothing but melted shelters

Firefighters to social writers
All jumped to help out the situation
From taking control over fire
To spread awareness
Seeking for helpers
Nature finally blessed us
It rained and things got under control
Before fire would swallow everything
And melt us...
People of Australia stay strong we all are with you...
kristine w Jan 9

flames hail,
so They wail
in Whoseforest.

the smog of it all,
has the system dull
in Whoseforest.

wails of help resound,
but are Their voices really found?

a peasant man’s dime too little,
a wealthy man’s dime too many.
the kings lounge
as scorn rages
and rages
and rages
in Whoseforest.

the peasants beg,
“your majesty!
choking up
our lungs,
Their lungs,
Her lungs.
this tragedy
is one of ours
of yours
deploy a strategy
have you not?”

the kings sit
with the wealthy
sipping tea
eyes lit
with lax smiles.

but just like Them,
their voices go

peasant, wealthy, royalty
all born and bred
of the same ancestry
brothers cry,
but brothers stray

They too,
both and bred
of their ancestry
but descendants soon
fall flat

mother nature now speaks,
“for we are all born and bred
of the same hearth
should it not be our earth
to love and share?”
She,too, wails
for Whoseforest.

so tell me now,
whose forest?
in light of the recent unfortunate australia wildfires :(
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