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GaryFairy Mar 27
Do you believe in the power of thought?

I am accepting clients for my thought casts.
I can cast negative or positive thoughts that will give you the results you want. I will cast 8 hours for $1000.

Of main importance is having the info on the person or business etc that you want me to cast toward.
The more info you have, the better the result. My methods are proven in ways that are undeniable.
I will not say that my spells ****, but there are some people who used to be living, that died in different ways.
One guy got ran over so many times that it took a week to identify him.

There are some people who had cancer and other diseases and health problems, that were healed. Cancer and sickness will come back, if the said person believes more in cancer than healing.
I would rather cast positive vibes, but with a good enough reason, I will do the opposite.
The reason that it is expensive is that I need certain nutrients and electrolytes in my body to make this energy work. It is very draining and dizzying.

My results on just myself are amazing. I was told I wouldn't live without taking my heart and blood pressure meds. I have lived 14 months since then, without those meds. I was told I had a hole in my heart, and I am sure that the hole is now healed. I do not go to doctors or believe in their type of healing.

I believe the truth, and the truth is that we have every drug inside us, that heals.

If you are interested, or want to know more, just message me.
This isn't as easy to do as you might think, so you might be better off to let me handle it, unless you have a lot of time and you are willing to meditate in the right ways. You also have to be willing to sweat and feel a lot of different things inside your body.
I have perfected this in many ways, but the main thing is for me to do that steady flow of powered thoughts. No drugs are used for this.
This is real.
I wouldn't even do this, but I need the money to better my life and move away from here.
I promise you will have total anonymity. Thanks
I can also train you on how to do this. It is hard work and some think it takes its toll on the caster also. I do not believe this. Of course it wears me out because casting uses electricity, and sends thoughts directly to target. Training is also $1000, and can be done I'm messaging, or video chat, or in person.
Strying Jan 16
like my guitar
and your eyes
and the way you looked that night
and the stars in June
in the big Vermont sky
and the way my heart
always shined around yours.
I dream of owning an electric
but to buy one is a dream too

with a price tag of above sixty
how can I get that sort of money in my

I only receive a meagre
and to pay it off would take an

I wonder if Elon Musk could loan me some folding
then I'm sure I'd be financial
Em MacKenzie Jul 2021
Lying in your arms,
the light bouncing off your skin.
Pressing snooze on all my alarms,
Baby, we should be sleeping in.
Only you can gift the sun
and together we bask in the rain.
You’re naturally my only one,
you effortlessly exist and heal all my pain.

I wish to free up more space
for you; forever in my mind,
‘cause it’s such a messy place,
I don’t want you ever to be confined.
I want to write calligraphy on your skin,
illustrate every word I want to write for you.
Sail my fingertips up, down, around, out and in,
and on your gentle curves I’ll follow the map I drew.

You’ve got the eyes of the stars,
and your lips; as crucial as the air.
Combined warmth of the Sun and Mars,
and a heart of gold, but more valuable and more rare.
Only you can make a void gleam,
I’ve never loved anyone as I love you.
Darling, you’ve always been my dream,
and God, did my dream come true.

I wish to free up more space
for you; forever in my mind,
to memorize each feature of your face,
a more beautiful sight you’ll never find.
I want to write calligraphy on your skin,
illustrate every word I want to write for you,
and when I finish, again I’ll begin,
‘cause each and every time it still feels new.

Her sparkling shooting star eyes
stripped and read down to my soul,
I wonder how did she find a prize,
in what once felt like an engulfing hole?
Our thoughts meet eachother
and dance up in that invisible air.
Just us two, never another,
and I am already waiting there.

I wish to free up more space
for you; forever in my mind.
Any other thought feels like a waste,
another view and I might aswell be blind.
I want to write calligraphy on your skin,
illustrate every word I want to write for you.
Trail my fingertips to trace, caress, drag and spin,
deciphering each inch, fibre and clue.
Let Zidler keep his fairy tale ending.
JKirin Jul 2021
Can you hear the buzz in the air—
the electric charge? See a flare
lighten up the roadway to your death?
Are you ready to take your last breath?
No? What a dull, boring affair...
Get out of the way, far from here!
about a demon coming across an unworthy opponent
Mark Wanless Jul 2021
electric current
of soul spirit energy
we influence it

with thought
MSunspoken May 2021
One amp
Two amps
Three amps
Nine amps
Ten amps
Eleven amps
Come on!
Thirty amps
Forty amps
Fifty amps
One hundred Amps
Two hundred amps
Three hundred amps
He’s gone
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