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DA Bloomfield Dec 2019
None can defy what there is not
So why and how do you?
As Narcissus reigns, how can you contend?
Contentment with the norm, a shameful folk you are

As the faithless faithful preach
We remain steady,
watching through the distance
silently and inquisitively

So when the time arrives
Haste we do not
They, a pitiful bunch, consider us but shams
"How can the peasants rule after all?"
Oh, their gall

And so the farmers and the toilers march
March under the banner of revolution!
No faith to obstruct, no wealth to envy
'Tis but another evolution

Humanity will once again rule itself
Not succumbing, but becoming
its own god and its own master
Laura Jul 2018
In America
You're either rich or ******
Or privileged enough
To be ****** by the rich
Medical bills
Car insurance
Student loans
******* that nobody can afford
Yet everybody pays for
Because this is America
And we need to have it all
In America
I'm ******
Because I'm not a millionaire
And that's the kind of salary you need
In order to survive
Tommy Randell Jan 2018
I miss already the person I thought you were.
Though we carry on much as we have been doing
We lack the gentleness, the keenness to defer,
As if each day our fading Love needs proving.

We live an anti-life which has no antidote,
We keep each other busy with a gentle grace.
We lay in bed together silent and remote,
Dreading those breakfast conversations face to face.

I wish so so much the person I know you are
Could just be angry and not play the hypocrite.
It's been two days now since I farted in the car
And the vicar in the back had a laughing fit.

Many things in Marriage are better out than in
More importantly we just keep on giggling..
Believe it or not I started this out as a gloomy Sonnet exercise ... you know, 14 lines but with a 12 beat line etc etc. Well, my poetry and Life, and Marriage too for that matter isn't like that. You've gotta laugh!
The man in the middle quietly weeps as the deafening crescendo grows on…

Hoping by chance he’ll soon join the dance but knowing deep down, somehow, he is wrong?

The people who lead have more than they need insisting on evermore -till it’s gone.

And at the end of the day they’ll cry merrily and gay;

“What happened t’was a wonderful song?”
In all ancient Greek and Roman cities there was an altar in the center named, "Pity," where food, clothes and wears were left for those who had nothing.
Eddie Matikiti Jun 2016
They are neither here nor there
Floating in between brackets
A Just-Enough-Life
Not enough to afford diamonds and pearls

A false sense of security
Cushioned by the comfort of mediocrity
The middle of the food chain
Trapped in a cruel cycle

A powerless urban aristocracy
The aspiration of the poor people
The men and women of the white collar
The average citizens

They receive average wages
Their expenses and debt are beyond average
They have average education
They live average lives

How shall we escape from this dreadful life?/...
Mark Lecuona Jan 2016
Who plays a game?
Who learns to speak French enough to drink their wine
To make a life for their children
Is it enough while others resist?

Just a mile from freedom town
The men all gathered there
They weren’t going to stand down
No flag could block the glare

They said it was time to defend
The words they read were near
They didn’t live to play pretend
Their beliefs stronger than fear

It became clear
Crazy was doing nothing
But doing things you don’t want to do
Is like being a ******* in the middle of a war
Or sacrificing a life for people who won’t know the difference

Turn off the radio
The news isn’t good
A soldier who’s seen death
Is always ready to stand up
He’s fears not for his last breath
Does he live in your neighborhood?

Who plays a game?
Who learns to pray every day walking under an umbrella
Fear instead of faith
Is it enough just to exist?

Just a mile from Crows ridge
The people all gathered there
They weren’t afraid to cross the bridge
This time it was their turn to dare

They said it is our time now
The dream was finally near
Still they burn inside the vow
Fifty years gone without fear

It became clear
Slavery was doing nothing
But doing what you have to do
Is never losing again in your own home
When the past remains a part of your resistance

Turn up the radio
The song says you should
A singer tired of death
Is always ready to stand up
He cries in between each breath
If I were him I wonder if I would
Song lyrics about Militias... BLM... in between... the world we live in... just an observation from someone who is between....

— The End —