long calendar.
not very many
The blank ones
are like gasps
deeply held

You are busy this year,
I think,
my hands lifting
page after page.
I am
peeking into
with every

It is a mess.
Planned to the day.
A buzzing swallows
all of the sound around me.
Gooseflesh arms.
Expectation battles with
doubt in the roiling furnace
of my guts.
Too much, too much.

I hear pages lightly
the wall.
Goodbye long calendar.

I am off to fill the spaces
in my days
the old-fashioned way.

Catarina Pech May 24

A whisper of a notion
A whim ready to go
An anti-plan put in motion
A seed ready to sow
Relinquishing to a passing fancy
Do what ever it please
So long as it's not too chancy
A whim on the breeze

Sometimes I have urges to do weird random things, I usually suppress them but  it's more fun when I don't.

There're lots of differences between the sexes,
And pregnancy is one of them.
The man can not get pregnant,
And the woman can not fertilize herself.
The woman is the one physically expecting,
And the man is pregnant in his mind.
Thinking and planning for his child's future.

My HP Poem #1421
©Atul Kaushal

Sunshine pouring through the window
Better days ahead
Warm winds are blowing now
Nothing left to dread
Weather can change at anytime
Must stay vigilant
For if there is a hurricane
I'll have no incident
Right now shine down upon me
I will soak it in
For right now we're happy
I don't want it to end

Breeze-Mist Jan 7

Some of my friends are filled with fear
Some have no idea how they got here
And while I'm just starting to plan
I'm not daunted by what I don't understand
Since I've been waiting for six and a half years

Every design that you make has got a future
Planning makes everything possible
Hence it's always important to have intentions in place,
the right intentions with regards to everything that you do in present,
not only for the present,
but also with respect to future

Plan something of which you know everything
Rules of the game still remain the same
of course it goes on,
all the time,
all the way at the back of mind,
since planning has always remained not only a part of the game that you play,
but also an indispensible part of everyday life in every possible way.

Estrellita Oct 2016

How creative can you be?
How dramatic does a piece of work have to be
to be worth your time?
How many times have you actually tried to go out of your way and experience molding your own definition of creativity
The texture, smooth or rough
The form, tall or short skinny of more rounded
The texture, allows you to think and concentrate
nothing else matters when your are planning your piece
The form, allows to risk and try new things
Nothing else matters when you are actually trying
That problem you have before you enter the room
stays at the door maybe it travels with you to the chair,
but as soon as your hands feel the clay and begin to form
the solutions begin to form
Clay is such an easy struggle
You have many decisions to make
How much clay?
How many details?
How many utensils?
How much time?
But that last one is actually the least, no time is good
spend years trying to figure out what you want to make
and then make it in a second
or spend a second figuring it out
and spend those years making it.
Taking your mind out of that thing that happened earlier in the day,
What was it again?
Yup, it was not as fun as clay.
You've build it, you've fired it, not paint it
What colors?
What pattern?
What resemblance will you give it?
One? More than One? maybe way to many,
or too alike of colors.
Black and white,
Wait, what was that?
Ohhhh, remember that problem earlier?
This time actually remember, because it isn't just a problem
It is a problem with a solution.
Now we know what to do!

It doesn't have to be clay, but I personally love it. I hope you find a good free class, there are many out there if you just look closely.
Brandy C Zoch Jun 2016

planning suicide
taste-testing cyanide
gun powder blush
drunk driving lush
hit on myself
burried by a shelf
pretty lace noose
back-rolling caboose
trip to a cliff
rat poison spliff
davey’s locker dive
facial du killer bee hive
releasing the Kraken
monoxide hose in the back end
a sleep not to dream
an end to the mean.
a dip in formaldehyde
planning suicide.

Dec.24, 2013
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