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artisticAR Aug 2020
Please don't judge me
until you've walked a mile in my shoes
before you start misinterpreting my every move.
Dis Po' ol'boy is rich as can be!!!....yessir !!! gots me a tribillion words at my 'sposal anytime I wants em o be.
Ah Po' me trying to pen poems like Poe writes to right poetry
from the likes of poured me
who sweats thru his pores to pour out his soul, and try out ANu poesi
Sethnicity May 2015
In my story
just an obserVation
Another standard deviation
to Whittle Words for the World around
Wound like Fickle filament of Fire bulb wire.
the Vapor trails of Vehement Volcanoes Venting
A parent le miserables dat carousel and Care to Sell excel Lance
While lamp lighting a way to free-dumb with Lyrical Trance
Gripping Gravity concentrated illuminated
SusStained on moments of brilliance
Burst stardust nova eXperience
We LackLustorLove
and rise above
emo poverty

Poet Trees…
Deneka Raquel Jun 2014
My fascination of words come from a deep place…
Shards of broken hopelessness,
Discarded in pieces, through metaphors
Seeking life within the lines of poetry.
Wanting to creep out of my soul,
From my veins through my fingertips…

I write for me.
My words are not for humanity…
There won’t be any prophesies scrawled across cave walls
Only fragments of my being,
Refracted in the images I paint on paper,
Printed in blood ink.

My words are release.
There are no pictographs or,
Phenomenon discoveries,
Veiled in my assortment of letters,
Etched in my broken rib cage of fragility…
Printed only out of desperation.

My fascination with words is contingent...
I put in bulks of fleshy bits of insanity,
And I secrete emotions,
Ravaged by war,
Because for some reason,
Pain is equivalent to beauty.

Sometime my words become selfish.
They bombard my mental cavity,
Asking so much of me,
I have to stop in the middle of the street
And write thoughts down
before I lose them.

My words consume me.
I think differently,
I feel differently.
Every sense is heightened in this state.
I lose myself in the worlds I create.
My words are my only escape.
I write because I have to basically. My words save me.Who am i without it? Who are you?

— The End —