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One click, two click let's count them together.
One makes you happy but many makes you famous.
A house hold name is what everybody wants to be.
A face recognized by millions and a name worth it's weight in gold.
How many clicks can you get when honesty is all that is told.
How valuable are the memories once they are sold?
The price they would pay isn't paid in gold.
So why do we do it?
All it does is drive us insane.
Why do you care so much if others call you plain?
So you dance in many circles, You mimic birds and books.
You've had troubles in a space that comes straight from your looks.
Flipping through pictures of a story meant to lul people to sleep.
All for what instant gratification?
So many clicks from a stranger, I'd call that obsession.
An invasion of privacy but then again you let them.
Now all eye's are on you and all you have is aggression.
The bad out weighs the good.
It's currency is called depression.
We've spent all of the happiness on clicks and called it a profession.
As long as it fills our ears, the ones covered in LV.
They cost us so much and now we can't afford to lose.
Click three and click four look better than before.
Click five and click six and now your as big as bricks.
Keep counting you might make it someday.
You could be famous!
They already abhor you!
A place filled with toxicity.
Influence speaks with fluency.
Flaws are under scrutiny.
Opinions are mutiny.

Gossiping is trendy
and always up to date.
Colleagues are user-friendly,
greedy and full of hate.

If only I could stay at home
with no worries or headache, I would.
But it would be best to stay calm
while in this place, for family's sake.
This piece is about the struggle of the employees in a toxic workplace.
Cyan Aug 16
I live inside a glass bottle
with crude facets
that refract
light at odd angles.
I must always be vigilant
for you want to open the bottle
so badly.
But when I can smell the air
I feel my skin ignite
And begin to boil away.
So I reach up and pull the stopper
of my volatile vial

I’m sure if I were released
the view would be fantastic.
I would rush into the world
existing only for a second,
a glittering torrent
running from the air,
leaving swallowtails of myself
as butterfly scales
behind me
as I fly,
before combusting into
an acidic mist
and scatter,
searching for a new container.

And I will not let that happen.

Because I can’t let you
breathe me in,
for your ruptured lungs
to become
my urn.
Cyan Aug 10
Neither of us would admit
That what we had was purely
Bittersweet is what we said


Lies are just like sweetened lead
And Saccharin just makes my
And too much tastes like metal
Your eyes were made
to glisten in the pale moonlight
and to sparkle when you laugh,
not to shed tears because of him every night.

Your ears were made
so that you can jam out to your favorite songs
and to hear your family tell you they love you,
not to listen to him insult you for so long.

Your nose was made
to rock a little silver nose ring
which boosts the self-esteem that he shattered,
not to be covered in makeup trying to hide everything.

Your voice was made
to declare your own happiness and find peace
by standing up for yourself and finally leaving,
not to be silent…just letting the toxicity increase.

You were made
to be happy and to be loved in every way.
You deserve better than the cards you’ve been dealt,
and I truly hope you realize that one day.
I wrote this a year ago as a pep letter to myself before I chose to leave my husband. I stumbled upon it today, and it brings back all kinds of emotions. Maybe someone can relate.
J Jul 4
we never think about the impact one human can have on us as individuals.

the memories of you flash through my mind, like a projection. a live action film.

the smiles, the laughs, the loved exchanged.

everything was so simple.

now in the present, we both look into each other’s souls as if we are strangers.

as if all the promises, the touches, the euphoria;
were erased from reality.

my subconscious is evil to me, reminding me of the demons that plague my heart, you.

you once being the angel that was bestowed upon my existence by the universe, now resembling a soul ******* succubus, draining me dry of all i have left.

the thought that this movie that we call ‘love’ could suddenly come to end, tears the pages of everything i had written for this never ending script.

but i guess what i really have to ask myself is, did you ever really love me at all?

or was this meant to have an ending of tragedy?

the kind of tragedy that you never really have any answer as to why things happened the way they did, or what would’ve came after if there was a different turn of events.

now i look at myself in the mirror, seeing the reflection of a girl whom has drowned herself in the sea of love.

what is next?
J Jul 4
feeling alone in the big world,
life is pushing me under.

starting to feel like i don’t matter to you,
or anything you could muster.

you feel cold.

you feel empty.

tell me what could i do to stop your heart from feeling so heavy?

i have the feeling you’re restricting truth,
even about the most minuscule things.

tell me why can’t you be honest?
is it something that lies within?

you have a tendency to be selfish,
while i give you my heart and soul.

why can’t i feel your desire to give?
is it because you are only starving to take? leaving me malnourished, while you are well fed?

if so, as much as it pains me;
i must leave from this barren well.
so goodbye my love,

as i continue to feel alone, in this big, cold world.
Jasper Jun 7
Let’s talk about here and now.
I know you’re no longer in control of your own soul.
What changed you?
Was it the hole in your heart that caused your body to burn like a California wildfire?

Open up to me, please.
Tell me about your wildest dreams.
When I show you the darker side of me
What is it exactly that you see?

Do you not like all of my questions?
Do they make you squirm in your seat?
Tell me, please.

Let me fill that hole for you
Put out that raging fire
Cause the longer you burn
The bigger your flames get
The more I start to melt away.
Gracie Mar 29
There’s toxic in the air
You can hear the footsteps
They are always lurking
For their next pray
Pulling you in
Pulling you out.
Pushing you down
Pulling themselves up
Until you finally say
Apathy Mar 26
I still uncover shards of him
Splintered glass buried deep within
I scratch the scabs just on the surface
Nails digging with a purpose
Some dark thoughts go undetected
These cuts run deep and feel infected
Weighted shrapnel riddles me
But I know I'm loved, I know I'm free
Some things just put me in that place
Where I thought things would never change
Where guilt would drip from every word
And spite was the dagger meant to hurt
The ground alight with coals and ash
Where I held my breath as I slipped past
Clutching nothing but insincere apologies
I learned to feed his selfish greed
So when there's pressure on old scars
I'm sorry if I flinch too hard
And when the alcohol burns against my skin
Please hold me tight as it sinks in
healing means facing each little thing that hurt you
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