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Lost Jan 31
I’m not your fallback
I’m not your *******
I’m not your girl
And I never was

**** your face
**** your soft gentle lips
**** everything we ever did

You hurt me
You hurt my heart
You hurt my self-worth
You should be ashamed

I’m not your *****
I’m nobody’s *****
Never again
Will I give my body so freely
To toxic people like you
You nasty ******* ****
Done with toxic *******. Done with being used. He can say he’s sorry all he wants, but sorrys won’t cut it this time, ******.
TheKatIsDead Jan 31
Far from here, away from me
A monster resides in the sea
As dark and as calm like the eye of the storm
Lingering deep down silently from many

It feeds off from the people who
Comes and goes
Into the eye of the dark storm
Away from the noise of premonition

And it moves, either fast or slowly
Within the waters of the sea
Eating away any fantasy

And the ships that managed to sail within
Face a monster that murders and kills
They either sink deep down or sail away

An entity who seems to embody something
And little by little, it follows me

To the point that it vanishes in the sea
Unbeknownst to many, it was underneath

It's calm, it's dark, I cannot see

That the monster in the sea was actually me
Francie Lynch Jan 17
Growing to manhood is a slippery *****
Of razor blades and bones that grow.
****** screen shots of angel wings,
Red carpet slits, eye popping lips,
Miss Pageants and tutus on skates.
Britney shaking, Jennifer quaking,
No Old Spice to take young spice's place.
The X comes before the Y,
Yet Toxicity is the hue and cry.
I'm a man in a mixed-up world,
But girls still like boys,
And boys adore girls
I don't dismiss sexism, but the daily ****** and jab at males being a "toxic ***" will impact us in ways we don't see yet.
I undressed for my shower,
And noticed something *****;
Something I've used all my days,
Suddenly disappeared.

I had it with me yesterday,
And used it several times;
I always put it in its place,
And took care of what was mine.

I really can't explain it;
Now what's a fella do;
I'm not to blame,
I refuse the shame
Of the hashtag framed MeToo.
courtney Jan 14
My heart reads like a letter .

Convincing my lips
to Speak like a widow who lost her husband in a terrible accident .

“It’s like burning everything around us to keep the cold at bay. To keep the warmth in our tones , to keep that comfort between us there.
To prove that what he had was more than a feeling. But I didn’t know that the smoke that came from those flames would slowly be the death of us.”

“It’s like we were fighting for our lives while in a car that’s flipped 50 times. Who could’ve known this would happen. All we could do is watch it unfold.”

“And I know that I should forgive him but ... he stopped fighting first.
I know the circumstances were against us but I just don’t know what to do with this sudden end.

He should have stayed even just a little longer .
Why wasn’t the love that we had stronger ?
Ian Robinson Jan 9
Let me put you in a spell
I want to make your life ****

Let me pull you back out
I don't like listening to you shout

Let me pull you of a funk
I don't want you packing your trunk

Let me put you in your place
I will get up in your face
my perspective on toxic people
Rakib Dec 2018
What good is a masculinity so fragile,
That it harbors misery and shatters souls?

What good is an alliance so toxic,
That it tweaks tears as opposed to laughter?

So speak up and break free,
Live life merry as long as your body does plea.
Elisa Benaggoune Dec 2018
After breaking your heart
I listened to Radiohead, really I was
Still trying to go over
The times you played Radiohead
Once,  I was just trying to
Remember the words you said

I just sit
And listen
To Radiohead
You never played them
More than once
And I will probably
End up playing their music
To someone else
This is also about my past toxic relationship how to me music became an important thing in our relationship so much that I didn’t really know why it was placed there.
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