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Wayward Jul 2018
I was born out of fur and cotton,
With eyes that were shiny, black buttons.
From the store rack, I always watched the distant tree.
But one fine day, this little girl picked me.

My owner handled me with great care.
I was, after all, her beloved teddy bear.
I seemed to be her biggest comfort,
When she couldn't sleep or she felt troubled.

Years passed by and so did my time.
The little girl didn't need her teddy when she cried.
As I lay with the other toys in the attic,
I realized that my short life was quite tragic.

"Mr. Cuddles! Your child's best friend!"
But who's going to care about me in the end?
I played my part. I stayed with you.
But in the end this is what it came to.

Mr. Cuddles, the lonely one.
Who lies in the attic with his fur undone.
The cotton keeps falling out of his limb,
The once happy bear now lays grim.

I attempted personification for the first time. I kind of relate to this poem though. I feel like Mr. Cuddles. And that somehow is my greatest fear. I fear being unloved and forgotten. I hope I got the message delivered in the poem.
Chiquita Apr 2018
She was sad,
She needed someone who cared.
She went into her room
Just like every night
And held onto him
She cried her heart out
Though she never spoke
He could understand everything
He knew her better than anyone else
People would think she's crazy
But she knew better
She knew he knew
He'd been watching her from a child
Yet he never judged her
Teddy was always there for her.
People who hold their Teddy bears for comfort will understand this
Izzy Jan 2018
Coffin Heart,
Closed from danger and sight;
Protected by traps and trickery,
It was nothing but a lonely heart.

Aged and broken,
It was dry as sand,
Where no light had seen it,
In a thousand nights.

Coffin Heart,
It is found at last;
Opened and seen,
After a thousand nights.

Life filled and love seen,
It was bright as life,
Saved by hope and treats,
It was all but a lonely heart.
Even if fate did not led to us being together, what she showed me will always remain in my heart.
Kayla Nov 2017
Boys are like teddy bear.
You love them for a short amount of time.
When that’s times up and the timer rings.
You just throw them away.
In your closet where you never see them again.
Then you get a new teddy bear.
You love this teddy bear.
The way he smells like the woods,
but after shave at the same time.
The way he fits perfectly in you’re arms.
This teddy bear oh you think it’s the one.
The one your going to love till the end of you’re life.
No this time the teddy bear stops loving you.
He throws you to his closet.
Just like you did to that teddy bear.
Now you know how it feels.
Opening your closet you bring that old teddy bear out.
Loving that old teddy bear till the end of your time.
Temporal Fugue Apr 2017
He's just a pink teddy bear
no, not black or brown
he rides his stuffed white unicorn
when he comes into town

He parks himself at the bar
and drinks his root beer down
pushes his hat, back on his brow
and never makes a sound

Yeah, he's silent and he's furry
his eyes of glass, gaze round
pizza for his supper
smile sewed, reversed frown

Spurs are just for show
he's not into mixing nouns
he'll be sure, not to let you know
just when he'll be around

So tell him happy birthday
and know that he's not bound
no thoughts and lines to mutter
teddy of few words, but, of great renown
Ok, so I'm crazy, this teddy sits at the end of the bed, shrug, go figure :/
I'm sure it's a Freudian thing heheh
Sometimes a bear, is just a bear ;D
Oh, and of course, he's watched me have *** ROFL
Aly Sep 2016
Purple and fuzzy, somewhat unruly
Sitting comfortably atop the bed.
It’s missing a nose, it’s missing an eye
It’s covered in patches with a loose thread
Its ribbon is gone. It’s tattered and torn.
It’s been hugged, It’s been thrown, yet he’s not dead.
He’s often replaced, left out in the rain
But he is there when you have all the feels
He’ll stay right here, He’ll share your company
Like the neglected Best Friend that he is.
Thank you
Jodey Ross Jul 2016
As the little minds drift off to sleep with a strife,
the unsung heroes of the night come to life.
Protection from the succubus of the eventide,
using their powers of whim with a glide.
Stitched smiles and button eyes defend the adolescents
under the shine of crescents.
While the nightmares attempt to emerge,
the guardians uphold with a surge.
Unable to pirate their minds,
they dissipate with a wind.
The unsung heroes take their win with a fain,
therefore the children of the world are safe again.
A whimsical poem about teddy bears. I felt as if I didn't have enough fun poems in my book, so I wrote one.
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