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Anksy 1d
Paper, it even sounds cool
Remember Paper Mache at school
Paper is a versatile beast
Paper can be folded and creased

Paper can hold your chips and cod
Paper holds the words of your god
Litmus paper turns a different hue
Paper you use when in the loo

Newspaper to get all your lies
Paper comes in many a disguise
Paper anniversary first year gone
Blank paper ready to write on

Sand paper’s rough but smooths things out
Paper cuts, paper tickets from a tout
Paperless office never to be
Remember paper comes from a tree

Rice paper, sugar paper, paper that’s embossed
Printer paper, blotting paper will absorb the cost
Carbon paper, gold leaf paper, cotton papers too
Origami, baking paper just to name a few

Paper for your love letters, notes to her indoors
Old discarded wallpaper to line your chest of drawers
Paper table cloth and napkins, paper plates and cups
Paper when your computer fails you, just for your back ups

Paper planes, Christmas decs, sticky labels to remind
Envelopes and stamps, paper roller blinds
Wrapping paper for presents, to make someone’s day
Fivers, tens and fifties, to help you pay your way

Paper mills keep turning, magazines and books
Paper muffin cups for bakers and for cooks
Paper bags to shop with, bunting to celebrate
Fancy tissue paper, paper to laminate

Paper for all of mankind, paper pocket diaries
Paper trails and shredders, papers for your enquiries
Paper in the wastepaper bin, paper piles so high
There’s nothing like a piece of paper 1,2 or 3 ply
J Fisher Oct 7
Against flesh and bone,
Enveloping you.
It is good to be alone
Alone is a healthy thing
You learn to enjoy your own company
We must be alone with ourselves
Let's meet ourselves shall we
Until a person can be content
In their own company
That person will always be looking
For love and approval
From other people
Take it from me
I've learned to be alone
I've become used to it
Alone can ache your bones
When your friends and family won't
Call or answer the phone
My advice to those who feel alone
Do things you enjoy
Don't chase people who dont care
Spend time with animals
I will be your friend
I am here
People have problems
They cannot be there always
But someone who cares
Will make you a priority
I am worth being treated first class
I'm not a second choice
Take me or leave me
I love me
God loves me
I choose gratitude
For I do have a few friends
I have a small family
We are not a perfect bunch
On the contrary no one is
So I choose to see the best in people I love people anyway
For that is how I was raised and taught
Being thoughtful and considerate
Pushes trouble away and keeps Mans face from the rubble
Written by Danielle Elizabeth Summers
Nat Lipstadt Jul 21
all my poems are unique general principles

~for Helene Mendelsohn~

“A general principle never comes to life in my mind except by exhibiting itself in various special forms and in
crowds of instances for each form":  
R.G. Collingwood

each a construct - an arch-i-texture,
each a crowd of a single instance
special forum, a dialogue differentiation,
a conjugate particle,
forming up, in marching order,
a singular troop, a base case singular,
a soldier especially demanding,
“Of Me, Write, Write”

for within my insight,
a one-off sighting,
one glinting wave reflecting,
its one millisecond exactitude of existence,
reforming unseemly, a new but not!

a seemingly similar shifted shape,
but no wave is a precision repetition,
perhaps a passing familiarity
of its precedents, antecedents,
at best

an instance borrowed and paid back
to the generosity of time
for a fully developed statement of a
general principle,
even a primary secondary textual emendation,
requires a unique naming definition

being born and dead dying while you are blinking,
does not understate absolute value,
a principle exists to give absolution,
so the moments resets,
but its own resolution is n’err forgotten

do you see the crowd of inferences
herein contained?

the principal unique,
poem plucked from passing sun ray,
a tickling hair of a brazen breeze,
one wave, one wave reconstituting a
millennium of preceding lives,
deriving its abbreviated genealogy
of droplets of prior principles
forever reinterpreted

so I gave you back
words you knew
but in a new combination
establishing this poem,
its constituents,
as a unique general principle

there is a prior poem, new, unique
in everything
7/21/19 10:00 am S.I.
Gaze upon the hidden
an impossibility
light is forbidden
in this distorted intangibility

But we see
we see
general relativity
Tuan Do Mar 13
Dressed in steel,
Spear in hand,
The general conquers in four directions.

Dressed in law,
Brush in hand,
The minister governs all ranks of men.

Dressed in Gold,
Wine in hand,
The Emperor watches as his empire grow.
Ah, but is this not the way of the world.
Ah, the sound of silence. When nothing but the occasional small sound is heard. The way one can hear the thump of blood pumping through your veins, drumming softly in your ear. The feeling of air passing in and out of your body effortlessly, as your chest rises and falls.
  It's just a relaxing moment to just, well just be. Ooh what was that sudden shiver through your body? Where did that come from like that? Okay, just gonna get back to relaxing. Enjoy the silence again without worries, without stress, and not think of anything.
   Whats with the shivers all of a sudden? Don't think anything is open or a draft from anywhere? Can't understand why this is happening? It's making relaxation a bit more difficult to do. Maybe glance around the room to see if  something is causing it to feel a bit chilled.
   Why does it seem every little sound now seems odd? Familiar but out of place in some way. The shivering is just increasing more and more, agitating as to why it's happening. That slow thumping of blood in the ear is growing louder and louder. Chest is rising and sinking faster.
   The silence has a different feel about it now. The air is chilled for sure, but not a crisp chill. It's feeling heavier by the seconds, pressing in all around from everywhere. Why is this coming on like this? Why am i suddenly listening to every litlle noise? What the F is this?
   Alright this is becoming a bit much isn't it? All there was to be done was relax. Thats it! The room is feeling crowded, overwhelming, smothering to be in. The hairs are standing up and no reason why they should. Okay, anxiety is  building and building, but what for? Calm, calm!
   Have to get up! Have to get warm! Have to shake this off! The shivering is getting out of hand! Heart is beating way too much and breathe! Have to breathe!! Whats with alll the constant little sounds? What is wrong!? Get up! Get up! Get up! Just need to leave the room!!
   Can't stop looking around! Why's it so heavy in the air? Gotta get the F out right now! Something isn't right! Lord, Lord, this is too much! CHRIST!! WHAT IS HAPPENING!???
   Silence! It's all gone suddenly! The quiet from before has come back as if none of this happened. The Anxiety seems to be leaving, the shivers fading. The air is lighter and breathable. It's all too strange to make any sens of it. Except the tingling and raised hairs.
   The Static charge is spiking right now from the back all the way up the spine and to the arms! Out of nowhere comes the feeling of breath on the ear and words saying, "It's me"! and as the only image at that very moment is the large black mass that rushes in the room!
That is what is in the silence. Waiting for the stillness of your mind! ~JGJr~
Leia Spencer Feb 6
When I was young
I would spend hours
Braiding and undoing
My thick golden hair
Now that I’ve grown
I pull strands of sunlight
Out of the sky
To braid the golden strings
Into a crown
And claim my rightful place
After all, I wasn’t named Leia for nothing
-waiting to be recognized as a general instead of a princess
It was all practice for the real deal
Annie Dec 2018
My first year I learned to do my work
The second one I learned to love it too
The third year I learned to talk to people
Finally, I fell in love with you
This was not written from my perspective :)
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