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Ben McAnoy Jun 2019
I might exaggerate sometimes
But I swear, I don’t imagine it.
Those eyes tell me everything I need to know,
So, are you sure you want to go so soon?

Come with me now, baby
The rain outside is still heavy
Just lie here with me
And we can act casually.

I know you have your problems;
I have mine too.
But they don’t define us.
We refine them.

The future may be scary,
But here in my arms so tightly
You don’t have to be wary
Or worry for what is to come

We’ve come this far
But there is still a way to go,
So much to enjoy,
So much to explore.

Just enjoy this moment,
Where you can feel safe and free
Because it’s not over
Even if we aren’t together
Talia Francis May 2019
Pictures symbolize several subjects-
Love painstakingly, perfectly photographed,
Emotions lost in light,
Almost sickly saccharine in their ability to slough sincerity,
Seemingly poised, precisely timed,
Even when we were truly walking on air.

Few truly recognize that love
Organically stems from care,
Rarely does one never have to try.
Grateful is he who goes with those he loves beside him.
I felt too much, felt too hurt because my efforts to try were in
Vain, you didn’t truly want to get better. I couldn’t help,
Even when I wanted to scream my love off of rooftops.

My mistake, I should have known that when
Emotion runs too deep, pulling away is the last thing to do.

I can’t believe I walked away,
Let myself be so selfish as to withdraw,
Let myself leave you there and let others help.

And still I wonder why I did not let myself continue to hold you close,
Leaving you wondering what happened,
Wondering why did I constantly withdraw, further
And further from you
Yet now you’re in a hospital, a care center, a hospital again
Still after five months.

Look at that photograph
Of you on that wall, arm around my grandmother.
Vibrant, full of life, look at how happy you were!
Even though I had to ask her who you were.

You’re in a photograph on the wall. You’re happy then.
Oh, but you don’t seem so now. Did I do this? Is it me that
Usurped that jubilancy? I shouldn’t have let myself let you go.

Please forgive me, I’ll always love you.
Yeah, I should diversify my poem styles.
روبرت Dec 2018
I'm banking on Love
Hope I haven't over-drafted
Isaac Jul 2018
At the end of our lives we'll think to ourselves:
what actually mattered?

Worries that seem so real right now,
by then, will all be scattered.

New generations to wave us goodbye.
It makes me stop and wonder why

we live without even caring about
the life we will all live once we die.
Written 30 July 2018
You have now lingered too long
And have settled on hard parts
That are not too inhabitable by eyes that observe with love

I know there was a time when you thought,
you would burn bright like the shooting- stars with me;

Does it make you breathless,
How we became,
Candles throbbing with a steady flame.
maura Jun 2016
you knew i hated cigarettes,
so you started smoking a pack a day.
eleven minutes of life
being stolen with each stick.
you were always afraid of commitment,
but don't you know?
death prefers long-term relationships.
this is a poem i initially wrote two years ago and rewrote last semester about a boy i am no longer in love with. the irony of this poem is that my current boyfriend smokes cigarettes.
Bailey Apr 2016
You think that you can walk up to me with that sly grin?
You think you can whisper my name like that?
You think you can sit back and stare at me when I walk?

You think you can gift me things?
Like that makes up for the things you did?
You think you can talk to me like nothing happened?
I don't know whether you want to say you're sorry.
I don't know if you miss me.
I don't know if you want me back.
Or if you want to be on good terms before you leave--
but I don't give a ****
I'm not interested
I will tear you apart if you try to be sweet toward me again.
on my last nerve
George Krokos Jan 2016
Most people sacrifice long term substantial gains for short term fleeting pleasures
and so they squander their inheritance which consists of blissful heavenly treasures.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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