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Fiat money loses value over time
     People know this and this influences
          Their thinking towards the short term.
               Short term thinking bleeds into many
                    Areas of life leading to inferiority in so
                         Many areas of our life and our world
                         We need a money that increases in
                    Value leading to long term planning
               And greater VISION in goals, family,
          Business, architecture, and nutrition.
     Imagine nations and people planning
For generations. Bitcoin gives vision
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Ken Pepiton Dec 2023
Found and lost at once,
inbetweenity, here, not there
in a way, in the air, expired

whoosh, shush and remember
the wonder lost,
when the boy who wished never
to grow old
with this now to
remain the time of our lives, when
not knowing keeps us safe,
and our guides into ever on go, ever
holding, ever eyewise-touching
the face of God,
big g.

Time and Joy, Edwardian Gay
repressed as zeitgeist calling for
"lovely, wonderful thoughts"

infantile omnipotence, 700 million light
geotimed timid old ideas

The author imagines the same vision
one way, plain, unencoded

white wolves in a walnut tree
freud interpretted the unconscious wish source

ah, it was the witnessing of *** enacted, eh?
I think we may have granted Herr Freud
more credence than guesses are often allowed.

Is this not the same social act as when
any knowledge is claimed by faith in the answer

inner being, outer shown, reflective seeing
the world we see, we agree to see,
this is that, you see,
I say, literally living in word alone, a nobody

founding one fair-made tale, of favors owned, shrinking

death in the brothers wish, where lay the dead man
I recall as always handsome, though I never knew him.

I was such a liar, so ready to say true a not-ever-true

Having no success that makes history,
hold no certain truth that certainly made me
to wish to
be an author of the faith I pour out

clap your hands if you believe
in fair
ways found oddly marked in the peace
found in old

"better to have had less ambition"

Thinking as a child, not as the old man, watching
slight smile
forming the setting for the scene, making much

of being a little boy, once, as a story
sifted from another, seeping into solution.

Yes the spirit of my time has been my friend,
for, most of the ways I wished to learn,
now are in my grasp, well within my reach, mine
and that of my Artistical Intuitive Muse,
ever aiming my morning at the mercy on the edge
of one day alone
with you,

lost in youth's untutored virginity
or something, impatient, yes, I'd wait… perfect moments
are rare,
but do occur, if your aim is close..
Some time ago
Isaace Oct 2022
We shall echo the points that scrape the skies
Above the streams of Wonder City.
On the streets below, men shall shift through time,
Watched on by soaring concrete.
And in the steaming sewers strewn beneath
These streets— O Wonder City!—
Rats shall run the labyrinth of the sewers
To find the traces of a world
Before the streets of Wonder City.
A big part of who we are,
A major ingredient of our life,
Without, ideas, we would always be the same,
Something needs to be adjusted, in our life
Only ideas, with plans, and the right resources,
Can create, positive change, we never know,
The value of our ideas, until we release them,
Take action, play with them, like a game,
As we examine a situation, with an
Attitude, to rearrange.

                                                               The Original: Tom Maxwell ©
                                                               10/21/2021 AD 4:20 am
I had an idea, wrote about it..
Everyone has times, when they think their cool,
Other moments, they feel like a fool.
After years of time, has passed by,
Which days, are you proud of, which ones make you cry?
We create our future, every day, do you want respect,
Are, a name, that just, fades away.
Some of the things, we enjoyed, in our past,
Should just be left, as memories, that will last.
Our bodies, what we think is fun, will often change,
If we ignore the signs, our life, could be rearranged.
To change anything, in our life, during this stay,
We need another plan, how to spend those days.
You have to want, make new goals every day,
Nothing in your life will forever stay.

                                                                   Tom Maxwell® 10/21/05 AD
Nikkie Jan 2021
A watched *** never boils.
But when the heat is too high, the *** boils over.
Then again, when the *** is empty and sitting on
a burner, cold to the touch, it serves little to no
purpose. Why don’t you add something to the ***?
Why is it just sitting there? What are you planning to
do with it? Are you planning on adding your own
special recipe to the ***? Are you adding a unique
sauce to it? Are you going to add water to the *** and
allow it to simmer? Or you going to add a secret ingredient
to the *** that you don’t want anybody to know about?
Is the *** going to yield a hearty meal? Is it going to be food
for my soul? Only you know what you want in this empty
***. I can’t add to, or take away from your *** Because it
doesn’t belong to me. I feel like you want to add a piece of
me to your ***. but a part of you is afraid of how the finished
recipe will turn out. How can you be afraid of an empty ***?
Why aren’t you adding your favorite foods to it?
The *** can’t produce empty contents.
Kelsey Banerjee Jun 2020
so many yesterdays
sacrificed calendars,
penciled dates
and whimsies called
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