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Anais Vionet Oct 17
I loved riding my
bike as a child. It offered
me a new world view.

I was fast and free.
Then we put cards in the spokes,
and I motorcycled.

I cut corners like
a politician and wore
aviator glasses...

I could have passed my
driving test, last year - but nooo
- for once - I was chill.

I'm sure the trauma
of my laziness will scar
me, but - maybe not.

Sometimes I'm
SO resilient that people
think me uncaring.

Warning: People may
be far more emotional
than they might appear.
you can get so good at moving on that nothing seems to matter
yama verita Sep 27
i hate how i entrust everything
to future me,
only to realize that
she's also me.
Ces Sep 27
The deadline monsters
Kept pounding on the door of my consciousness
Their frantic, banging fists
Threaten to reduce me
to a paralytic heap
of nothing but flesh and bones
I can hear the horrible noises
of splintering wood
Fractured humerus
The unnerving thwack
of a body
As it flung itself against
my defenses.

And yet I sit here
Serene, unperturbed
A posture of sheer pretentiousness
Ignoring the violent growls
of the monsters
In my head.

With glazed eyes
And absent-minded numbness
I watch Neflix.
Slime-God Sep 18
To sit upon my duty,
or finally act?
you ever get stuck doing nothing because it *feels* like something?
Shalom Elara Aug 17
So much to do.
Yet Bored.

Relaxed day.
So Tired.

Could do great things.
But Fill my day with empty acts instead.

Why can't I just be productive?

I can.
I will.
I will stop writing poetry just to fill time.
I go now to make the world a better place.
One act of intention at a time.

Will I see you there?
How I feel today...
Loreah Aug 6
Do we have time for more arts? Flow and clash
Thousands of wishes against each other
Do we have time for another one, another one?
Time for me to take your hand in mine
     can be later

Can just be too late
Stop saying

No one knows
the last tomorrow,

Just do it!

What is procrastinated is never done until procrastination  is overcome.
Yasmine Jun 5
The art of procrastination, is to not care at all.
What a fool I am?
To assume I could do nothing at all,

other than worry.
A May 19
Couldn't tell you what's on my mind
Don't know where its been
Every time I look up
It's 4:30AM
Dead end
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