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Jammit Janet Jul 14
Virus times,
Corona sans the limes,
Isolating the world,
1 day at a time,

The world comes together,
Making changes for the better,
Uniting resources,
To change the odds,
And make it level,

Mother nature,
Heals from the hurt,
Her humans gave her,
And rejoices as we unite in solidarity,
Yet remain apart,

Social distancing becoming an art,
As we learn to have heart,

We as a people,
Are strong and worthy,
Let’s show this virus wrong,
And that we’re tough and sturdy,

Be honest,
But don’t be a ****,
Take at face value,
Trust without judgement,

In times that test us,
Please wash your hands,
Stay home,
Be safe holds up ******,

The future is ours!
Let’s bring it together,
It’s time to build a new world,
Stronger than ever.
Mane Omsy Mar 17
Push the words with your hearts
Never let the brain do the work
When the doves die whilst their flight
Sizing every little problem in your house
In the midst of a pandemic, hell to the no!
Build up your promotions on occasions
People die, hell on earth, the resemblance
Devils rule the world; war against the good
See the truth with a **** on your hand
When the innocent help the hope & help-less

Religious outbreak and battles over a place
Feed it to your ego, Mr. and Mrs. COVID
I see "leaders" in their vacation plans
Give them the finger to heal their roasted brains
Every penny stacked for the tax exploited
For a stupid statue standing straight up to his ******

Man stop, we're just animals
But you're a mad dog, a monster
Neither fame nor fortune can tame
With a fire burning in your eyes
For a calamity to happen in your way
For a better future phasing from your burrow.
Masha Yurkevich Sep 2019


They go on and on.

An example of life?

In life, you can only count on yourself.
And when you take out all the
little factors
of your life,
you are the only

Count on yourself. Believe in yourself.

*Note: I've been thinking about prime numbers a lot recently, and so I decided to make something out of it. I know it's not really a poem, but here it is anyways.
I hope you enjoy.
Nothing has ever been more
Whole Foods

Than the graffiti
Written into the
Toilet paper holder

Next to

"Love IS
The Answer"


"Open Your
3rd Eye"

In an otherwise
Prestine public restroom
A work of art, really

All while I am
Serenaded sweetly
By the Decemberists
rgz Sep 2019
It just takes one breath to catch the light
An infant spark beckoning a blaze
The sight of a burning heart never fades
One reaching hand can open more than a door
Guide you to a phase you've never been before
A single step forward to embrace the flames
It just takes one

One foray in darkness to meet with everlasting night
Fumbling through the void of an infinite haze
Without truth to guide nothing will come of your ways
Consumed by the pitch, seeking sparks to ignite
It just takes one
it's a french form so that makes it classy
I love you


Je te chante
A toute heure
Les très grandes moultes belles et riches heures de Ma Dame

Je te les chante en latin à matines  
Ave Maria Plena Gratia
Je te les chante à laudes
Tota pulchra es amica
Je te chante en latin les petites heures, les heures de pucelle
Je te les chante à prime
Regina caeli letare
Je te les chante à tierce
Benedicta es tu filia
Je te les chante à sexte
Obsecro te domina sancta Maria, Mater dei, pietate plenissima
Je te les chante à none
O intemerata et in eternum benedicta

Je te chante en latin les grandes heures, les donzelles
Je te les chante à vêpres
Alleluia Hosanna Musa Benedicta tu in Musis
Je te les chante à complies
Salve Regina Mater misericordiae vita dulcedo et spes nostra salve

Et dans le silence de ma cellule
Noire et blanche
Je te renouvelle
Après l'office des complies
Sans antiphonaire et sans graduel
Mes voeux d'humilité, de pauvreté et chasteté
Ecoute la prière grégorienne
De ton moine cistercien, ton baryton orthodoxe,
Ton serviteur, ton esclave, ton Musc
Nu et sincère sans habit et sans scapulaire
Nunc et in hora mortis nostrae
Ron Conway Jul 2019
I think about existence
And I look for what holds true.
I feel assured that I exist
But I've questions about you.

The "Row your boat" philosophy
Does nothing for my quest.
If I have dreamed this all along,
Why do I still need rest?

Forget about the tangibles.
Let's give that stuff a pass
And think of love and beauty;
Those things that have no mass.

The mountain seems so beautiful
Against an azure sky.
You might see it as a pile of rocks
Within your pale mind's eye.

Did I invent that beauty just
To fit some need of mine
Or does beauty have an essence
No matter how you might opine?

And what of love? Did it exist
Before it struck your heart?
Well now you know, without it,
Your world would fall apart.
E Prime is a language discipline that avoids the verb "to be"
Liz Apr 2019
It might have been a week since last
What do I know
I don't think about when, where or who

You think so highly of yourself as I look at you
with tease in my eyes
                 but oh baby
it's just a disguise
You are not the one
Not for me

                                                    But easy

In the moment the only thing I see
is you pleasuring me
When I'm done
I leave you
like a piece of toy
left filled with joy
                                                    But easy
It's just for a time
you got the prime
When i find
something new  
You have been chewed

I leave you wanting more
Letting you know I'm out to explore

                    sorry boo
I'm not for you
oh baby
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