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JKirin 5d
Can you hear the buzz in the air—
the electric charge? See a flare
lighten up the roadway to your death?
Are you ready to take your last breath?
No? What a dull, boring affair...
Get out of the way, far from here!
about a demon coming across an unworthy opponent
Mark Wanless Jul 15
electric current
of soul spirit energy
we influence it

with thought
MSunspoken May 12
One amp
Two amps
Three amps
Nine amps
Ten amps
Eleven amps
Come on!
Thirty amps
Forty amps
Fifty amps
One hundred Amps
Two hundred amps
Three hundred amps
He’s gone
Man Jan 31
she walks a line
straight and defined
though her values are crooked
her beauty is divine

and in her smile
the sun
brighter than a thousand bulbs
of the electric kind,
she is the moon,
lending to the bleak night
light, typically removed
Nico Judd Oct 2020
Lust is a fever that will not break
Gem set spied through the window
of a glistening storefront

I pace about, outside
pitching and heaving
palms damp and pulse high

fists crash
through thick and taunting glass
blood drips down my forearms
in sweet and sensuous punishment


High on this carnal criminality
Dizzy from the thrill of alarm bells’
whine and pitch

I swallow 48 karats of you
just to feel the luxury
of your heat inside of me

Warm butter silk to line my coffin
Risking decadence for
a little death

Romance has its fair share of thrills
but subversion is a horned god
I give worship to

Tend to me.
Tend to the parts
most boys leave undiscovered
curiosity kept in check by
‘what would mama say?’
‘What Would Jesus Do?’

**** me in the spaces without name
Baptize their thick slickness
with sounds that cannot be words
words that cannot be heard
gasps and
ugghhs and
tisk tisks

Come, my love
for civility’s sake
Come shock and disappoint them
just the way I like it

Sing to me in my ear
wrap your tongue around my neck
so that my ancestors sweat
from your
vile and ravenous intentions

Within this aching body
there are far dirtier places
than behind the ears
begging to be worked clean

Bite your lover’s lip
Render her wet with exhaustion
and bathe her cool again



I wrote a poem for you
while you were sleeping

Then crept into your room
to debut its dark
and lovely
Written August 17, 2020
Chelsey Bricker Sep 2020
The smooth hot breath
of summer dances on her skin
A warm metallic fragrance
soaked into her tongue
as electricity pulsed
in the lingering humidity
Rolling embers illuminated
the midnight sky
The still darkness
hummed and sparked
Suffocating the timid
roars of thunder
Melissa Thorne Aug 2020
I thought I was like a bird safely sitting on that wire.
Foolishly thinking I could bypass your electric fire.
But I am no tightrope walker,
    So I slip
         the sparks
                           my grip
                                    me in a
Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
there was no going back
from the spark between us
for a love of such power
never strikes twice
have you ever felt a love of such power?
dailythoughts May 2020
throw your head back
and listen to some Khalid

pour yourself a glass of wine
and sway to Alina Baraz
love me  
take me to outer space
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